100 responses to “A Sound for Sore Ears”

  1. NotRain

    ^Am not. >:(

  2. TotallyRain

    yeah you are

  3. Ex


  4. Kajitani-Eizan

    The patch is 821.7% complete.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Watashiwa

    You mean you’ve translated it into eight and one-fifth languages? Wow, I’m impressed! Obviously the quarter is English.

  6. Ex

    I just want the menu and skills.

  7. ZeroSync

    when i first read the percentage i was like fucking sweet 82% done then i reread it now im like lmao

  8. Ex

    Kaji ur jokes are so funnary lololol xDDDD

  9. Me

    In the time I’ve waited for this game to be translated: I’ve learned the Japanese language, played this game, and beaten it (finished yesterday ;D). I find this amusing.

    But nonetheless, keep up the good work!

  10. C

    This game was what originally inspired me to attempt to learn Japanese, and I went much farther than I’d thought I would with it. But I’m also very lazy so I’m nowhere near fluent enough to play through this with full comprehension. 🙁

    I can read bits and pieces though.

  11. JustBob

    i love cheese…

  12. ZnTxn

    The dub is simply amazing, I can’t wait to hear both Beryl and Corundrum.

    Truly, the only way to enjoy Tales of the Heart


  13. SuckItWeebs

    Why are the CG models so freaking ugly. Also, really feeling the use of the English names.

  14. takuyayagami

    is there an update link? so I can play it with the little translation you have made?

  15. Lowell

    Shing and Amber needs help, but Jadeite is pretty cool :3, not to be mean or anything… just giving constructive critizieism 🙂

  16. Ex

    Go play the game with the jap guide, its fun

  17. TalesOfEternity

    Amber’s voice is beautiful, please keep it! Lol….

  18. Klavd

    Amber, dat voice…

  19. GoldenTales

    Dude, please work on the acting for Shing and Amber(or at least get a female VA for her). I am glad that you guys are actually translating the game as well as English dubs!

  20. Rain

    Sorry everyone, I was acting stupid with all my posts and I wish the translation group the best of luck.

  21. tales fan

    fuck, the english dubs kinda sucks, the voices sounds kinda rough and a bit out of character, what i mean is that the voice acting seems does not reflect the characters personality… man, can’t you just go and finish the translation, without the dubs, its giving me the chills when i imagin playing this game round the clock with those voices on the background, im really fine with just reading the text dialogue, and i think most of us do, all we want is the english translation, and please guys don’t put this on the wrong end, i appreciate that you guys continue the translations and as a tales series fan, i am truly grateful, but, please don’t go so overboard, well my sincerest regards to all the translators, and hopefully will get to play this amazing game soon…:P

  22. Zerj


  23. RuSH

    i cant believe some stupid enough to believe eizan serious about dubbing it.This was posted on april fools you idiot!i mean, look at the tagged.

  24. rewritten

    >post made on april fool’s
    >takes it seriously

    tales fan, i hope you’re new here lol

  25. nah

    Sorry for being ungrateful but voices really suck so much, and there is even gay voice in it. I hope the subtitle patch and the voice patch will be separated.
    Thanks for your hard effort.

  26. Skelletonike

    Hum… To be honest, I’d never watched the CG version’s opening, it was just the instant Anime pawns CG thing, however after watching this, the CG opening is actually pretty well done. =3
    Although, in a Tales game the anime version just fits it better, I guess since all the other games were heavily anime based. =3

    Also, I can’t believe that some people actually believe things like this, and actually believed it, and insulted it on top of it… That’s some serious lack of sense of humour. <.<

    Oh, I did see this on April's 1st, I just didn't notice the video on top and only watched the bottom one back then. xP

  27. Aki

    throughhim413 has a half-decent voice, tbh. Even though its just in an april fools video!

  28. RuSH

    uhm…kaji, i rillllllly hope your not dubbing it.even though i do know this was posted on april fool but after every comment you posted,well u know…to u,u know which is 100% true/lie and which is 00% but 4 us.its 50/50.

  29. Mr tea

    Your writing tires my brain and hurts my eyes.

  30. RuSH

    if thats so,then dont look,IDIOT!

  31. You're an idiot. You really ought to learn to read into language.

    Rush is only 12. It’s perfectly acceptable for kids like him in this day and age to be absolutely horrible at English.

  32. RuSH

    HEH.Is thats suppose to be an insult?as expected from a 3 year old.But,guess ill just stop right here to this stupid insult game.im a man totally against internet violence.and next time,come back with a better insult ok?Im 100% 21 years old and beside,this is a free country,so ill type how i want,ok?Now run to your bitchy mother and go to hell!

  33. GodForbid

    Good heavens no, I would never do something something so barbaric.

  34. fried ice

    “Im 100% 21 years old ”


    Maturity has nothing to do with age, you just made that clear, that is, if you truly are 21.

    And it’s funny how someone totally against internet violence says things like “run to your bitchy mother and go to hell!” and “if thats so,then dont look,IDIOT!”.

    You are a funny 21 years old internet pacifist.

  35. Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  36. SailorPrincessMoeNinjaTwentyTwo

    I’m super excited for this.

    I love tales games~ ^w^b

  37. Kohuka

    RuSH: “this is a free country”

    *notices that the U.S. has the highest percentage of its population in prison out of all the countries in the world*

    You certainly have the freedom to be stupid though, and you’re doing an excellent job of exercising that right. Carry on.

  38. RuSH

    yeah,sure whatever sorry for everything.i just got carried away when someone nags about how i do things.and,sorry again.hope you wont hold grudges and everything.

  39. Yhanda
  40. Yolanda

    What is an USA?

  41. obasma

    it’s a piece of shit

  42. Arklight_Blue

    If you’re still looking for voices I’d be happy to provide the voices for Beryl and Kunzite.

    Hope this helps!

  43. tagger

    thats like hiring the same voice actor to dub Dora the adventurer and Vegeta.

  44. tagger

    err i mean explorer

  45. Arklight_Blue

    Chris Sabat as Dora? Damn, you’ve got me thinking about that now.

  46. Dora

    Goddammit Swiper, no swiping!

  47. rek

    can we have a patch version without the dub?

  48. kjh

    Why would you want something like that? Kaji would never let you play a game without fully understanding what is being said.

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