Kajitani-Eizan’s Patch Site has been around since 2002, when it was put up on Geocities, may it rest in peace, to host the partial/WIP English translation patch for Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2. Various people, tools, and sites have been instrumental to the success (?) of the site’s various projects.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rights to the various intellectual properties owned by Namco Bandai Games and affiliates. All projects are good faith fan translations created out of love for the series and the games. I have no intention to sell anything, and there is no profit being made from any of this. If you own the rights in question and would like me to take down any content on this site, please do not hesitate to contact me. (Though, I ask that you first please carefully consider whether the projects really are doing you more harm than good.) Thank you for your consideration!

– Kajitani-Eizan

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at:

4 responses to “About”

  1. Régis

    Dear Kajitani-Eizan , I’ve found , for you , a script translated in English of Tales of Hearts (Without skits , sorry) : http://vesperia.livejournal.com/340739.html

    Actually , I’m going to translate that script in French and I’ve got a question for you.
    How can you put some subtitles in mods video , please ?

    PS : Sorry , my English suck coz’ I’m French

  2. Treviso

    This is so dumb. “Sorry for my bad english, it sucks cuz I’m “.

    Some people that don’t have english as first language just love to put that at the end of their posts, even though they know the text they wrote is fully comprehensible. What does being french has to do with anyting, perhaps no one in France should be able to write english correctly?

    Oh well, whatever. ¬¬

  3. sirBoggleTits

    “What does being french has to do with anyting, perhaps no one in France should be able to write english correctly?”

    Well, perhaps it has something to do with the facts that:
    A) it isn’t his native language, and
    B) there are many people who aren’t so confident in their knowledge of their second language, regardless of how fluent they may be in it.

    Y’know, using basic logic prevents stupid questions like this, as well as the apparent douchebaggery that comes with them.

  4. MxwllKi

    Damn good answer. I’m french and I can tell you we’re not the best in english, and yes, sometimes we’re not self-confident enough to just post our message without saying we’re suckers =)

    I love this site, I love all the hackers and programmers who work for the Tales of Community, throughhim, kingcom, and now Kajitani too, who has a lot of sense of humour.

    Great job to everybody, and it’s a pleasure to join the Discord channel 😉

    PS/ I’m french, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..

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