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  1. HeroOfGames16

    Then I suppose we can only hope that ToH:R gets localized in the future, though I still have the feeling that ToH:R and ToI:R could’ve sold way more on the 3DS because of the already existing fanbase (Tales of the Abyss 3DS, nevermind the original DS games while the Vita has a real messed up issue regarding its compatibility with PSP games) WHICH of course may have guaranteed us a higher chance that they’ll come to the west.
    Then again, ToI:R is one of the best-selling games on the Vita in Japan.

    Personally, I don’t think they virtually belong to Sony compared to Final Fantasy, Persona (wait, it never did go on a Nintendo console right?) and Kingdom of Hearts.

    Anyway, I just hope that the 3DS may expect some Tales Of greatness in the future again, soon. Until then, I’ll wait for Kajitani’s Super Special American Tales of Hearts Edition something something.

  2. taco_llama

    Namdai just opened the site for Hearts R.


    Doesn’t have a lot of info at the moment, but by the snapshot it’s clear they are abandoning the sprite models. Maybe the battle system will have free-run instead of side-scrolling fighting.

  3. HeroOfGames16

    Yeah, it seems to be so. Which is quite a shame actually. I really liked the whole 2D Fighting RPG Hybrid battle system that Tales of Hearts had. I was like, ‘This is most likely the best RPG battle system I’ve ever played and most likely the closest battle system that comes to a full-fledged 2D Fighting RPG Hybrid Battle System’.

    But noooo, they have to go all TotA battle system (which wasn’t bad. It was actually a hella lot more fun that ToS’ battle system, but… I really wanted to see the 2D BS x3)

  4. taco_llama
  5. LORD

    so it means that the TOH on ds translation will be drop because of this TOH R?

  6. Nem

    Kaji hasnt said anything, but seeing as both games seem to be significantly different in combat system and ToHR is unlikely to be localised, maybe it wont be droped.

  7. ZnTxn

    You guys are silly, Hearts Reimagination is just a japanese translation of the Translator’s Cut: American Edition: Reimagining version Kaji is making.

    When he spir-linked with Hearts development team to improve it, the develompment team liked it so much that they are translating his translation and more high ohgeez.

  8. LORD

    ahh THANKS GOD!! i thought because of this TOH R,,kaji will drop the translation for TOH and focus on translating TOH R

  9. derp

    Yeah, now that they are releasing ToH:R, this 2D ToH is even in more need of a translation. It will become a relic.

  10. OLHearts

    Indeed. Aside from my selfish desires, I think completing the translation ASAP will raise more attention to Hearts R, especially with how easily people can emulate DS games now :O Just look at the people still wanting VesPS3… I have no idea what Kaji is thinking about this now though, soo… xD

  11. HeroOfGames16


    Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 is currently fan translated by a dedicated group of Tales fans. It may seem difficult and all, because PS3 continuously updates its firmware to be one step ahead of hackers and all. However, it’s the risks a person must take if it wants to be able to play such a game in English.
    It doesn’t bother me a bit. Never played Vesperia on 360, never will, it just doesn’t seem that amazing and all compared to other Tales casts.
    Though, I’d love to play that White Knight guy, Flynn, in the PS3 version, but I’m not gonna risk my account or PS3 to be able to enjoy the game in English.

    It’s funny you know, how DS games are translate-able while PSP games can’t get translated or something… according to the guy who translated Tales of Innocence and all.

  12. Hazuki_87
  13. Trc


    Who told you PSP games can’t be translated? Various japan-only titles received fan-made translation patches like Monster Hunter 2ndG and 3rd; Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Final Mix; Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 and 3; even Final Fantasy Reishiki was translated, but for chinese instead of english.

  14. HeroOfGames16

    Who told me? Just like I said, the guy who fan translated Tales of Innocence. He got asked by people if he’d like to translate Tales of Narikiri Dungeon x Phantasia (something something) for the PSP, but he said that he can’t because he doesn’t have the debug software to do it and all. However, he said he’d really like to.

  15. Trc

    Well the he, throughhim413, can’t. He never said PSP games can’t be translated. just that he doesn’t have the means to it.

  16. Arn

    There’s a menu patch of NDX…

  17. Young_Link

    Come forth, Kaji! We need your opinion about how the remake will affect this project. Or just an ordinary update, a trollpost, anything. Please?

  18. MxwllKi

    The full translation is here.

  19. Heart Is a Blast

    […] in the Translator’s Cut. The game now checks if the enemy is in midair, not the player. And, as I previously alluded to, in Translator’s Cut, even if the enemy is being juggled into the stratosphere, and their […]

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