Tales of Hearts

An ongoing effort to translate Tales of Hearts into English.

Current Status: On Hold (Official Localization of Remake/Demake Confirmed)

Previous Major Contributors: [top secret individual] — translation, some editing; Kingcom — consulting, code contribution

Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download for the Lazy]

Tales of Hearts Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download] [Readme]


Q. Help, it doesn’t work! xdelta says something cryptic like “XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. Why your patch doesn’t work?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but it just might be that your INPUT is INVALID. Make sure you have selected the .xdelta patch as the “Patch” and your clean copy of the game as the “Source File”. If it doesn’t work, chances are good that your ROM is corrupted, trimmed, or patched with something else (i.e. not clean).

Q. Why I can’t load savegame?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I am glad to see that you have exhausted all available resources that may address your issue before giving up and wasting everyone’s time by asking stupid questions. To answer your question, you must have a Nintendo 4DS Advance, or loading of your saved games will not work.

Q. Where is Translator’s Cut patch?!?! It’s impossible to find!!1

A. Thank you for your question. Have you considered reading the post? It just might help you figure out where the patch is. Still can’t find it? Are you sure you read the post? The entire post? Try reading it again. Still can’t find it? Sorry, but you must have a Sony Playstation SP Series S, or the download link will not appear.

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459 responses to “Tales of Hearts”

  1. DuskShark

    O hai Kaji. Good luck getting the ToH project done.

  2. Shadow2by4

    Good luck, man! I’m a big fan of your work, namely ND2 😀

  3. Kefir

    Oh that looks nice :O

  4. Roberttitus

    Holy Shit Man!!! Will you post a beta patch? I am dying to play this.

    Is there any chance of you doing Tales of the Tempest too?

  5. LGameTales

    Looks like another success-filled project!

    I gotta ask something though, why is Shing’s name Xing? lol

  6. Ritsuki

    In chinese language, the “x” is pronounced like “sh/ch”. I don’t know if is the same in japanese, but since Xing is a chinese name the correct spelling is with the “x”

  7. Gordunk

    True, but his official localization in ToVS. was Shing Meteoryte. However, AbsoluteZero has changed Ruca to Luca in their Tales of Innocence Patch, so I’m easy either way. BTW, are you planning on updating this with some percentages indicating how far along you are?

  8. Fly

    Couldn´t you work together with other people?
    Because when you would do that you would be faster then yet.
    And you´d be more people on this project.

    PS: The name of the site is Crimson Nocturnal

  9. -Oath

    Theres another translation by Crimson Nocturnal team in progress, why not join efforts?

  10. Livath

    Just curious to know if you are releasing periodic patches, or one big patch like AZ.

  11. Shoot

    I don’t check about this often so may I know the estimated time ?

    Anyways, good luck and thanks for hard work.

  12. Mimi

    How far are you in translating Tales of Hearts?

  13. The0

    God I can’t wait for this. Looks so epic.

  14. Chris

    It´s really beyond me, why Namco is not translating and bringing this game out in English. Makes you really wonder…

  15. M&M

    Why don’t you put up percentages so that we knew how far is your progress? Anyway, this patch look sweet! Thank you for your effort!

  16. Kysafen

    Question: Judging your past translations (TotW: Narikiri Dungeon 2 & 3), will you be releasing continuous demo patches as you go along like before, or will you be taking cues from Absolute Zero and release it on a “when it’s done” basis?

    There are advantages to both; see, releasing a new demo as you go along allows your fans/followers to complete Tales of Hearts in something of an episodic format, like FFIV: The After Years. Releasing a patch whenever you complete a certain section not only allows you to satisfy impatient fans, but it could also encourage players to seek out any and all lines translated from Japanese to English (almost like a pseudo scavenger hunt). And it can be an excellent base for Beta Testing, proofreading, and editing. I may be being naive, but I fail to see how public Beta Testing could especially inhibit a project like this.

    The problem here though is that you’re not giving fans a COMPLETE translation, and some fans will go out and press on forward getting by on nothing by your excellent Menu Patch, and anyone who stumbles upon this project after a couple of months may speedrun through the sections you’ve already completed and rush to where the translation ends. Not only that, but it seems that there will be limited payoff for when a final, definitive patch is released, and fans will be overjoyed to see a complete translation upon the first release.

    And hey, how about asking someone to update the site with ToH quizzes, with questions like “Monster #003 is located at ___________” or “how many hidden items are located in Cynus?” or “Monster #026 is a _______ Type.”

  17. point

    Is there any reason that translation sites and translation news sites are not bothering to even mention what system various things are on any more?

    the news for this is missing that….this page is missing that, other translation efforts(and the news for it) on other sites the same.

  18. Giga_Gaia

    I do hope you hire more staff. More then AbsoluteZero translation. If they had hired more staff, their translation wouldn’t have taken forever.

  19. Nooterman

    I know this may sound strange but why don’t you take one of the already translated scripts of the game? As long as you credit the guy who did it I don’t think he would mind much.

  20. What's in a name?

    The demo patch you released is fantastic, real professional work.

    I actually prefer the translated names over the ‘official’ localization, makes more sense and feels right by comparison imo.

    I’m really looking forward to this, and seeing as the ToI English patch is likely to see a release in the next few months if the beta testing goes well it’s a good time for this project to be getting underway. I hope there aren’t any partial patches or anything, the only reasons people ever want them is just because they want to be spoiled straight away and have no patience, if the rest of the translation and romhacking is of the quality shown in the demo I think it is certainly worth the wait to just play the complete version.

  21. Anonymous Poster

    the demo’s sweet, thanks for sharing 🙂 it would be cool if you could do a youtube vid every now and then or something showing just a little of what you’ve been working on, much better than releasing multiple patches like with other projects. i didn’t play ND3 (yet) but I played ND2 and that was sweet, i really enjoyed it!

    thanks :p

  22. grey

    the zip doesnt work it says THE ARCHIVE TYPE IS UNKNOWN FORMAT OR DAMAGED
    and i know its not the format so its definitely broken, can someone share the content?

  23. cyberpixie

    is this the anime / CG edition?

  24. Sonia

    Thanks a loooot!!!!! Great work!! All Tales’s fans are grateful!! =D
    Good luck

  25. AznGamer64

    Cant wait for trans patch to finish 😀

  26. Erio

    I can’t wait for this to be completed. I’d like to give a big Thank you for all the work you’re putting into this. Though some may not appreciate the work and time you’re doing, a lot of us will be thankful for your dedicated work :D.

  27. amanda

    wow this is awesome 🙂 i hope u guys do complete this game!

  28. CSGame0312

    I was impressed with ALL your translations. I hope you finish this one. It’s my favorite (other than Tales of Symphonia) so far. So don’t let me Down! 😀

  29. chy

    hi.. i wished you can be my sensei.. ^^
    i’m more interested now on learning Japanese language and it’s culture…

  30. Tumas

    At the rate they’re going, I’ll bet this translation will be completed 2-3 years from now.

  31. Dr Flema

    IT’s awesome!!!!!!
    please tell us as soon as you know when you’ll have it finished!!!

  32. PacMan

    I think they need more support, and true, the rate of success is pretty low! :\

  33. Giga_Gaia

    Looking at the last 2 projects, this will never be completed. Shame, this is one of the best one in the series.

  34. AlexandraRaijin

    I hope you’ll follow through with the project just like absoluut zero with innocence.
    It took them what? 2 years?
    But they are near releasing a wonderfull translated game.
    I really hope you’ll go through and perhaps you could team up with more people.
    Maybe absoluut zero translations after they finish innocence are willing to help, you can always ask ^_^ becaus of them i came to know of your project so they seem to be supporting you aswell.

  35. Giga_Gaia

    It would have taken AbsoluteZero less longer if they’d hired more staff members. Three staff members for a game like that is way too small.

  36. Luke

    Hello Kajitani i getting this problem hope you can help me
    im doing the patch guide as you told..and it comes like this

    “xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch:XD3_INVALID_INPUT”

  37. grey

    Readme, it is called readme for a reason. I am not sure what that reason is though. Can anyone help me?

  38. Tales of Hearts Eng. Patch Demo « sgt's rants

    […] DL the patch here. […]

  39. Ex

    Finally got around to playing the demo. You do know that only proper nouns and words at the beginning of a sentence are capitalized, right?

  40. RC

    keep up the great work its very great thus far 😀
    and those who have the invalid input problem is because your not using the anime movie version. your probably trying to patch the CG version

  41. Anonymous

    Just posting to say: thanks and keep it up.

    “your probably trying to patch the CG version”
    Possible. Also there’s no reason to play CG version, as it just looks worse in my opinion – and, for what I have seen/heard, most people would agree.

  42. alucard

    greeat , im crazy with this. also i finished the demo but i cant understand any of the japanese its a shame ,it would be a pleasure to help in $ome way understand . also i that its only simbolic the amount and that we can promove them in this way , like some of us , arfe pure gamers without any japanes knowledge so it would really eb a help for them ………. dont misunderstand it like if it will be paid for your job

  43. Deus

    And some of us arfe clearly pure gamers without any english knowledge. Seriously alucard, i have next to no idea what the hell you were trying to say there.

    As a side note, keep up the good work guys i look forward to playing the finished product.

  44. arvie

    [edited by kaji. no, you may not beg for ROMs.]

  45. arvie

    so where can i download that clean rom?!

  46. Anonymous

    Like Kaji said: don’t ask for roms here (or on other translation projects’ sites).

  47. BigDaddy-san

    [Please read the readme. Thanks!]

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