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  1. Tempest Tales

    What a joke topic!

    Many people have called Shing and Caldedny as Shing and Chal.
    I just believe Shing Meteorite instead of Shing Meteoryte. (Last word is changed)
    Shing, Kohaku, Hisui, Innes, Beryl, Kunzite, Chal, Lithia and Gallad(?) and etc.

  2. ShingyWithIt

    It’s official, Tales of Hearts: Reimagination Super Fun Special K edition will be released August of 2015 !. Thanks for the info Kajitani.

  3. SparkFenix

    Lost it at Inneess.

  4. Why?

    Oh man it it true it will be released in 2015?! well it seems that there is nothing left but to wait for it

  5. Genius

    Love the new banner, Kaji.

  6. Driftwood

    I love Kajitani so much. His sense of humor is the best.

  7. Young_Link

    High Ohgee all the way.

  8. ZnTxn

    Kohakoo, it even fits thanks to Rising Phoenix.
    Thanks for the update ^^

  9. Hazuki_87

    Kaji is a very funny guy, i’d like to play the PSVita version, but this is impossible at the moment!!!

  10. StorMyu

    Inneess => GuIness

  11. At least they're letting us know they're doing a X-mas update - Page 11 - Dungeon Fighter Online Source

    […] Reminds of the guy who is doing the tales of hearts translation, Mailbag Roundup […]

  12. fihar

    Emotional Meltdown Overdrive Mode?
    El ooh el.

  13. Nem

    These Vita ports of the DS Tales look so bare-bones.

    I would still get them if they came out in the west, but geez… that doesnt inspire me to play much. Looking forward to Kaji’s version if they dont get localised (wich they obviously wont given Vita’s sales).
    Wish Namco would re-release them on the 3DS and brought them over. Abyss did sell quite well afterall.

  14. Aonasis

    I would like an option to name my characters Kohakoo and Inneess, this seems rather obvious, as it’s the most accepted romanization of the nihongonese names, same goes for High Ohgee.
    Looking forward to your take on Tales of Innocence Reimagined Reimagination: Revolution of the Triverse.

  15. Dimentionalist

    I know people who actually pronounce “hi-ougi” as “high ohgee.” Drives me bonkers, it does. Almost makes me go into Emotional Meltdown Overdrive Mode, myself.

  16. Ex

    You’re still an unfunny idiot.

  17. Aonasis

    Im seriously counting on a J/K mode where all this terms are included.
    Kaji, make it happen.

  18. KuKazuki

    i think this is his “special” way to show us some updates of the translation

  19. RotateMe

    Biggest troll of the internet or kind and genious mastermind with a wonderful mission? I think both. Love reading the new posts every quarter year, I hope this translation will see the light of day before I see the ground from below.

  20. Tempest Tales

    Shing’s name is fine with Xing Meteoryte.
    1. Xing, Kohaku, Hisui
    2. Shing(last word is Meteorite), Kohaku, Hisui?
    I think 1 is fine.

  21. XooId

    I’ve been checking this blog on and off for maybe 2 years and I still have no clue what’s going on 🙂

  22. McScluffenstein Zergenbhergers

    Beriru is annoying.
    That is all.

    Also, after 10 (11?) years, Cless’s Tales of Phantasia patch has finally been completed and is pending release. Inchurestin stuff, yes? [@_=l

  23. Gazil

    Wait, what? So they finally released a patch nearly identical to that which Absolute Zero finished years ago?


  24. ProgressBAR??

    No more progress for this translation right? Why is the progress bar still there? Was this site been abandoned?

  25. blackkat101

    Woo, new year. あけましておめでとうございます。

    Any news for us Kajitani? Be it actual or joke? Or maybe even an update to the progress bar (yes I know the bar doesn’t mean anything, but it’d be funny if every time someone visits the site, the bar changes position (be it up or down)).

    Anywho, hope you’re still working on Tales of Hearts and that we see it someday.

    – Kat

  26. The Progress Boob

    Kaji should replace the progress bar with a progress boob.
    It’ll be just as informative and more enticing to look at.

  27. Wankers...

    Dood if you are that desperate for porn there are more interesting places to look for it than here.

    Just saying.

  28. Behemoth

    Is there a chance to have a real, normal, informative update about this game anytime soon?

    This project has been alive for years, and yet the only things Kaji has really done has been trolling readers with extremely unfunny jokes while providing no real updates, confusing us with conflictual informations and using a progress bar that’s only meant to amuse himself since it doesn’t give anyone else any idea of the project’s status.

    I would understand providing no updates at all if he doesn’t have time to post here or isn’t working on the game, but this kind of behavior is really uncalled for. No one here is entitled to anything, but the fact you’re translating a game doesn’t mean you need to treat its fans as fools to use for some cheap laughs.

  29. blackkat101

    I’m not sure that you could say his J/K articles are uncalled for. They are even labeled as such so you know what you’re getting into before clicking on them and most are well done. I’ve laughed on more than one occasion to them myself.

    I will agree that it would be nice for an actual update on the progress of the translation though.

    – Kat

  30. Rhap

    If you actually believe this patch will ever be released, the funniest joke in this site is you. The last time I came here was a few days before the end of 2011, hoping Kaji would release it as a Christmas gift. Today I came back and what a surprise, no patch, no info, no change at all.

    I was reading about ToH R for Vita and remembered this. Open your goddamn eyes and gaze at the obvious truth, this project doesn’t exist, it’s pure trolling.

    And before the knights in shining armor come to defend Kajitrollni, I’m not hating or anything, if you wanna keep making fools of yourselves be my guests, just stop asking for “seriousness” because it ain’t gonna happen.

    This patch ain’t gonna happen.

  31. The Progress Boob

    Boobs keep comin on here and acting as if they *know* the project’s actual status. In reality, the translation project’s status is: you don’t know the status and neither do I. Sadness.
    I’m not really interested in playing the translated game anymore… But for some reason I find myself continually checking back just to see if this has gone anywhere. Habits. :/

  32. 404

    That if the project *has* an actual status. I’m day by day getting more inclined to believe that


  33. Klint

    Mister Kajitani, I applaud you. Your first “answer” are ironically delicious. When “that” related event occured, I thought exactly the same.
    And I was disgusted as seeing all the fandom going to “ohhh, you’re so right, it’s a clever move, we’ll support you and buy the PS3 version”. Disgusting. I have a Wii and I will never have a PS3, not even for… that game.

  34. Nem

    Wow… i think people are going insane here.

  35. Freeman's friend

    I’m relived,people start to see what’s beyond this “patchsite”.
    Insane are all the people actually trust this “patchsite”
    ERROR is the real name of this”patchsite”
    Never released any update,never show any proof of actual real status update,never have towards his followers any kind of respect,yes,I’am talking of you,kajitani eizan.

  36. higher ups keep the good stuff to them selves while the commoners are left with nothing

    i been coming around here for a few years and i have to say this was the most worthless project head manger kajitani eizan. not only did he only release a broken demo patch but all of his stores where of things that were never done. first he said he was doing the reimagining of the game which in my opinion he had no right to do. people wanted a english patch not to be pacified because we arent asian. the reason why we americans suck at video games is cause we cant play the hard stuff. an second has any1 realized that kajitani he’s never finished a project? i think because he played us all and want us to support sony and the official games. im all for supporting them but lets be honest im never gonna go buy a psp vita or any hand held console to look at a small screen lolz plus if tales of hearts was finally released and fully in english maybe the people who make the tales of serious would realize there are passionate people out there who love their games. but all i see here are the same people who dropped a project and does not finish a single 1 at all. 4 tales of games here and i find people that depend on a troll called kajitani to do it is sadly mistaken. he knew tales of hearts for the psp vita was coming out im sure of it probably before any1 else did an didnt want to own up to it and say “hey look i wasted all your time just using photoshop and showing u pics of stuff i never did” anyways love ya kajitani im sure your a great person but i would have enjoyed to see u put more effort in your projects and i realize these are called fan projects. the only difference between u and the official teams that make these are that they get payed and they have a dead line. the only thing fan projects share and official teams is that both sides have a life but at least something gets done. well every1 take carez and happy new years ^^ hopefully tales of rebirth will get a patch in this year D at least they didnt pull a kajitani and tales of graces english patch move and drop the project and force people to buy a ps3 or psp vita o.O

  37. blackkat101

    Well, I still believe you’ll finish it eventually. I’ve waited this long already, what’s a while more.

    Personally I love fansub and translated things that haven’t been officially translated as I cannot read Japanese all that well. Thankfully I can understand about 80% of it when it’s spoken, so I love it when games have voice overs instead of just text. Text is however needed for items, menus, options, extras, NPC text that is not part of the main story so not voiced and so on. Therefore anime works for me even when not subbed as I can relatively understand it, but games need that little extra to be completely enjoyable.

    Thank you in advanced for all the hard work I’m sure you’re putting into this fan translation Kajitani-Eizan. I’m sure you’re unappreciated enough as it is for all the hours you’ve put into it.

    – Kat

  38. OMG

    I just read a bunch of comments in this blog post. From what I could gather, some of the users are nothing but a bunch of spoiled kids whining about not getting a patch for such a long time. Here are some things those spoiled kids don’t seem to realize when they posted their comment.

    1) Fan translations usually take a long time because the translation team have a life (ex. school and/or work). Doing fan translations won’t pay for all of the team’s living expense.
    2) Fan translation patch usually are free (ie. you aren’t paying squat), so why would anyone be complaining? The only thing you guys are paying for is time.
    3) Not only that but the translation team do almost all the work in order to create a working patch. On the other hand, leechers/end-users would sometimes report bugs they found, but it’s not likely they (leechers) will fix the bugs themselves.
    4) Since this is a fan based translation, the translation team are not obligated to translate the game in their leisure time

    If anyone is still complaining about the patch not being released, then they should just go and translate the game themselves (especially for people who have time to go to this blog site to complain).

  39. Happy Ending/Not

    I only have one question.
    Will this project have a result (in a patch file, I mean) or not? I don’t really care when it will finish, as long I’m still alive to play it, of course (<30 years).
    Please answer so I can decide wether to play the game in japanese now or waiting for the patch release.

  40. jht

    This site never fails to amuse me.

    Some random idiot post a wall of text about the massive buttwound Kaji’s trolling left on him. By the way, punctuation loves you too.

    Then comes another idiot in shining armor to protect Kaji’s honor. Yeah, because it makes perfect sense to rationalize with spoiled kids, hence why Kaji always waste his time answering every whining bitch that comes here.

    Bitching about the trolls and bitching about Kaji is the exact same thing, both are useless and show you have too much time to waste coming here.

  41. PrettyANDConfused

    Errr… the above comments confuse me A LOT. Didn’t Kajitani Eizan said he/she was dropping the translation? Or I’m wrong??? Cause some people still “talks” as the project is still going on (?)

  42. jht

    Somebody here raised the idea about Kaji dropping this project because of Tales of Hearts R. The idea became a rumor, and now it’s another reason for Kaji to troll with the whiners here.

    Not that I’m saying the project is still going or that it even exists. I know as much about it as you and since there’s never a serious update here, nothing has changed at all.

    In short: No one knows if the project is canceled because no one knows if the project is even for real. Unless you trust Kaji, but then lolz @ u.

  43. PrettyANDConfused

    Well, there’s a little hope yet, then…

  44. Mr. Lol

    Kaji could totally beat Namco in a trolling competition.

  45. Mr Table

    There was clearly at least some work being done on this. We’ve seen a few vids and screenshots. That’s enough to put it in the “being worked on” category, the same way that Tales of Phantasia patch was being worked on for 10 years (and likely at least a few more).

  46. I'm ready for your rage

    =) LOL at you relying on stuff of years ago to keep believing on this project. Of course it’s “still” being worked on, I mean look at the progress bar. /sarcasm

    =D LMAO at you comparing Phantasian Productions’ serious, respectful work and updates to Trolling-Eizan.

    xD But really, ROFL at you comparing this to Phantasian Productions. This “team” is 10 years old too, with three unfinished projects that most likely will never make it to 100%.

    Haha, sorry but seeing anyone comparing this to a serious team like Absolute Zero or Phantasian Productions is too much for my bladder.

  47. ToHR

    If your reason are because there is a official one, then can you release the patch after the game released for maybe a couple of months or a year?
    I don’t think a lot of people here including me want to buy a new console just to play 3-4 good games.
    Well, since there isn’t any official news about the english version yet (Can someone give me a link or two if there is), it won’t hurt to finish your project.

  48. Xander

    Oh shit! Haha. When did the banner change? That’s awesome.

  49. Nem

    Guys saying they dont want to buy a new console for a tales game: I dont think this translation is for you.
    These projects are for true tales fans. The same fans that will do everything they can to support the Tales series. And the only reason they are worked on is because Namco refused to do it.

    If theres a english version of Tales of Hearts for the Vita this project will be cancelled on the spot, at least until long after the Vita version comes out.

    We want to see Namco do the localisations, the fan translations are a desperate final way to get our Tales goodness in english form so we can all play them in a language that is more familiar to us.

    Honestly i dont know wether Kaji is working on this patch or not, but since he bothers to make bi-monthly front page “updates”, i dont see why not. He can troll tales fans on other forums, and he doesnt need to pay the fee to host this site (assuming there is one). Tough maybe a proper update would be in order at this point.

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