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  1. jht

    What do you mean by that first paragraph? Buy a DS to play this patch? No, you would need a ROM to use this and I doubt people will buy a japanese copy of the game just to support the series. Most will definitely use an emulator.

    Buy a Vita to play ToI: R and ToH:R? No, the Vita is seriously overpriced and not doing very well in sales. I doubt there’s enough appeal for Namdai to release the game here. ToI:R isn’t exactly a blockbuster in Japan either.

    I’m also curious to know what you mean by “true Tales fans”. Buy consoles just to support the series? Must I remind you the numerous times Namdai trolled their fans? How about the Wii owners that bought it just because of Tales of Graces? And the 360 owners that thought Vesperia would be an exclusive? They had to see those “exclusives” be released in enhanced versions on PS3.

    This translation is for people that like Tales games and know Namdai doesn’t give a shit about their fans in the west. Specially if those fans don’t own a Sony console.

  2. Nem

    If you dont buy the game, you’re not supporting the series and thus they are less likely to be brought over. Buying the console is secondary.
    It shows how much of a fan you actually are and how much you care about the series.

    Its because of fans, unlike you, that new games are beeing released in the west. If you think that telling namco how crap they are and that you will get translations instead and not buy the games will bring you zero new tales to the west. Its actually quite a juvenile stance and makes me wonder how young you are. Maybe, get a job and stop making excuses?

    Tales of graces was never announced for western release, by the way. You must always wait for that announcement before buying a new system, if you wish to support the series. That is why i say this project isnt cancelled, wich it isnt, but will be at least put on hold if Namco announces the game will release in the west.
    Kaji might love to troll, but he also loves the tales series and wont do anything that will harm its sales in the west. He said so in this post.

  3. jht

    If know what I find quite juvenile? You thinking you are somebody to tell who is and who isn’t a true fan. No need to get all jumpy, finding someone with a different point of view than yours doesn’t make that someone a kid or an unemployed loser. Seriously, get over yourself.

    Secondly, I think there are some other things that influence the localization other than the unconditional love and support of “true fans”. Like how well they do in Japan and the interest of third parties in translating it. Besides when did I say I don’t or wouldn’t buy localized games? I just find it stupid to buy a system for a single game, specially when Namco is known for releasing ports and enhanced versions in different consoles. Excuse me if that erases my name of your list of “true fans”. I have all localized Tales games, except Vesperia, since I never had any interest in the 360. Oh, snap, there goes my chance of becoming a true fan.

    I’m not sure how many people buy consoles just for localized Tales, but I doubt there are many, so I guess there aren’t many true fans out there.

  4. ToHR

    What’s make you think ToH:R will get a localization? I don’t think Vita owners are more than NDS. Since ToH didn’t get a localization, I assume Toh:R won’t get it either.
    If we are waiting for years until Vita gaining enough popularity, that’s when a new console will get the localization or even a new whole Tales game.
    I never see Namco localizing a game that had been out for years on the same console. They always aiming at consoles which are more popular.
    By the time ToH:R out by a year, PS4 or Xbox720 would have been out there and they will be busy creating games for the new consoles.

    I’m not a “true” Tales fans, just a RPG gamer whom don’t know japanese.
    I define a “true” Tales fans as someone who have every Tales games released in any languages and any editions, soundtracks, movies, and any merchandises (As you say, Supporting). Sadly, you can only be a “true” Tales fans if you are living in Japan or are very loaded to get all the things.

  5. Jonin

    Didnt some important guy say if he could choose a tales to be brought to the west it would be Hearts? Baba was it? It wouldnt make much sense to localize the ds version instead of the vita so i guess toh:r have more chance.

    By the way i think a true fan is just somebody that loves the series and support it by buying his favorite things like games and ost. I think this thing of saying who is and who isnt a true fan is bs. I love monster hunter but dont wanna buy a 3ds just for it. Im not a true fan then? Meh.

  6. Jonin

    Oh by the way have you guys checked absolute zero recently? throughhim said hes interested in buying a Vita but toi:r and toh:r arent enough to justify a purchase yet. I think hes not a true fan then huh? lol

  7. zombie panda


    That’s was in Kaji’s last update. It sure isn’t a confirmation for localization but at least we know there’s an interest.

    On a side note, Namdai confirmed One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 will be localized but only the PS3 version, Vita gets no love. That only shows Namdai is more interested in the PS3 than the Vita, of course that’s perfectly understandable.

  8. Nem

    Jonin, ask him if he would if the Tales games came out in the west before you lol.

    With that said, its unlikely any will get localised. If you have been reading my posts, you know i find the Vita remakes underwhelming and prefer the DS version, but i really need to step in when i see snotty brats demanding things from a fan translation. Not that Kaji needs defending mind you.

  9. ToHR = HappyEnding/Not

    I only want to know wether the project is dead or not, just that simple.
    If no answer means the project is dead, then so be it.
    Since there is a “sexual” comment after my comments that had been deleted, I think he had read my comments and decided not to or couldn’t answer it.
    You should have remove the Tales of Hearts from the projects list to avoid any wrong perception that the project is still alive, at least me.

  10. Tempest Tales

    I just said characters’ name on maximum letter is 7.

  11. jht

    People will have the “perception” they want to have. You could take Kaji’s response to AngryMan as a confirmation of cancellation. Or you can trust the “J/K” tag and and presume this post is a joke and the project is still going, it’s up to you.

    Besides, what good would an official announcement do? There’s no serious info about the project, the progress bar is a joke and the demo is outdated to say the least. Why do you think Kaji is still working on it? You, like everyone here, are in the dark. I just keep coming here because I hope someday I will be surprised by a link to the full patch.

    Take a look at the older posts, Kaji has hinted various times the project was dropped. That’s how he works, with joke updates, yeah, you gotta deal with it. Of course -I- see them as jokes, one is free to trust whatever one wants.

  12. Z-rex

    Coming here hoping for a surprise is pretty much what I do too. Sometimes, no, most times all this joking around bothers me but it’s not like much can be done about it. Though I do and always will wish Kajitani would try to make a serious update at least once an year.

    I keep coming because I believe this project is alive and would still keep coming even if he said it’s cancelled, because he has “dropped” it before. As contradicting as it may sound I would still believe in the project because I don’t trust Eizan’s updates.

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