83 responses to “Merry Hisuimas and Happy Heartdays”

  1. orlando1210

    High Oh Geez whut? o_o I knew you’d make a Christmas update! ๐Ÿ˜€ Merry Christmas!

  2. Aqua

    I’m not really sure it’s an ‘update’ so much as just a note leaving everyone holiday wishes haha. But Merry Christmas, Mr. Friends.

  3. orlando1210

    Haha, I kind of mean just making a new post by update, but yeah xD

  4. StorMyu

    I KNEW IT, don’t know why but I was certain there would be a new post for christmas. And not a joke Oo

  5. Xander

    HOG? Is there some kind of masked implication there0?

  6. Xander

    Oh, sorry. Merry Christmas commenters!

  7. Aluxes

    Hi Ougi? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  8. ZeroSync

    It was such a great day got to spend a lot of time with the family hope everyone had as great a day as me. Merry Christmas

  9. Bob

    *laughing*Three things… One I’m ready to apologize to GT about the argument… Things got totally out of hand and it was mostly my fault… I’m sorry… And I’m really happy for you that you have such a great relationship with your wife… I hope it stays that way…

    Two that argument must’ve gotten to Kaji to some extent, otherwise he wouldn’t have said anything about it…

    Three Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Hanuka (however that’s spelt) everyone…

  10. PrettySure

    Ho ho ho.

  11. GT

    @ Bob


    As for being thankful for what I have, yeah I’m healthy and 2011 brought much more happiness to me than 2010 did.

    As for wealth…


    Forget about the happiness part. Ah but merry day-after-Christmas! =D

  12. Angst

    Merry christmas.

  13. 30084pm

    High Oh Geez to you to Kaji ^_^

    Have a good one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. SpadesMagnes


  15. Bob

    Yay! My copy of Fallout 3 is working right again! And I have lots of other fun games to play while I wait… Found out today! They pushed Graces F’s US release forward by 3 months!!! It’s currently set to release January 14th!

  16. GT

    I’m afraid you are mistaken. Tales of Graces f is scheduled to be released on 13/march/2012.

    The official release date is at the end of this trailer:


  17. Kiff

    ty for that video i hadn’t seen it yet. Just a little more than 2 months =)

  18. Bob

    How old is that video? A GameStop employee/customer who has it on reserve said 1/14/2012… Admittedly, the information could be wrong as even the guy who told me said it was too good to be true…

  19. GT

    That video was posted December 14, 2011 and all the sites I’ve accessed confirm that date stated in it. I’ve been following the localization of ToGf and never have I heard anything about a release on January. I believe it’s safe to say you have been misinformed.

  20. Bloo

    Gamestop employees should be your last resource for release dates, even Wikipedia is more trustworthy than them. A few weeks ago I went to a GS and asked for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and the employee assured me the game was only out in Japan, he even got another co-worker to back his info. I insisted and insisted and they finally called a superior, ended up realizing they were mistaking Crisis Core for Final Fantasy Type 0 =/

    The worst part is I ended up leaving without my game because they were out of stock. -.-

  21. Bob

    Yup, misinformed… Just looked at the official website… Those GameStop guys… I dunno’ if it’s the nitwits behind the counters or the morons in their central offices… That’s it, I’m reserving through Best Buy from now on…

  22. Bloo

    Like they say at my home country, that’s like trading “six” for “half a dozen”. They’re virtually the same thing, if you don’t want to get disappointed don’t get all excited if your local game store says a title is close to release. Confirm the info at websites with fans of the series, they usually got proof to backup the release dates they post.

  23. Carnivol

    Very Axemass 2 U2, Mr. Patchmans!

  24. Aqua

    @Bob good luck playing xenoblade when it comes out then it’s a gamestop exclusive

  25. Xadjim

    cmon ๐Ÿ˜€ give us the patch already xD…. i know you are reading this ^^

  26. Angst

    I know where you live, Kaji. I am actually your neighbour.

  27. Bob

    I said I’m RESERVING through Best Buy, not buying games exclusively from them… I still buy games at Wal-Mart, Target, and sometimes the local malls… I just prefer to buy from GameStop or Best Buy because they usually take trade-ins as payment for the games and they sell games people have traded as well…

  28. Korosu

    I’m wondering whats the real problem of this project anyway. care to explain?

  29. Angst

    Well, there are two problems:
    1. It takes pretty long
    2. Kaji does not show us the progress he made.

    The first problem isn’t that awful, BUT combined with the second problem, it is.

  30. Hazuki_87

    Happy New Year for everyone! Keep your good work Kaji’s Team.

  31. Kysafen

    “One is not enough”. “HIgh OH GEEz” A 2nd Hi-Ougi? Thank god. Beryl was the least deserving of one, anyway. Good luck coordinating the sprites and visual effects, Kaji, and Happy Hisuidays to you too!

  32. Bob

    I’m not really concerned with Xenoblade at present… I have 2 reserves sitting at GameStop ready to come home with me and I don’t get paid until Tuesday… On top of that I’ve got a lot of other games I haven’t even touched yet… Like Valhalla Knights…

  33. Aqua

    Well, you’ve got plenty of time, considering it’s not out until April haha.

  34. Ex

    If any of you stupid niggers think that this update means that Kaji is actually ADDING a hiougi to the game, then I think you should probably commit suicide immediately.

    If you’re RIGHT, then I think Kaji should also commit suicide immediately.

  35. Xadjim

    Shut up, thank you

  36. Darkknight

    you seem to have some serious problems with yourself. poor bastard

  37. Bob

    @Ex Just chill, man… It’s ok… Don’t get too worked up about what everyone else thinks… If you think differently from someone else that’s fine… My dad always used to say “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one no one wants to smell the other guys’…” He also used to say “Don’t sweat the small stuff…”

  38. SpadesMagnes


  39. PrettySure

    That was very inspiring.

  40. Bob

    Personally I do think Lucio (Hisui) is awesome… He’s an older more temperamental version of Spada… Anyway, I’m eager to play this and Graces F, but I can wait, because guess what game I have… I’ll give you all a hint…

    FUS RO DAH!!!

    I think I’ve had too much sugar today I feel like I’m stuck in a Level 4 Overlimit and my OVL bar isn’t depleting… That would be a good thing if I knew my Mystic Arte and had a reason to use it…

  41. Yhanda

    Can this patch still go on even after sopa passes it’s bill?

  42. Bob

    SOPA won’t get passed! Nobody likes it!

  43. Bob

    Sorry for the double-post but…


  44. Angst

    I want SOPA.

  45. dawn


    why dont you want to play this game in english?

  46. Precis

    SOPA is pretty bad but I hear there is something worse now (ACTA).

  47. Xander

    “Bandai Namco hinted another Tales remake is on its way to PS Vita. In the ending of Tales of Innocence R, after the end of credits, the screen shows “To be continued to Next Re-imagination”, which suggests another remake is coming. The next game is speculated as Tales of Hearts Remake, because the two characters Kohak and Hisui Hearts from Tales of Hearts are guest characters in Tales of Innocence R’s coliseum mode.”

    Kajitani-Eizan can officially predict the future.

  48. umad

    The thing about these bills is that as long as the source remain in office, they’ll keep coming. What people should be doing is voting to keep the senile old men OUT of office.

  49. Nem

    Given the sales of the Vita, im pretty sure Namco is gonna change those plans if ToIR doesnt sell as expected… as is predictable. The system barely sold 600k units… im very curious to see the number the game will pull but im expecting it to sell worse than TotA did on the 3DS. We shall see. ๐Ÿ™‚

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