Tales of Hearts

An ongoing effort to translate Tales of Hearts into English.

Current Status: On Hold (Official Localization of Remake/Demake Confirmed)

Previous Major Contributors: [top secret individual] — translation, some editing; Kingcom — consulting, code contribution

Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download for the Lazy]

Tales of Hearts Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download] [Readme]


Q. Help, it doesn’t work! xdelta says something cryptic like “XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. Why your patch doesn’t work?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but it just might be that your INPUT is INVALID. Make sure you have selected the .xdelta patch as the “Patch” and your clean copy of the game as the “Source File”. If it doesn’t work, chances are good that your ROM is corrupted, trimmed, or patched with something else (i.e. not clean).

Q. Why I can’t load savegame?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I am glad to see that you have exhausted all available resources that may address your issue before giving up and wasting everyone’s time by asking stupid questions. To answer your question, you must have a Nintendo 4DS Advance, or loading of your saved games will not work.

Q. Where is Translator’s Cut patch?!?! It’s impossible to find!!1

A. Thank you for your question. Have you considered reading the post? It just might help you figure out where the patch is. Still can’t find it? Are you sure you read the post? The entire post? Try reading it again. Still can’t find it? Sorry, but you must have a Sony Playstation 5, or the download link will not appear.

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457 responses to “Tales of Hearts”

  1. OracleUntilOvermorrow

    I 1000% agree with the first part of your comment. I’ve been following this project since 2010/2011 and by THIS point, in 2020…he not only should just release the patch of whatever he has done and implemented so far, but the source codes as well so whoever wants to take this project further and/or finish it can do so.

    I was very willing to defend him back in 2011-2015 on him taking his time to finish a translation project for free, but in 2020 (and beyond), it’s much harder to do so.

  2. You losers

    @Tai Nguyen and all of the others complaining it’s only half finished

    Well? What the fuck are you morons doing to help? You dumb Chicken Little-ass motherfuckers, acting like you deserve a piece of that pie but not doing any of the work that went into making it. Lmao the fucking audacity. If you need it so bad, learn Japanese and help the fuck out rather than whining like little bitches. Or just buy the fucking western release instead of being parasites.

  3. bruh

    man as if it were easy, spoiler alert: it’s not.
    these people whining and demanding the patch like if they were of the royal. pathetic

  4. Michael Prado

    Exactly. Don’t you think that with your dumb complaining-whining just are delaying more and more a possible release date? (well, I still trust that -according to an earliest post from Kaji- 2021 will be the release date for this patch. I TRUST YOU, KAJI, YES, YOU CAN!!!)

  5. Ouroboros

    I hope the patch gets finished,after playing hearts r i really would like to play the original, it’s been 10 years but i hope it gets finished some day

  6. Tai Nguyen

    My job is a mobile dev, as a dev, I mostly done my project, if something happen out of my plan and make the release holding, I will take responsibility and accept penalty, that was I want to say, be responsible for your own work/project, or don’t do anything, don’t give hope for nothing, it’s 10 years for waiting, f**k
    At least make it become an open source, upload the project to github, so everyone can help, don’t be selfish

  7. Tai Nguyen

    @You losers, lul, I has played the ps vita version, I has money, has business, not a loser like you, kiddo, but I still want to play the ds version, I know how to coding, not a noob like you, and I my left-hand job is manga translator, and translating is not something that need much knowledge of coding, the only thing is how many words to translate, it just the matter of time, and it’s 10 years since he start the project, and even everyone want to help, he still not public his project, selfish

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