Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3

Narikiri Dungeon 2’s sequel. I don’t recall liking this game that much long ago, but it seems fairly decent now. SRPG-ish with Tales LMBS combat. As with ND2, If you know Japanese and would like to help translate the rest, please contact me.

Current Status: Veiguely On Hiatus (No Interested and Capable Translators)

Narikiri Dungeon 3 English Translation Patch v1.11: [Patch Download] [Readme]

(Old) Narikiri Dungeon 3 English Translation Patch v0.30: [Old Patch Download]

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  1. K

    Just wondering how far along is this translation/and Narikiri Dungeon 2.

    Thanks for Patching as Much as you have so far.

  2. cobaltex

    cant wait to see this finished

  3. Durval

    Congratulations! Keep the good work! You’re awesome! One more Tales games to play! Thank you, from the botton of my heart!

    I don’t know Japanese, but if are other way to help you finish this patch, I would proud to assist you out!^^


  4. durval

    So, the main storyline isn’t translated? I would like to play only to understand the story….

  5. Armorant

    Hello. Thought that these games do not need anybody and that I shall not see the characters other than nothing. But I reckon you saved! Sorry for for english (Google). Our small gamer’s crew from Russia watching for your steps. Good luck!

  6. cloudropis

    Hi there!
    With this patch I can finally play this game. I cant’understand the plot, but i don’t care: it’s a cross-over, probably the story sucks XD
    But i have a problem: I hard-patched (with IPSWin) the rom with the patch version 0.26. Now I discovered that there is a new version (0.30), so I downloaded a new rom and soft-patched it, but it isn’t compatible with old saves, normals and save-states. How Can I play with 0.30 version of the patch without losing my data and have to restart again?
    And an other thing, it’s true that using Judas Hi-Ougi the game chrashes?
    Thanks for anybody will answer me.

    PS Sorry for eventual bad english, I’m Italian.

  7. Mouse

    If you can’t get it working on 030, it’s probably best to just stick with 026 until you either beat the game, or there’s a complete enough version to warrant starting over.
    Also, it may depend on the emulator you use. Try VisualBoy Advance, and manually save a state(through the menu, giving it a filename), and then load up the 030 rom and load the state that way. If you save after loading that state, everything should be fine, assuming the state loads. If not, it may be that something was screwed in 030 and needs to be fixed in the next release, or it could be that something was screwed in 026 and was fixed in 030.

    As for the hi-ougi, I can’t remember which patch I played this game on, but I don’t remember having that issue myself. I remember hearing about it, though.

  8. cloudropis

    I already have VBA, i tried with savestates e and normal saves, idk why it doesn’t work… Well, thanks anyway!

  9. Kysafen

    ^ specially engineered.

    FOR BREAKFAST, THAT IS. *grabs red potion and throws*

    “there, that’ll fix your wounds!”


    Sale on Play-Doh. Act today! Or tomorrow! Or visit your hair stylist to arrange a throat detonation P balk qwerty never you jest my calypso mango!

  10. cloudropis

    Hi Kajitani-Eizan! Thx for the patch and for all the work you have done!
    Well, I used the same ROM, just re-downloaded it… I’ll retry.
    Next time lesson: never do again Hard Patching.

  11. Falcon

    Awesome, I wish I knew about the more complete version sooner. Too bad that it seems only the beginning of the story is translated so far. Maybe someday soon the entire storyline will be translated like with ND2.

    I would just like to point out that in both ND games, you missed a few character names when changing to the localized versions.

    Cless needs to be Cress. (Although it’s just a one letter difference. Doesn’t matter much to me, though I prefer R.)

    Klarth needs to be Claus. (Although I think Klarth sounds better.)

    Woodrow needs to be Garr. (I used to prefer Woodrow, but I’ve grown to like the name Garr after playing Radiant Mythology.)

    Mighty Kongman needs to be Bruiser Khang. (Although I think Kongman sounds cooler, personally.)

    Johnny needs to be Karyl. (Personally, I really wouldn’t mind if you left this one alone. Karyl sounds dumb.)

    Fog needs to be Max. (Ehh, Max sounds better to me. Fog is a pretty weird name. “Hey Fog, nice weather today, huh?”)

    Those are all of the character names that haven’t been changed to their localized versions. Three out of six I prefer the Japanese names, but you can fix them if you want in the next version of the patch.

  12. Falcon

    Also, I think it might be a good idea to have separate progress bars for each individual patch, rather than a collective progress bar for every patch put together (which is what I assume the one we’ve got now is).

  13. Falcon

    The text boxes in the Katz village trap placement section are glitched.

    Also, an arte used by the frog enemies has yet to have its name translated. This same arte is untranslated in ND2 as well. I also noticed another untranslated enemy arte when fighting the enemy group in front of the house in the Elven Forest on your first visit.

  14. orlando1210

    I’m pretty sure the ND games are on Hiatus until Kaji finds a translator. ^^;

  15. Falcon

    Ah dang, sorry, I’m already way past the Katz Village and the Colosseum (which suffers the same problem) and I don’t really feel like replaying anytime soon.

    Also, just FYI, the name of the Will O’ Wisp enemy appears as “s” in battle. Just the letter “s”. Not as significant a glitch as the trap placement, but still worth fixing if you can find the time. I meant to mention this sooner, but I kept forgetting.

  16. Ronin


    First up, thanks for your hard work. I managed to play Narikiri Dungeon 2 thanks to your patches.

    Well, speaking of which, I’m having trouble with this one (ND3’s v0.30). I tried VBA’s auto-patcher, but it didn’t work (It worked with ND2). I tried IPSWin, and it still didn’t work. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

  17. Marc


  18. charls

    Hi is the file already complete? I mean the translation is in English completely? cause I tried playing it weeks ago but some parts are still not translated. I really want to understand what they were talking about 🙂

    Keep up the Good work and Godbless you sir 😀

  19. charls

    and by the way I finished playing the Tales of World 2 it was awesome thanks for the translation even though its not 100% still I love it thanks for the Hard work ^_^

  20. fried ice

    its not complete and it will never be since kaji never concludes his projects. its pretty useful though most of the game is translated. totally playable for non japanese imo.

  21. fried ice

    by the way by most of the game i mean most of the important stuff like items, artes etc. story is far from understandable.

  22. LuminBlade

    Hello. Kajitani-Eizan.
    Recently some of arte names have translated in Graces f.
    Fuujinken has Hurricane Thrust named in this game.
    Zephyr Thrall (風神招/Fuujinshou) needs to be Hurricane Thrall.
    And Judas’s Hi-ougi needs to be Infernal Penance (not Suffering, because it has different kanji)
    Because some of arte names have out-dated.

  23. Clark

    this is bullshit!

  24. donatz

    I dont know.how.to patch. Pls help me I got the rom for nd3 I download the patch what will I do? I’m only using my android device… pls help.:(

  25. donatz

    Pls. Help me give me some instruction this is my only first time to patch:(

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