148 responses to “Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch Out!”

  1. Chris Erion

    I really love how you explained Bamco there. So damn true.

  2. Greg

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I was cracking up so hard when I got to the progress bar update xD

    Good shit, Kaji. Keep it up. I really don’t care how long you take. I’ll wait forever haha

  3. Apollo

    You lie, the progress bar didn’t change, it was just mirrored. You could have at least changed the color to march Hisui’s greeness. And yet another trololol update, not surprising but still…

  4. Kajitani-Eizan Releases New Tales of Hearts Demo

    […] If you can find it… See his update post here: http://www.blade2187.com/2013/01/31/tales-of-hearts-translators-cut-demo-patch-out/ […]

  5. ShihiZu

    The demo works for both versions of the game (CG or Anime), right?
    Thanks for the update!

  6. jht

    I will go ahead and kill a bit of the fun. Pyvpx gur cntr, xrrc cerffvat gno naq purpx gur fgnghf one.

    Thanks Kaji, what a pleasant surprise.

  7. jht

    You’re evil Kaji.

    Evil and mean.

  8. Amanda

    Lol comment censorship now? The tip did work for me though, thank you jht. The patch is there people keep looking.

  9. tyson

    aww shit
    kaji you about to start a storm with this hisui talk
    i’m blown away by how badass he truly is

  10. Hazuki_87

    kkkkkkkkkk (“bar” Inversion mode on)

  11. Sinc

    cant find the patch. or am i just looking for nothing? hahaha

  12. Anon

    Read the whole post for the clue to finding the patch

  13. ToHR = HappyEnding/Not

    Beware of spoiler….
    This mean there is still hope to play this in english then.
    Resuming waiting for the full release.
    I consider that about 75% progress then.

  14. Crowmeister

    Very nice, thanks Kaji! Looking forward to playing the demo later.

    Sometimes it feels like the mind numbing chore of translating gets to you and you need a creative outlet via your blog, you know…. get the crazy out 😛

  15. Rhodes

    Stupid. Troll and stupid.

  16. tyson

    After playing the demo a bit, I must say that I really like the default setup on Sieghart. When I played through a while back, I usually stuck with some old artes plus whatever would be effective to keep a combo going. With your setup, combos are longer and since enemies have actually stayed staggered long enough, chaining artes is a lot more fluid.

    Thanks for that. It’ll come in handy when I play the game again in the future.

  17. Saurion

    thanks but couldn’t you have simply post a link without the massive wall of hisuigasm?

  18. Elrinth

    Oh man! It was a long time since I saw stuff by you Kajitani-Eizan. But last time I ever downloaded something by you was back when Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 was being translated. I was so happy you did that!
    It’s great you keep on doing this for Tales of Hearts! You rock man! 🙂

  19. fvckingnudeguy

    So where’s the patch?????????

    Just kidding, I found it after everything.

  20. Nem

    Well done Kaji! Thanks for the demo.

    I wonder how long it will take for them to say this patch is vaporware again?! xD

  21. Deblin

    I’ve tried so hard to find the patch before just giving up. I thought it was something to do with the progress bar, but idk.

    That said, this is awesome, Kaji, and I enjoyed reading the post! Just wish I wasn’t so dense 😛

  22. Altair

    I quite like the additions to the battle system, but I have one concern in regards to the increased EG usage of artes used multiple times; what about the start of the game? I believe you’re stuck with Crushing Earth during the first boss, or at least during the dungeon, and considering the low EG you start with… I don’t think the regular attacks reset the counter, so etc.

  23. Keraban

    Wow, i feel really dumb now. Took me a while to notice.
    Thx a lot 🙂

  24. Tempest Tales

    What’s have exlusive on Translator’s Cut?

  25. ShihiZu

    Just an info for anyone: the patch only works for the Anime version. Because I only own CG, I thought I would inform you guys.
    @Kaji: Could you next time also release one for the CG version, even though you find it inferior to the Anime version..?

  26. losbrancos

    had to use google chrome inspect option but i found it, continue with the hard work and good luck

  27. mrbubbles

    anon wrote:
    “read the whole post for the clue to finding the patch”
    i was like:
    i don’t get it!
    – “read the whole post”
    i don’t get it!
    – “read the whole post”
    i don’t get it!
    then i read the WHOLE post.

  28. OLHearts

    That’s cruel, Kaji. :c I had to resort to using the page source to finding the link. The demo’s definitely there, guys. :c It’s just difficult to spot because of the tricky location it’s at…

  29. Vanhyde

    im so desperate that i use ‘view source’ method
    and finally find it :3

    thanks kaji

  30. StahnMan2

    Where is the link XD i don’t know how to use view source and what not.

  31. Nem

    Cmon guys… just read the post, really read, not run just your eyes through it.

  32. StahnMan2

    Omg *slaps face* i can’t believe i missed that. Thanks so much Kaji i always believed in you since the beginning.

  33. StahnMan2

    Ok now for a serious question. How come the patch makes the game start at the volcano why can’t i go through the beginning?

  34. Guin

    Is there an option to toggle on\off the changes introduced by Kajitani? With all due respect, I would like to play according to the systems designed by Namco Tales Studio.

  35. minohoro

    uh kaji? Which everything do you mean? the master lee one or the one above it?

  36. minohoro

    never mind I just found it.

    all I have to say is that you are one crafty bastard kaji.

  37. Arklight_Blue

    How do we change the opening to throughhim413’s version?

  38. LORD

    (n_n)………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….I WAS SHOCK I THOUGHT THE GAME WILL START FROM THE BEGINNING UNTIL THE VOLCANO CHAPTER..BUT WHEN I START IT DAMN…..!

  39. Tempest Tales

    I think patch update is joke. There’s no update than previous one.

    Default: Xing, Kohaku, Hisui
    Localized: Shing, Amber, Jadeite
    Rocarized: Shing, Kohak, Hisui

  40. Paarish

    Kaji, I really don’t understand the EMO system. First of all, what determines a character entering EMO? Jadeite constantly enters it whereas characters like Beryl never do.
    And secondly how exactly do you do a fatal strike? I mean, I know you have to hold A when the enemy is flashing but I can never seem to pull it off.

    Other then that, the demo is pretty sweet. The demo makes me really excited for what’s to come with the full release. So good luck Team!

  41. OLHearts

    How do you activate EMO anyway? o_o; I keep seeing Hisui use it and spam Nurse and I just wonder how on Earth it’s activated…

    Also, just wondering, would it be possible to make the A button customizable as well, just like Keroro RPG? Just wondering since I wondered why they didn’t include that in Hearts but did so in Keroro RPG a while back though I guess they simply didn’t thought of it at the time.

  42. Paarish

    AFAIK it’s done similarly to how overlimit is in Symphonia.

  43. StorMyu

    I LOVE your progress bar xD

  44. famoulheit

    thanks you so much kautani!! no wonder typing kaitan direct me in ur sites on google search

  45. OLHearts

    I meant like how in NDX and Keroro RPG where you could customize the O/A button in battle so instead of ^+O being slashing upwards, it could be changed into an arte giving everyone a possibility of having 8 artes at once. :O Was there anything similar in the coding of Hearts? Was just curious to see if they’ve thought of it at the time xD I guess the touch screen was supposed to make up for the lack of arte slots but it’s incredibly buggy :c

  46. Paarish

    Thanks Kaji. I’ll keep messing around and trying then!
    I’m guessing from your rambling that EMO is related to the CG. (which makes sense as it would probably stop the hi ougi spamming)

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