83 responses to “Merry Hisuimas and Happy Heartdays”

  1. alice

    is it just me or did the progress bar get smaller?

  2. ArcticLobster

    I have a feeling the progress bar is a fake; if anything, it’s most likely Kaji joking around.

  3. Xander

    Haha. Yeah, a looong time ago someone complained there was no progress bar, so he just added one up there that -may- have never changed.

    What mysteries it may hold..

  4. Yhanda

    i bet that progress bar in kajitani’s mind is over half

  5. ZnTxn


    Well, technically it changed, someone complained about why the bar didn’t move, and because of that it’s now on the top.

  6. Xander

    Hahaha! That’s excellent.

  7. Aqua

    @Yhanda if you mean over halfway up the page then it’s definitely not in his mind

  8. Nem

    Bad news… ToIR flopped in Japan, selling less than Abyss did on the 3DS.
    I think the chances it will come to the west are pretty slim yet again.

  9. PrettySure

    That’s because the Vita sucks.

  10. Bob

    That’s what I’ve been saying… The Vita is a crappy knock-off… The only thing keeping it from being a carbon copy is the fact that it only has 1 screen…

  11. Xander

    Wait, what? Are you suggesting the Vita is a knock off of one of the dual screen handhelds? That’s quite a stretch.

    We got Tales of Eternia PSP and that only sold 80,000, although not even 60,000 units is a little sad.

  12. PrettySure

    Uh, no. It’s not a terrible knock-off. Its entire touchscreen interface was just a very bad idea.

  13. Young_Link

    Time to update, Kaji!
    …Please? :3

  14. Nem

    I have to agree that the touch screen on the Vita makes little sense. I dont think Sony thought that one through. You have to put your fingers in front of the screen… doesnt really work.

    Imitation is always a bad idea when you dont know what you’re doing.

  15. Xadjim

    To be honest… tales of Innocence R looks like a not so good game 😛 dont get me wrong.. id play it and see how it is but judging from the videos on youtube the spells are pretty boring and bad animated…. tales of the abyss on the 3ds had better animations and effects than ToIR

  16. Freeman

    We are The Freeman…The Collective…Together we shall complete this translation…but only if you ascend with us…join with us…and together we shall unify…

  17. MightyBoosh

    I have to say, I’m proud to have inspired the Freeman Collective to begin its existence with one of my previous posts.
    …I really forget what exactly caused that though.

  18. Yhanda

    i wonder if the complete translation/ translator cut will allow to save correctly and continue on regular Nintendo Ds

  19. Bob

    It should, the Tales of Innocence translation by ThroughHim did…

  20. Nivea

    No it won’t. It’s for the Vita, so why the hell should you be able to save on your NDS?? Please.

  21. Bob

    Dude, that was a joke… He’s not really gonna’ release it on the Vita, he’s still releasing on the DS…

  22. Klavd

    Can’t tell if troll or just really dumb….

  23. Nivea

    I wonder if it’s good or bad when you can’t tell if someone is trolling or just stupid… Probably bad. I shall try to make it more obvious next time.

  24. ASD

    I will feel so bad for this team if this is actually for the DS


  25. Butz

    Nothing to worried about, the team is doing a great job, also it’s just a rumor, nothing else ;), I’m waiting and I will be waiting the translation until is finished, take all the time you need 😉

  26. Klavd

    Awww… That’s so sweet of you!

  27. Nem

    What i heard is that the new filling is for a ToHR, since that was hinted at the end of ToIR. Doubt namco will release the NDS version of ToH now.
    We should be so lucky! lol

    Maybe they will release the remake on the 3DS aswell this time… if it ever gets released outside of japan.

  28. Keraba

    Aww, long time without updates ):
    I liked even the troll ones 😛

    Hope to see one soon, keep up the good work guys! 😀

  29. So two elephants jump from a cliff


  30. Chloe Valens

    Man can’t wait until it comes out! ~

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