6 responses to “Heart Is a Blast”

  1. J

    Really happy that you are still working on this game ^_^

  2. Kevassa

    I cannot believe i have contributed to the history of the BLASTING memes
    Thank you for these great collaborations to our tales community Kaji, now I can finally tell everyone that it’s their fault and they should stop spamming. What’s that? You’re fighting Striegau?

    Anyways, bye!

  3. Michael Prado

    When the hopes were low… there was a light in the horizon!

  4. hmsong

    Wait, you’re still working on this game? I thought you dropped it because of the official notice. I hope you are still continuing to work on this, since Vita version is something else entirely (similar story, but completely different on everything else). NDS version never got official release.

  5. jimjamflimflam

    been checking this place every 3-6 months since the first demo patch lol, glad you’re still posting – and about hearts! would obv love to see this released one day, but i’m guessing you’re still short on a translator? either way, love your work, and it’s cool to read about these design oversights and the history behind mechanics, names, etc.

  6. Anon

    Kaji! What are your thoughts on the Vesperia remaster? I think Bamco can only make a re-release worse than the original game.

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