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  1. Zabwabwa

    And how can you enable the SAVE feature in Eizan’s Patch 🙁 ?

  2. tagger

    You must send emails to blade_2187@yahoo.com asking for the save enabler. Make sure you send a lot of emails and do it daily, the staff usually takes long to answer but will eventually reply depending on your insistence.

  3. om3gakais3r

    Well, it’s been long since i visit this site… and this post feels like a light to me.
    i relieved that this project isn’t dropped…. yet.
    I just hope to play this game and understand the story soon.
    Though, i presume this game have much drama with death and such…

  4. Crowmeister

    Haha, classic. After mentioning to remove all combat features he says:
    “but I think you’ll agree with us that it’s for the better”

    Also Kaji, if you need room to add brilliant new (and definitely needed) features, you could removes some more useless crap like Graphics or Sound.

  5. Butz

    Actually, I’m talking the true, you can edit the patched ROM with a program named Dslazy and you can create another rom without the lock that Kaji put in his patch :D, of course, you need a patched and a clean rom to do the process, it works ;).

  6. Butz

    Ok, here is the process that I did =P. After unpacking the game (Tales of hearts translated) There are two folders, DATA and OVERLAY, but also others files, I just copy the file ARM9 that’s the one with the code that you added to the game to handle all the data that you inserted, without that file, the translated text can be copied even to the OTHER version of the game (The one with the 3D characters) but all the translated text won’t fit in the text boxes ingame. The arm 9 file only works with the anime version of the game :). That and then, I copied all the DATA folder too. So after that I unpacked the japanese version of the game and replace the ARM9 file and the DATA folder (Data folder contains everything, subtitles in battles, the karaoke intro that you add, the items, the somas, all the text is there :)) with yours and done, all your translation will be there, just the menus in the intro (The New Game, Continue and Customize) will be unstranslated :P. After that I packed everything again and done :). Please, dont hate me Kajitani 🙁

  7. Olis

    Butz 1×0 Kaji.

  8. Butz

    :). So far, everything looks and sounds good xD

  9. polk@

    Which means the saving restriction was as much of a useless nuisance as everyone thought.

  10. Kingcom

    It doesn’t sound like a useless nuisance to me. It’s more a huge coincidence than anything else that the japanese code file even works with the translated game.
    Even if you just removed the specific code that disables the saving, the rest of the game is still untested and there may be problems or even crashes at some points. You’d be surprised how many things can go wrong. And I’m sure nobody would appreciate losing progress because of that either.
    That aside, you should respect his reasons for disabling it and be happy that you got a chance to play it early. I’d never release an unfinished translation.

  11. Wow

    wow it’s Kingcom 😀 .

  12. Xen

    I just wanted to take the menu part/somas, I don’t give a crap about the rest

  13. Sigma

    Check it out Kajitani, Hideo Baba wants us all to play ToH: http://www.siliconera.com/2012/09/12/tales-producer-says-you-should-play-tales-of-hearts/

    Its like destiny or something.

  14. HK95

    Hi Butz.tks for your help with “unpacking tips”, but i have problem with title “location” in game, it still japanese so it makes some trouble for me. have you know how to fix it to english?

  15. LuminBlade

    Anna has exist in Tales of Symphonia. Her name is Anna Irving.
    I believe Sieg, Amber, Jasper in ToH english version.

  16. LuminBlade

    Again. I think Sieg, Kohaku, Hisui are better pick.
    Kohaku and Hisui have exist in Battle Moon Wars.
    It was founded by http://hotayeldi-traducciones.blogspot.com/2011/12/traduccion-tales-of-rebirth.html


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  18. Milliennium

    Release the patch already ;S

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  20. Cyril

    My favorite thing about all of this is that you always say ‘us’, as if your team size is large and varied.

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