5 responses to “Roleplaying Dungeon 3: Translator’s Cut”

  1. MafiaCrewHenchman022

    Good stuff boss

  2. KOL

    Wow, I was excited for this release!
    Moon Selector and Spell Cancel features are such good QoL changes.
    Loving the battle subtitles as well as the extra inputs for the defensive artes.
    Thanks for putting out a wonderful job as always Kaji!

  3. Tiago

    Thx u guys for the incredible work!
    sory for the short text, but i am not native english speaker so i will keep this short xD
    Just so you guys know, i am from brazil and many brazillians love your work!

  4. Michael Prado

    Hopefully you’ll find a translator for this game and all your other projects, bro!

  5. Diego

    Hi there!
    Question, how much of the game plot is translated?
    And thank you for everything

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