106 responses to “More Boring Text”

  1. Kirijo

    Mad props for reverse engineering & fixing bugs in compiled assembly code. Incredible patience & skill you clearly have.

    Thank you in advance for the hard work & keep it up 😀

  2. nisbahmumtaz

    If reading that would be a bore to us, we wouldn’t be entering this site in volition in the first place.

    Reading that was pretty enlightening.

  3. om3gakais3r

    well.. can’t say i’m bored with the text.. just bored with waiting for the patch though.. and.. is it almost nine years of tales series?

  4. Alexeon

    Very interesting post. I enjoyed reading it and getting an insight into how the game works. I cant wait to play the game in English with the fixes and improvements youve added.

  5. Solo

    Man I want more boring text. Guess I got spoiled by the monthly updates.

  6. orlando1210

    Wasn’t there a glitch or bug or something where when you use a Connect Panel to say, cast a spell, you’d sometimes use the neutral B attack instead. Can that be fixed?

    … And I swear I posted this before, probably my internet again >3>

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