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  1. noctis

    Not sure what going on with the grammar in that skit but I like it, reminds me of when I played the Japan release of DQ4DS, there was an action replay code you could enter and activate a rough first draft translation SE had left in, that was a very happy week for me.

    Keep up the good work, keep tweaking that progress bar, cannot wait to play this game again and know what the hell is going on.

    My thourghts on ToGF:
    F%^& Yeah.

  2. orlando1210

    Isn’t this post slightly spoiler-ish? I was actually wondering if you’d actually release the patch the same date as Graces to troll everyone xD Looking forward to the next update! 🙂

  3. Nem

    Hey Kaji.

    Seems like the project is still going strong. 🙂

  4. 8

    If Namdai decides to release a Tales of Hearts R, and you release the patch it will have a chance to reduce sales.

    Since the patch can’t be applied to the cartridge, people might lose interest in buying and download a ROM instead. This will have a chance to reduce sales.

    The patch itself renders a ToH localization useless, it would definitely reduce sales.

    And march/2012 will have such great releases for PS3, I think a patch for a NDS game is the last of ToGf problems regarding sales.

  5. Kohak

    Very surprised, an update!
    Nice to know you guys haven’t left us for dead xD

  6. Paarish

    Awesome three-way trolling going on there 😀

  7. Bob

    Very true, die-hard Tales fans who live in English-speaking countries were denied Tales of Innocence until ThroughHim came along. Then Bandai-Namco announced Tales of Innocence R for the Vita… My personal distaste for the system aside, ThroughHim’s version has already potentially hurt the prospect of localizing Tales of Innocence R, in spite of the fact that such a title would do wonders for the Vita’s crappy sales figures…

  8. rewritten

    guys, let’s not go too deep into this lol

    you shouldn’t just go, “oh, there’s this really really really really really etc small chance that they might localize this in a decade or two if they’re in a good mood and wearing the same color and bran socks with their hair dyed blue and if all of them won a scratch ticket for four dollars in the same morning for coffee on a partly cloudy friday on a leap year so none of us should do anything. let’s just wait and stuff :3c”

    i respect and support kaji’s decision to not release the patch any time near another tales game’s localization. don’t try and hit his logic based on things that “might possibly happen depending on etc”

    i probably shouldn’t be typing stuff up when i’m sick cause i tend to forget that the post has to actually make sense to people that don’t live in my head, but still, i ask that you try to make sense of it; even if it might as well be written in greek

    tl;dr im not drunk and god this post is long im going to bed

  9. Tysonblast

    Naming Shing/Xing Sieg, huh

    I see what you did there.

  10. Ficton

    Already pre ordered and patiently waiting 🙂
    It was nice you see an update and the translation is still going strong!
    I look forward to future updates

  11. Bob

    Firstly, I’m sorry you don’t feel well, hope you get well soon…

    Secondly, If you take the time to think about it both our posts make sense… Bandai-Namco probably won’t release Tales of Innocence stateside because we already have it and it didn’t cost them anything to bring over… True they aren’t making anything off it either though, but that’s their fault… Same with Tales of Hearts…

    Also, I’m not saying I disagree with Kaji’s decision not to release the translation patch for Hearts so close to the release date for Graces F… In fact, I appreciate the fact that he’s holding off for a while… Abyss 3D and Graces F are still new, why rush to release Hearts?

  12. rewritten

    @S and Bob

    im sick all the time lol

    anyway, i was replying to S for trying to hit kaji’s logic, but i guess my original reply works for your post too to some extent.

    i’m saying that the whole, “well obvs innocence r isn’t gonna come cus throughhim already hurt the potential sales” isn’t really fair. you’re looking at this in hindsight; when the patch was already released. if that patch had not been released, what evidence suggests that they would localize innocence r? none.

    if we were to look at it with the information given back in 2006, before throughhim announced the patch. nobody told him, “you might hurt sales.” the reason is obvious; there was nothing to suggest (and actually, there STILL isn’t) that ToI or R were going to be localized. the point i’m trying to make is that saying that he hurt potential sales NOW for a game that hasn’t even shown any sign if it being localized to begin with isn’t fair. :L

  13. Nem

    By the way, for referance, the “leak”of the Tales of innocence R localisation is proven false, so its not coming.
    Also, a remake version and an older version are not the same thing.

    The translation patches are actually raising awareness to the series aswell as spreading its popularity around the internet generating more interest and eventual sales. Tales of the abyss on the 3DS did quite well on all regions and im pretty sure that that wouldnt have happened without this incredible community that tells both players and namco that these series is so good, that its worth it to work on a translation so everyone can ejoy the game because namco decided not to bring it over.

    The remakes have rewrriten scripts and scenes. But, i guess when someone ones to come here to hate, they do. Haters will hate. But the tales series is thriving.

  14. Anonblah

    Let’s hope Namco doesn’t get over their heads and do something incredibly stupid again.

  15. Bob

    I wasn’t trying to be unfair, I was stating a hypothetical situation… I probably should’ve said something, my bad… But you are right, without the translation patch Innocence would be a lost cause…

  16. Raikage46

    Why did you change all the names?
    Imho the original ones sounded good.
    And.. does the progress bar actually show the real progress?
    I mean it’s kinda at the beginning but you’re working on this project for quite a while now.

  17. Angst


  18. Teffy

    So, since Kohaku’s name is confirmed to be officially localized as “Amber” in the US version of Graces, does that change anything regarding this translation? Or will she still be known as Kohaku?

  19. Bob

    Kaji has translated Shing as Seig, Kohaku as Anna, and Hisui as Lucio… To my knowledge all other names remain the same… Personally he could name them after sandwiches and it’d be fine with me…

  20. aera

    this site is really funny 😀

  21. rewritten

    name them after sandwiches pls <3

  22. AuraKnight16

    Kajitani, please tell me that this skit is currently in the draft phase.
    No offence, but it’s hard for me to understand what the second skit is about…

  23. Xander


    The second skit is about someone in the party earlier putting on a goofy country accent (I think) and then everyone else in the party starts having a go at it it seems.

  24. ShihiZu

    Hey kaji, just wanted to drop a simple “thanks for the update” here. Thanks for the update. 😉

  25. Joe Car

    Do you know why Kohak Hearts is affraid to get sued by Shing? Because Hisui Hearts.

    Beryl and Kunzite don’t like ToH story, so she will co-op with Kunzite to hack ToH script. Yeah, she will Ko-hak Hearts.

    Beryl, a good friend of Innes Lorenz, likes old-school gaming. She bought a TV with a NES included and named it “Lorenz”. That’s right, she brought a buit-In Nes Lorenz.

    Do you know what sound a cash register makes when Shing buys something? Ka-Shing!

    Kohak wanted to take Kunzite on a trip to Mexico, so she asked Richea if it was okay. She asked: Can Kunzite go to Mexico with me? Cancun Zite?

    Beryl and Kohak went to a an amusement park and tried a game to get a teddy bear. But they failed and got a teddy bunny instead. But K0hak was having so much fun she said: Oh well, I will just Beryl with it.

  26. PrettySure

    Kajitani Strong.

  27. Excitedd

    Keep going Kajitani! There are players here really excited about the release 🙂
    Don’t ever abandon the project please!

  28. sucks

    keep up the good job kajitani, dont rush to complete the project. we still have many nine years ahead. love the feeling of waiting

  29. Wire

    Liar. And good thing you told him not to rush, otherwise he might have released an incomplete patch.

  30. Hazuki_87

    Thanks for the update Kaji, I’m still playing Tales of Innocence, and you helped in that perfect project too, I can see in your videos that Tale s of Hearts is going to the same road, Congratulations again by your excellent work!!!

  31. Bob

    I can wait, I just got Graces F. And I’m really starting to really love that crazy game… Pascal is completely and totally nuts!

  32. Teffy

    Well Lucio certainly fits better than Jadeite, that’s for sure…

  33. Kysafen

    Can’t wait to play as lively Dagwood, and during my playthrough I may even play as Kaji’s cool, yet manly favorite Reuben. I’m so totally going to be renaming my characters this, even if Kaji fails to see the obvious canonocity of these deliciously superfantabulous names.

    Also, it’d be great if you actually completed the patch some day and gave out really subtle hints to where you could link to it, but still kept updating as if the patch was still goingOHGODI’MGIVINGYOUIDEASAREN’TI?!

  34. la

    ewww kaji are you a nigger? you should change that avatar, that skin color is disgusting.

  35. ZeroSync
  36. StorMyu

    La: Obviously you just don’t know the anime Buso Renkin.

  37. Bob

    I can’t stand racists… Firstly, it’s not your place to pass judgement on others… Secondly, even if it were how is the color of skin any indication to the kind of person they are…? I hate racism, it poisons the world pointlessly… People go on hating others based on how they look… I’m not racist, I don’t hate people… I hate the very idea that one “race” of people are “better” than another… If you find that offensive then it’s time to re-evaluate your life…

  38. 8

    Yet you are passing judgement on La for not liking dark-skinned people. Why are you sure you are right and La is wrong for being racist, isn’t that judgmental as well? And you say you don’t hate people, yet you hate racism, therefore you hate racists too. You even say you can’t stand racists.

    Just being an analytical jerk here haha. I agree with you.

    But it’s obvious La is trolling, internet anonymity makes people post stupid things, hence why no one but you showed anger in the response. I doubt Kaji is racist, yet he totally ignored La. That’s how you deal with trolls, you must be still young or new to the internet.

    No offense intended.

  39. StorMyu

    Or maybe you all haven’t noticed that his skin color his “red” (yeah watch the anime), not brown or anything and Bob you saw a racism post where there isn’t.
    nuff said

    Kaji, can we have Lucio/Anna etc if say, we push A+B while starting a new game ? xD

  40. Bob

    Sorry… I am pretty new to forums and stuff like that, so I do have a tendency to get worked up over stupid things… I know I came across as judgmental but I’ve dealt with racism before in personal life, but bear with me on this… I really can’t stand racists, but I don’t hate them… I hate the way they think…

  41. 8

    Indeed I have never watched the anime but I’m afraid our definitions of “red” differ.



    Yes, that’s brown enough for me.

  42. fantalover

    My boyfriend is black and he is less brown than that guy. I even watched some videos at youtube, no way that skin color is red -.-

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