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  2. noctis

    Personally I hope you and the rest of the translation community don’t abide by the “official localization” terminologies, I say the whole damn series needs re-translation, replacing every Gel with Gummy, fixing those terrible Arte’s and if needed (probably) rework the main script’s. Argh! why is learning japanese so hard.

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to some more tales!

  3. Xadjim

    “gute nacht” 😀 are you german?

  4. StorMyu

    ““gute nacht” 😀 are you german?”
    Names: Part Deux
    What about the French here so ? 😮

  5. Nick

    Maybe they went with Ruca to avoid sounding like Luke? But then they went with Jadeite… ARGH. This is why all Tales games should be translated officially! Not so we can play them, but so they don’t balls up the future ones.

  6. BassForever

    This is for the time the official localization, instead of being in denial about what should or should not have been the name and if or if not the localization did a lazy job. These are the official names for the time being and lets just accept that fact.

  7. SuckItWeebs

    Shing and Jadeite I can live with. Ruca I most certainly cannot. The name is clearly meant to be Luca.

  8. Bob

    I liked the names Seig, Anna, and Lucio for them… I mean I’ll go with whatever you wanna’ call them but I’ve gotten used to calling them Seig Metoryte, Anna Hearts, and Lucio Hearts…

  9. Ex

    Ohh now you update

  10. Ex

    Fan Translators That Think They’re Allowed To Have Opinions On The Industry: The Blog Post

  11. Nesta

    Well they do have the right to have and express opinions, however, these have the same value as fans opinions, which is none at all.

  12. juvfan

    @nesta, so you speak englsih, of course ^^

    kaji-kun please update more frequently, even it’s just troll <3

  13. Young_Link

    I don’t even know why names should be localized. They are names after all. Names aren’t supposed to be “translated”. It pisses me off when a certain character has several different names because of silly localizations. Just keep the originals, damn.

  14. Hazuki_87

    No matter what they did to ToI, The translations names are much better, and “sure” correct!

  15. No

    Says the guy who has never actually finished a translation project.

  16. orlando1210

    I’d like to see you keep your translations because I just think they make sense, especially the Hell Pyre/Pyre Ring/Hell Ring one.

    I’m quite upset that they didn’t use Luca and Iria though, I mean, they touched the one that was perfectly fine and left the one that needed changing ._.

  17. protrollan

    To be fair, you get “crimson” when you plug 紅蓮 (guren) into an online Jap-English dictionary and “wheel” or “disk” when you do 輪 (rin). Illia reminds me of another イリア who got translated as Ilia (who also had a male partner whose name’s first syllable ロ got translated as “ro” and not “lo”).

    @Young_Link trololol let’s make a petition! bamco should bring back the original names! vote now for the rightful カタカナ ネイム! down with silly ingurishi rokarisashion! we want 漢字! we want 日本語! and we wannit NAU!!!!!

    – プロ- トロルラ-ン

  18. Young_Link

    @protrollan I meant to romanize them, gee. Like Kohak/Kohaku (I’m not skilled at Japanese so I’m not sure) and Hisui. But Amber and Jadeite? xD
    Anyway, I’ll enjoy the game whatever their names are. It’s just a minor matter.

    Sorry if my English sucked, I’m Spaniard. Support from here too, Kaji!

  19. Pluupy

    I don’t even come here for a Tales of Hearts translation anymore. The website is just funny. lol

  20. Nivea

    And suddenly the christmas post makes (more) sense. Fascinating.

  21. Paarish

    I honestly don’t think “Crimson Disk” is what it’s localized as.
    I just thought she was describing the move.
    Like when Malik says “cloak of ice” when he uses Cold Front for the shortened incarnation.
    Also, it doesn’t make sense that they ONLY translated Guren Kourin and none of the other artes. If they did that one arte, then what’s stopping them from doing the other artes? *sigh* I’m probably just looking into it too much.

  22. Raitzeno

    I’d actually love to see this end up with Amber and Jasper as the names there. They work really well in my mind.

  23. Paarish

    It also kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t have her say “Rising Phoenix” or Veigue say “Diabolic Rage”.
    A lot of it seems like laziness but then you get that one “Crimson Disk” and it’s just confusing.

  24. Nem

    Keep it up Kaji. Ignore Namco’s illogical decisions and just go with what you think fits best.

  25. Kenzor

    Would it be possible to change the names to their original counterparts? It could get confusing HEARING them say “Kohak” and reading the subtitles say “Anna”.

  26. Kenzor

    Nevermind, my comment, I just remembered you could change their names to whatever you wanted to in the Japanese version too.

  27. Kohuka

    They actually say “Kohaku,” not Kohak. Just sayin.
    Spread the love.

  28. Nesta

    Yeah. And they also say “rucku” instead of luck and “Maku” instead of Mac.

    Justu sayingu.

  29. Alexandra

    *Welcomes myself to the Wall of Shame*

    Amber Hearts sounds like a stripper’s name.

  30. ZeroSync

    Welcoming to the stage the naughty Amber Hearts.

  31. Zerj

    Well she also dresses like a ho and is always throwing herself at Shing so I guess the name suits her just fine.

  32. Adrienne

    I welcome myself to the wall of shame as well Alexandra

    Sorry granted I know Kohaku means Amber in Japanese but my name means Dark One as well, and I sure as hell don’t want to be called “Dark One” all the time. -.-

  33. ZeroSync

    Everyone quiet the Dark One speaks. You do think that sounds awesome.

  34. Zerj

    What’s so awesome about a black guy speaking?

  35. Reeze

    I dunno but Obama was elected because of his speeches.

  36. Raitzeno

    @Zerj: Depends whether or not he has a dream.

  37. ZeroSync

    @Zerj not talking about skin color lol

  38. Crowley

    Awesome stuff, K-E! It’s your translation so go with whatever you think is right!

  39. al;dfjl;kd

    kaji is an niger’s

  40. uoh

    still no patch kaji’s so pro

  41. Crystal

    No one’s a bigger troll than you, Kaji.

    Also, isn’t it about time to update your banner again?

  42. orlando1210

    Aren’t you just waiting for an eventual Hearts R release and then possibly waiting to see if that game ever gets localized before releasing your patch or something? e.e Though that’d take ages…

  43. kaji suck

    this place is bull shit. none of the project is completed . seems like absolute zero still better.

  44. Inert

    me is amazed by how bad your engrish be.

  45. Devi

    God, Kaji u suck straight up

  46. jjj

    what do you mean ?

    it’s a joke right T_T ? ….

  47. kaji suck part 2

    [This comment has been un-removed to demonstrate what sort of spam will get you terminated. Thank you for your continued cooperation!]


  48. Inert

    Banning in a site like this is completely useless. Create an username, make up an email and presto. None that I think Kaji is serious, but you get the point.

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