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  1. hentailover

    I’m kinda against changing the name to Amber for a simple reason… Names ARE NOT TRANSLATED. Seriously it’s one of simple rules you learn in university… Unless it’s some sort of speaking name, like Mr. Potato or something, names are to be left alone. We don’t call Barack Obama Boris Obamovich here in Russia. Because his name is Barack Obama.

  2. Inert

    Well, obviously whomever works at Wikipedia never went to university.

  3. StorMyu

    Kaji, you could have taken the pope, it’s a more “recent” and living example ^^

    In French: Benoit XVI ; in italian : Benedetto XVI ; in deutsch : Benedikt XVI.

  4. Phi

    well he could have sucked my dick too but you don’t see me complaining you whiny bitch.

  5. Ex

    There’s no real point in complaining about whatever “localization” (lol) choices Kaji makes. It’s not like this patch will ever be released.

  6. Yurbigtoesa

    Entitled tards complainin bouts not being able to do stuffs themselves.
    When did “It’s never gonna happen / Kaji sucks / Fuck kaji” become the most effective way to encourage a patch creator to continue his or her (freelance) work?

  7. fergon

    and who said anything about encouragement? besides if kaji was a sissy bitch like those guys at crimson nocturnal this site would have been devoured by trolls long ago. no need to kiss his ass, no need to fear his failure, if he ever concludes this it wont be thanks to people sucking up to him. if he ever gives up it wont be the trolls doing. do you guys earnestly believe your words can affect him?

  8. Troll

    I honestly believe my dick is hard

  9. Hulker

    Trolls don’t have dicks, they have cloacas.

  10. Tempest Tales

    My name is previously as LuminBlade.
    Shing, Amber and Jadeite are actually confirmed in Graces f, but many people called as Shing, Kohak, Hisui.
    I hope you changed Shing Meteorite instead of Shing Meteoryte.
    Other two called as Kohaku and Hisui.

  11. Ni

    “Jadeite”? Really? ¬¬

  12. Tempest Tales

    His name was confirmed in Graces f from Carta Card. My god.

  13. Flamzeron

    According to my sources (i. e. the Tales of Hearts blog), Shing’s name is not just a reference to a star. It’s a pairing “Shin” and “Gu”.


    As for Jadeite, I think it works. The majority of the names come from rocks, so Jaden wouldn’t work very well, not to mention it’s too close to Jade from Abyss (for the record, Karyl and Karol pisses me off in the same way). Jasper would have been interesting, though.

  14. taco_llama

    I will never understand this BS of translating names. “Hisui”, what is so unacceptably japanese about it that couldn’t let them keep the name? No, lets call him Jadeite, that sounds a lot better. What about Ricardo from Innocence, shouldn’t they have changed it to Richard? No, that Graces character already got the name. Or Hermana, her name should have been “Sister”. Or even Yuri,

    Hisui>>>Jaden>>>>>Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jadeite.

  15. fihar

    People, you have to understand. What Namco (and by extension, Kaji) is doing isn’t a translation. It’s a localization.
    As a gamer, I’m sure you’re familiar with Phoenix Wright. Simply put, that game is an example of how localization should be done. You don’t simply translate or just keep the name as is. You find what that name is supposed to represent, and pick an appropriate name that still conveys the meaning of the original name using words that is understandable to us English speakers.
    You can’t just leave Hisui’s name as is. How am I supposed to know that his name represent ‘Jade’?
    I admit, Jadeite is not a good name, but I still prefer Jadeite over Hisui. Why? Because that way I know he represents Jade.
    And no, I don’t think you should name him Jasper or, God forbid, Jerome.

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  17. The Arte of Arte Naming

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