148 responses to “Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch Out!”

  1. jufvan

    did you just said final release, just hearing that make me happier 🙂

    thanks for the 2nd demo :D,

  2. Tempest Tales

    Why this topic is joke?
    Where’s download menu, Kaji?

  3. minohoro

    would you like a hint tempest?

  4. Innerscope

    Lesson of the day: Don’t TL;DR

  5. Dext987

    It’s a fake…

  6. NoTimeToReadAWallOfText

    For those who want to download the patch:

    Ivrj Fbhepr
    PGEY + S : mvc
    Pyvpx ba gung and you will begin the download

    Anyway, thanks for the patch, you work and dedication Kaji. Cheers!

  7. Altair

    It’s really surprising to me that after all the time of being on this site, people still don’t actually READ the posts. :\

  8. A clue

    for NoTimeToReadAWallOfText’s post.
    A = 1
    Z = 26
    +/- 13

    Enjoy the demo!

  9. B clue


    Mmm. Caesar. There was a guy in Graces called that.

  10. Paarish

    Why is everyone being really weird?

  11. minohoro

    Madness Paarish. Madness.

  12. boltzz123


    i felt soo idiot after i found it -___-

  13. Ex

    Please stop this and give the project to someone with a functioning brain. Also, kill yourself.

  14. senno

    jajaajajajaja it wasn’t easy to find out the download link,
    thank you for your work 🙂

    PD: can i start the game as new game or this is only a patch for volcano?

  15. hhyde

    How far is the translation in this demo or what parts are translated?

  16. The Progress Boob

    Still vote for a progress boob instead, but I approve of the reversed progress bar.

    Also, methinks Ex couldn’t find the patch and is a sour puss.

  17. A clue

    Let’s Ex have the project and we will have the patch by tomorrow.
    I just don’t understand why someone told people to die just because he/she wrote something on his blog…..

  18. senno

    ah i just read the readme 🙂
    again thanks for your work

  19. Grif 2005

    U sneaky little… oh how i hate u for this… and love ya at the same time for this… and thank u NoTimeToReadAWallOfText and A clue for the hint and how 2 solve this.
    well i guess i have something 2 do 2morrow thxs to you.. and i can’t wait for the end result 2 be there ^^ really been looking forward to this

  20. Cress

    Thanks for the demo! Nice work!

  21. Cyril

    So is the blue bar how much progress is actually done, or the white? You confuse me.

  22. Young_Link

    It’s funny how you call him Hisui and still you troll us with the weird ass localized name in the demo. xD

  23. ToHR

    I prefer their Japanese names. I don’t think it’s a good idea to translate someone’s name to other language.
    Person’s/town’s/ougi’s names are better untouched since there is no dubbing in this patch.
    Well, this is your patch, if I can understand their dialogues, it’s good enough for me.

  24. Leviathain

    The demo certainly showcases the work you are doing, though personally. I am at a loss and unable to enjoy it. I do not know the characters, the story, the builds, or anything for that matter. I will just have to wait till the full translation is complete. Even still, progress is always a good thing. Thank you for the demo.

  25. mike

    You just have to examine the post PERIOD!! That was brilliant!!

  26. girls just wanna have fun

    When girls are on their period, they’re usually very irritable and aren’t satisfied with some of the things you do for them. So the next time your girlfriend is on her period, just read her…you’ll figure out what you need to do. Pay attention and don’t be lazy. For those of you looking for the patch…I suggest you take my advice “to heart” since you’re pretty irritated and dissatisfied. Get it? T.O. Hearts lolol.

  27. null1024

    Oh, well played. I had read it a few times over wondering if I was being trolled or not.

    and I’ll go play the demo later, too lazy to pull out my flashcard and fiddle with a microSD card in the dark

  28. hina

    can someone give me a hint -_-

  29. hina

    nvm haha

  30. ryxu

    just found the demo. . . . *at last* thanks 😀

  31. 17tom3

    thanks for the demo

  32. Banana Man

    See you guys in 5 years when the next demo patch is out.

  33. t-diggity-dawg

    how some people hate you i don’t know
    you’re the best
    i love you

  34. I am Stupid

    Someone, please help me find the download link. No matter how many times i read i’m still stuck finding the link. I’m totally lost (T_T)

  35. minohoro

    fine, I’ll give you a hint.


  36. Altair





  37. Mattrules64

    I’m in the same boat as I am Stupid… well I was but I just found it now I feel stupid (hint: .) Kajitani you are such a crafty bastard… and we love you for it (well some of us do)

  38. Tempest Tales

    No new update from Readme?
    Patch wasn’t different from previous one.

  39. blablafoof

    Oh you silly gooses, still can’t find the patch after all the hints? Lemme give you another hint: Ef yooo luk et de butm of de friggin huje lung bluck o’ tecks, yooo mite finde teh *LINK* tooo de ding….. BLIND PEOPLES DAMMIT!!! BLIND PEOPLES!! I like blind chicks!

  40. stahnman2

    Lets just be nice and tell where it is. If you read carefully the post says you may want to inspect the ______ in one of the sentences. Click on the ______ and you got a patch hurray.

  41. Rei

    Managed to find the link. Very clever place to put it!

  42. Kagefuma

    This is a stupid place to put your link.
    Hints in previous comments ? didn’t help.

    And as the previous hints made me lose time instead of just reading carefully (and you just need to read normally), I’m so mad that I’m giving also an hint that can help or make you more confused.

    Hint : alt+46

  43. stahnman2

    lol some of my text got deleted due to giving away the patch what thats a bad thing? XD

  44. ToHR

    Ctrl + F -> _____
    Hover your mouse to every _____ you found.
    Don’t be disappointed though of the demo.

  45. ToHR

    Fill the ____(edited by admin) then

  46. HeroOfGames16

    So, the 2nd Demo brings us to the Volcano Dungeon, home of “Boss 19: Volgageors”. You know what that means? That we will expect the completion of this game’s fan translation before the end of 2014. However, it’s possible that it’s already fully translated but that it still (heavily) needs tweaking and hacking and such.
    Anyway, I have no doubt Kajitani will make us happy when this fan translation’s completion goes online… after some massive trolling, of course 😉

  47. PanPan

    Just right click the page, click view page source and look for a look-like-a download URL…

  48. José

    I dont like this joke because some people like me has a little bit time to having fun(University and Job consumes too much of my time) and spend about 2 hours looking for this link.

  49. José

    New game starts from volcano. How i do to start all over again ?

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