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  1. Chronos

    I can already see April f**ls coming!!!

  2. Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: American Edition

    […] We’ll be posting more samples of the dub as we progress, but I don’t want to steal Kaji’s thunder, so please go visit his site and read all about the renewed project: A Sound for Sore Ears […]

  3. Tenks

    Reeks of April Fools.


  4. orlando1210

    LOL, I didn’t even need to realize that it was April 1st to tell that this is a joke…

  5. Nivea

    Did you imply that the patch will be finished next year? 😀 Awesome. By the way I love the opening, very catchy! However you should try to speak a little bit faster, Kajitani-Eizan. Just try to follow throughhims example, he did very well.

  6. StorMyu

    Amber – Kajitani-Eizan

    WHERE’S ANNA ?? :O

  7. TalesOfGod

    I really do hope that this is a joke. I can’t stand hearing Kohak as a guy for most of the game…

  8. Kysafen

    I swear to god, if you actually use throughhim413’s Eien no Ashita rendition in the actual patch, I will donate the full retail value of a DS game upon downloading the finished patch.

  9. Vercalos

    You posted this too early.

  10. losbrancos

    PS Vita pre-ordered!!!!!

  11. ZeroSync

    LMAO i love you kaji you are the man

  12. AK

    Eh. On par with Arc Rise Fantasia.

    And your “hurgh” was surprisingly good.

  13. Gust

    I decided to visit this site today because I was positive there was going to be a lame April Fools’ joke post. I was pleasantly surprised.

  14. Fiction

    Hahaha awesome voice acting

  15. Xadjim

    haha 😀 nice idea of a april fools joke 😛

  16. Kannono

    You posted it too early. Lol.

  17. ShihiZu

    So good. Thank you very, very much. This was fun indeed!
    +1 for a second subs video, ha ha 😀

  18. Precis

    This has to be the best dub I have ever seen!

  19. Yhanda

    well im not a fan of the dub, can you at least put a toggle option on the option screen like “voice acting: American Japanese”?

  20. Chiro

    atlast, i can finally hear what you sound like kaji-chan :3

  21. Chiro

    sh*t, i take back what i said about the voice. . . > <

  22. Hazuki_87

    kkkkk, all of you’re funny at all!!!

  23. Hentailover

    I used to prefer original voice track. But you sir changed my view. Now, I will only play dubs. They are superior in every way! I’m off playing Chaos Wars with english dub.

  24. Yhanda

    honestly i think Hisui is the only one that sounds good in your dub


    Yo, so apparently Graces is using Jadeite. /slow

  26. DanceDance

    I’ve lost so much hope in this translation… Every bloody post is a joke.

  27. 8

    If you ever had hope in this translation the joke is you.

  28. Hentailover

    I think fan translators are way too much of perfectionists to be honest. Vesperia is already translated, yet it will take a crap load of time to proofread everything, edit and stuff… This. I doubt it’s even being made and the closest to the menu translation we have (demo translation) does a very retarded thing by blocking save.

  29. rewritten

    please whine more, it’ll help everyone so much omg <3


    @hentailover hey mang, when was the last time you played a demo (that's demo btw, not the full game, because it's a demo and a demo is a demonstration not an etc) and it actually let you continue/save and get to the end

  30. Rain

    Do the damn translation man!

  31. mrbubbles

    “do the damn translation man!”
    now that’s nice, really.
    you should so hurry up, to give those kind people what they wish for.

  32. Zavor

    I’ve been following this project for about a year an a half since I first stumbled across it. I check almost daily to see if there are any updates. I’ll be honest and say, its taking awhile, but I’ve never translated a game. So I have no idea just how much work is truly involved. As far as I’m concerned. As long as I have a good chance to be able to play a Tales of game I haven’t played, in english. Then I don’t care how long it takes. I wish Kajitani-Eizan the best of luck. He is doing a solid for the fan base by undertaking this project.

    A word for the people whining.
    If you are truly a Tales of fan, then you should be accustomed to waiting 3 years plus for a new Tales installment. If you just can’t wait, then find one of the many translation scripts online, and import Tales of Hearts for yourself. Problem solved.

    Best of luck with the Translation. 🙂 I’m eager to see more updates on your work and/or progress when you find the time.

  33. Rain

    The translator scripts are bull and if he needs help, he should just ask for it so this translation can come out quicker instead of just fooling around.

  34. Anonymous

    It’s funny, because the very people who whine about translations are sometimes the reason why groups die. See: Crimson Nocturnal, that GBATemp EXCEED project.

  35. rewritten

    it’s not very surprising, tbqh. i’d quit doing people favors too if all they do is whine about how long it’s taking.

  36. Rain

    We whine cause nothing is getting done. he could take it a bit more seriously. As for GBAtemp, they need to actually translate game rather modify existing ones.

  37. rewritten


    because your reply is so complicated and well-thought out, i have taken the liberty of organizing it into a chart so everyone, as well as myself, may be able to better understand your coherent and insightful comment.


    take it seriously? lmfao, you think this is his job? to please a bunch of ungrateful people who like to complain about how he’s not doing it right? and what makes you think he hasn’t gotten anything done? that demo is CLEARLY (super clear thats why i typed that in caps its so clear omg) an example of how “nothing is getting done.”

    if you don’t think he’s doing a good job, then how about you translate it? you know, to set an example for everyone else, because you MUST know how to organize and translate a game.

    actually, just show me a translation that you’ve done. i’m sure you have many translation patches lying around that show how efficient and organized you are compared to everyone else. /i am captain sarcasm hear me roar

  38. Yhanda

    You can tell when a translation is due?
    Please tell me more on how you translated all the other games you didnt translate

  39. Rain

    Again, hurry up

  40. Ark

    he’s just trolling, leave him alone

  41. 8

    You know what’s funny? The knights in shiny armor here wanna save Kaji from the big bad trolls that infest this site. Have you ever wondered why Kaji never answers troll posts? Maybe, I dunno, he might want to avoid feeding the trolls? But to hell with that, you are not cold blooded jerks, are you? You just MUST show the trolls how much they suck for trolling in your favoritiestest patch site ever.

    Let’s save Kaji from the trolls, if you see someone insulting him or telling him to hurry the f**k up with the translation, reply to the troll immediately telling him how much you care about what he thinks, even though Kaji don’t give a s**t.

    Because everyone knows trolls just go away when you feed them.

  42. rewritten

    yeah occurred to me after rain’s most recent comment that he was probably a troll lol

    not enough sleep recently

  43. Anonymous

    Putting all this badmouthing aside, I’m thinking Rain believes that fan translators should put more prideful of their work and act accordingly, with serious update posts. That doesn’t mean they have to do it daily, or even weekly for that matter. Just that they should take it seriously instead of joking around. :shrug:

  44. thn

    thats like saying comedians dont take their work serious because they joke around all the time. Kaji is a troll he likes to see people take his jokes seriously just for the lol of it. But at least he gets the job done. This isnt his first project n im sure it wont be the last. I have seen inumeorous “serious” translation projects with “serious” translators give up midway and place all the blame on the trolls. You are in the internet if you cant withstand trolls you shouldnt be here at all.

    I think kaji shouldnt change at all, you dont have to look serious to take your job serious, besides this project aint a job at all, its a hobby. I prefer he stays a troll and make a patch as useful as that of narikiri dungeon and dont end up like the “serious” people at crimson nocturnal.

    Herp a derrp trolls ruined our dreams we be quittin cause of them boo hoo

  45. Rain

    People at Crimson Nocturnal were goofs such as this guy above

  46. Alec

    If you are making your translation public knowledge, I’d imagine you’d have to be expecting trolling and being told to hurry up. It’s still attention, and if you didn’t want attention, you wouldn’t have made it public in the first place. I think Crimson Nocturnal disbanded because they were pretty incompetent and used the “trolling” as an excuse.

  47. Ex

    This patch isn’t done yet? Jesus Christ.

  48. Response to Ex

    Ex, your comment would be better directed at Team Cless’s Phantasia Patch. Sure, it’s nearly finished at this point, but if you want an example of a patch that has taken a very long time, that’s where you’ll wanna go.

    That said, if you bitch at them in spite of all the hard work they’ve done over the past 10 years (I believe that’s how long they’ve been at work on it… could be wrong) it’d be kind of sad.

    On the other hand, Kaji is bringing on all of these unsavory comments by deliberately avoiding the release of any information relating to how much of the patch is completed, so… oh well. If they actually bother him he could always solve the problem himself.. which makes me think they don’t actually bother him at all. If anything, they probably just make for more laughs for him.

  49. 8

    I have a strong feeling a lot of anons here are Rain’s aliases.

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