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  1. nanonymous

    Just felt like commenting for once :I

    This game is pretty much the inspiration behind my starting to learn Japanese. Played the demo patch and it was pretty great in English, so I figured I’d learn Japanese so as to not have to hope for translation patches for stuff like this in the future. Was kind of a shallow and stupid reason, but… eh. Got me interested. So now I’m a few months and roughly 400 kanji into the language (which admittedly I barely know any of – I’m learning the writing system first with Heisig’s RTK), and plan to become fluent at some point and move to the country just to live in a foreign environment for a while. Would be willing to help at that point if I have the time, but till then I’ll just wish you good luck with the translation and life in general. Hope it works out well.

    ..Also, you should prolly update your banner to say “Eight Years of Tales” instead of seven. Just sayin’.

  2. nanonymous

    Haha, nice banner update. Really fast too. /lol’d.

  3. Vercalos

    Well, that was brilliant. Just dropped by to say I’m still cheering you on. Whether or not you care about random strangers cheering you on.

  4. Gaymer?

    Kajitani, are you a guy or a girl? I just ask cuz Im starting to love you but I don’t like the idea of possibly becoming gay. Please tell me.

  5. Distorter

    te vid request for help: use Hisui, Kunzite/Innes, and Shing. was who i had for that battle and i didn’t get that slaughtered^^” also could use items too ya know 😉

    but seriously, i say Innes before Kunzite, as i use Kunzite as a replacement for Shing generally. Innes’ Neptune Rage will @#$) that boss beyond time. just my advice for line up 🙂

  6. =(

    The progress bar fell asleep…

  7. nanonymous

    Somehow I don’t think that progress bar is really indicative of his progress on this… Tis a windows progress bar, so it looks like Kaji just saved a random image and uploaded it on here to either get people to shut up or amuse himself with their complaints. Or both. ‘Cause it hasn’t moved since he (I’m assuming Kaji’s a he) put it on here. And the name… “A Progress Bar” doesn’t sound indicative of anything.

    I’m just wondering what the kanji next to TOPSECRET mean. (“TOP SECRET/;計画通り”) I think I recognize “plot” in it… and parts of the other two… but I’s only at a basic level of Heisigery (500 kanji), so. No idea. …Kinda sucks to be illiterate.

    Google says “According to plan/on schedule.” …Soo there’s a (slight chance that there’s a) plan/schedule?
    …Meh, I prolly should be studying kanji instead of reading into this so much.

  8. Anthony

    / Chris,Thanks for your comment. It osdnus like you have quite a bit of experience playing online. Also, thanks for your advice on the controller. After looking at a few, the Dualshock seems to be the way to go.

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