10 responses to “In AD 2021, War Was Beginning”

  1. Fukai(Kei-Ou)Eru

    Arigathanks for allowing me on the team, Kaji-sensei-sama!
    I’m currently mastering the art of my trademark copy-paste FukaiEru translation, with some addendums from グーグル先生(Guuguru-sensei) here and there.
    I hope minasan will have much tanoshii with the geemu of my favorites, known as Teiruzu Obu Ribaasu in Nipponganese!!
    I am thank to mina san who are waiting for project to finish. I daisuki minasan so much.

  2. Duskbong

    Can’t wait to insert the script with the help of my nice hex editor, I’m thrilled to see FukaiEru’s wonderful translation! Long Live the StrawB!

  3. Sara

    Please tell me the joke is that the joke is actually just throwing us off the scent of the real release, an actual completed Tales of Rebirth!

  4. Michael Prado

    Well, good luck for the team in this new era for Kajitani-Eizan Productions! Hopefully we’ll be getting amazing news from you guys, in the form of new and complete “Tales of” games finally translated!

  5. kekson

    I was really hoping for the patch, got fooled xD

  6. swadharma

    Ah so glad to come here, keep up the good work guys

  7. Anon

    Still waiting on that Vesperia review.

  8. Diego

    this was a little cruel…. funny but cruel 🙁

  9. cloudropis

    Can’t tell if you are close to them and this falls under banter, of if you are seriously taking the piss on the only group who bothered to put a translation people actually wanted on the table in the last decade

  10. Heart Is a Blast

    […] was meaning to get around to writing a proper post about it, but last year, while pretending to start a machine-translated, hex editor-based fan translation project for Tales of Rebirth, we released […]

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