148 responses to “Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch Out!”

  1. ToHR

    It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to find the link, I just don’t understand why people finding this so hard.
    You just need to find the “clue sentence” and ignore the long texts. Although I didn’t get what the clue means the first time I read it, since I never thought the download link would be there.

  2. minohoro

    Kaji KNOWS how to trick people out, dosent he?

    Heres a hint for next time. find the biggest paragraph and read it all the way through. then you’ll find the message…..

    … wait is kaji watching me? SHIT!

  3. Tempest Tales

    I’ve found patch!
    The area is ___________________.

  4. Paarish

    BTW Kaji, I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this or not, and forgive me if it has, but shouldn’t the second line of subtitles (the english translation) on the opening be on the bottom of the bottom screen?

  5. StahnMan2

    wow this is still going on. Just look more carefully guys the paragraph literally spells it out for you.

  6. Butz_san

    Hahahaaha, I can’t believe that people still don’t find the patch xDDD, it’s right there!!

  7. raxtoren

    Or you could all just say where it is. Not everyone use English as their first language, this “geek humor” isnt the least funny for me atleast. I mean, hiding patches etc.

    And I will predict that this project will never be done.

  8. raxtoren

    Okay, im an idiot. I found it just by reading the whole text now.
    Hard to see though, that “dot”.

  9. Solfire545

    I couldnt find it although Ive read the post.

  10. gamer.PH

    thx for the patch kaji and company :DD
    and nice trick to hide the for all of us XD
    uhm, can you please tell me on how can i load my saved game??

  11. the7zip

    i finally found it it is very easy just as everyone said and kaji says it himself talking about his favorite ugh umm… uh i cant remember wow i think anna just casted the arte ice needle on me so wouldnt tell on her….. ugh she just did it again i gotta go btw tales of hearts is the best tales of yet bye

  12. moiro

    got it… just simply follow the instruction and of course read it carefully hehehe

  13. Shulk

    This guy know how to trick people… BTW the download link is in (ERROR….)

  14. Link

    Oh, hey, someone cam help me out here?.. i’m trying to patch to a clean japanes rom, but when it say “patch done” i search the new room and click it, it have an archive extension, my r4 can’t read it, it has to be a .nds extension. someone help me

  15. Microhard

    How the hell do you want to play it with a R4 if the patch is for Vita?

  16. link

    It doesn’t matter, i solve it by myself, i already change the file to a .NDS archive. It works perfectly on my R4, but after the first part, the screen turns white and the music keeps playing. And did u see the video?, is the DS version.

  17. link

    ok. after i start the game and choose ” new game”, it starts in a volcano and when i go outside the screen turns white…. Hmmm, uh, wait, i’ve just read the first paragraph right now and this is just a demonstration, right?. If that so, sorry…. I was in such hurry to play this awesome game..

  18. X

    The f*ck with the hidden link? I found it though lol

  19. estriole

    great way to hide links. if you don’t give clue no one will ever find it :D.

  20. Microhard

    1. Open page source
    2. Crtl+ f for ___________
    3. Copy link location
    4.Paste in adress bar
    5. ???
    6. Profit!

  21. WTF?

    Still not finding it even when inspecting the source. Found several pages that are old in the text and one that highlighted a huge “By the way if you haven’t guessed this post is fake” and “note the J/K”. One would assume at this point that there really is no new patch yet. But I’m sure people will still keep looking as if they missed something even at this point.

    Anyways, great work Kaji! That was the most inventive post I’ve ever seen on a board. lol Looking forward to the real release.

  22. Tempest Tales

    It begins in volcano…
    Zesshouzan needs to be Ascent Blade.

  23. Shirou


    is it now a patch for the full game or what does this patch do. It allways says Demo. What Demo??

  24. Highwind

    owh yeaaah i found it.!!

  25. Lava

    thank for pacth!

  26. etking

    I had to use Firefox Developer Tools 3D Inspector mode to find the link, it is hidden very well but the Demo Patch 2 file is really linked there, Thanks!

  27. blablafoof

    @WTF Good Job. You’re lack of reading skills is superb. I hope you go back to school bro, apparently you haven’t tried looking

  28. BigAl

    Very good job translating. Even though I personally don’t like ‘Sieghart’ I can simply change the name manually to my own preference.

    I had fun playing, but I didn’t really know what the hell to do. Suffice to say, I sucked really bad. I guess when we have the opportunity to actually play the game in a proper sequence I’ll be able to understand and learn the basics better, but being thrown into the middle of a zone with very little context was pretty disorienting.

  29. Leviathain

    I fail to see how the patch was hard to find. It said the location in very proper, and simple English. Maybe things have changed since I’ve been in school, but I was taught that reading includes actually reading what is written, and being able to understand said written words.

  30. darkrider

    thanks for the patch(finally i found it!). i hope the full patch will be released soon.

  31. Snork

    By the time of success, I was DESPERATELY wanting to do what Kaji supposes I might want to do… Are you a wizard?
    Thanks for the patch! ToH is an awesome game.

  32. StahnMan2

    *looks to the stars for the release of the final patch*

  33. Acestar

    This is how my quest for the download link went for me.

    I read 2 Paragraphs of the article then I reach to the point where it was “Hisui this Hisui that” then I got bored and scroll/skipped to the end. I’ve seen “I hope you enjoy the patch” at the end, I was confused so then i open another tab to downloads/projects. I’ve seen “Patch for the lazy” and i was curious what that meant, so downloaded it anyway. So went back to the article to read comments and seen comments that explain the download is hidden in the article. Puzzled i reread the article and i reach to the point where a sentence was out of place giving me plain instructions. So I Crtl+F because it told to me do such and such and I moved my mouse cursor and I smile as I found the hidden link.

    P.S There are 2 links, hidden in the article & in the download section label “Lazy”

  34. Progress

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  35. Mike

    Took me over 20 minutes to found it. Period.

  36. Zero

    Dot dot dot dot dot!!!!

  37. absoluteNOTHING

    hint :
    PGEY +S
    frnepu sbe . (qbg)
    fbba be yngre lbh’yy svaq vg

  38. Soma Cruz

    Hope the final patch get released in this year….. or decade…. just kidding, these guys must be in the last road, i mean in the skits,quest or something like that.

  39. uhhh... i guess...

    More emphasis on the clue if you skimmed through the entire post……….( or at least around the 2nd paragraph……)

    >”By the way, you may want to carefully examine the period after the word “everything” above.”<

  40. anonnn

    Oh my god, what a fun release post. I was literally laughing out loud through most of it. :3
    I love your incoherent ramblings, man. Keep it up and thanks for the hard work.

  41. AYako

    he excels at everything. Click it

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  44. LORD
  45. RypaFire

    haha! tricky but glad I found it.

  46. KingAges

    Omfg. That is clever. I still can’t believe I found it like that…

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