Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage

SamoRine Title Screen

The remaining game in the Tales of the World series of titles for the Gameboy Advance. I had done some very preliminary work a long time back, as did Gogs. Now, the project is revived and back with a vengeance. Stay tuned for more updates.

Current Status: On Hiatus (Translator MIA)


29 responses to “Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage”

  1. Totte95a

    Ok looks nice 😀 (srry for being an ass on the “troll” post) but can’t wait

  2. Pluupy

    Man Namco should release Tales of the World to the rest of the world anyway. So many good games.

  3. Cress

    Great!! I’m waiting a traslation of the game!!

  4. Geertje

    I’ve tried to play this without translation patch, but that didn’t went well.
    I hope you guys continue with this game:)

  5. banjo2E

    If it’s at all possible, please have an option to switch between DeJap and official naming conventions. I want to be allowed to call him “Cress.”

  6. Yohko86

    @ banjo2E:

    I don’t really think that’s possible. The only logical I reason I can think of that something like that works so well with NDS games (i.e. “Innocence” and “Hearts”) due to the fact that NDS games have more memory for that kind of thing (up to 512MB/4Gbits cartridge capacity). I don’t think it’s possible with a GBA game (cartridges only goes up 32MB/256Mbits).

  7. FelixMegion

    Great Work! I hope that you can finish it after some YEARS. Thanks for continuing your projects!

  8. Kysafen

    Is this real? Or am I an airplane vlashing the nanotech windshield WITH PRETTY HEXAGONS!!! I <3 hexagonal HUD pixels.

  9. Inunah

    You know, I originally thought Summoner’s Lineage was Narikiri Dungeon 2. Then when it wasn’t 2, I thought it was 3. Then I realized it wasn’t any of those at all.

    I trust this translation is in good hands. 😀

  10. G. Tengu

    Is this still going? Just curious.

  11. Duran

    I hope you can release a patch for this soon…
    Looks great so far

  12. Sherry

    So looking forward to this! Thank you so much for all your work.

  13. kevin

    is this still going until now?

  14. Den3

    How it’s going the translation??? 🙂

  15. Rabi Sanzenin

    is the translation patch finished?

  16. kaloog

    2013 already… where is the patch???????????

  17. anyone

    I can’t find this patch????????

  18. JiO

    Is there any progress being done? 2014 and I still have great memories of stumbling through the game.

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  20. RandomGuyWhoNeedGames

    Apparently Hearts was on hold, so I was hoping you could finish other projects like this kaji… or you could just help throughhim finish his projects. either way is good.

  21. kenneth

    I hope the English translation had already finished… gawd i want to play this game right now.

  22. wanvader

    its 2015 and we still waiting for yr patch of this game…

  23. iCry

    2016. One would have already mastered Japanese and played the game by now LOL.

  24. lex

    its 2017 and we still waiting for yr patch of this game…

  25. steelwire

    still waiting …

  26. rs99.asp

    And Defoe admitted: Im not going to lie, I was just as confident.

  27. J.C.

    We will wait forever!!!

  28. FAN

    indeed we will wait till the end of time

  29. Heeii29

    Please continue while im still alive

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