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  1. hatake

    It wasn’t all that boring. (heeeyyy, I’m NOT a nerd) 😉

  2. RatatoskEmil

    Yay Update!!

  3. Seed

    I liked what i read and liked it even more because it’s not tagged as “J/K”. Nice changes, really nice.

  4. Keraban

    It wasn’t boring xD
    Gladly to see you’re putting so much effort on make this translation awesome.

    And I did the screenshot test and it was really awful >.<

  5. Bob

    So you’re going with Seig after all? Awesome! I really like that name for him… It’ll stick a lot better than Luca did for Absolute Zero’s version of Tales of Innocence…

  6. citambulo

    Thanks for your hard work guys, it’s really appreciated!


  7. Solo

    I am a nerd and it wasn’t boring, I also appear to be part of the small demographic as I have never played FFXII and while I did play ToDR, my lack of reading comprehension prevented me from enjoying such a nice feature. Man I wish PP would finish so AZ can go back to that game.

    Awesome update, glad to hear about the enhancements you’re applying to the translated version. Btw, I did paste the pic on MS Paint to 107% just like I read over here at KAJITANI-EIZAN’s Patch Site! … it didn’t look good.

  8. Nivea

    Yeah I found it kind of interesting.. oO

    Object-oriented programming ftw? 😀 I want to read some code, lol (I’ll get some, somewhere..). Always wondered how Games look on the inside. Or something. Seems they look interesting.

    So yeah, thanks.

  9. wakka63

    an update! 😀 actually what you called “boring text” was quite a good read ;P getting text updates like this is better than nothing, glad to see you’ re fixing the bugs and enhancing the game . If possible , adding a higher difficulty level or at least increasing the current ones would be awesome! i didn’t play the game yet but i read that it is slightly easy ( i think it’s because of spamming attacks –> stunning target till it’s dead)

    well, anyway thanks for the update! i wish you good luck.

  10. Sahgo

    “I can’t guarantee you’ll be bored, but you’d have to be pretty nerdy not to be.”

    Whew, thank goodness I’m a nerd, then ^^


  11. Capturing God

    very interesting and wanted to help but my knowledge on the subject is null

  12. SSVAV

    Hey, Sahgo, your screen shows some Portuguese text. Nice to see the world is big enough to have some Tales fans in small countries.

    I kinda found this update to be short. I WAN MOAR

  13. Keraban

    Cool, Sahgo and I are from the same country XD
    And it isn’t a small country =p

  14. Sahgo

    Very cool indeed, Keraban! High five! o/

    And yeah, calling the 5th largest country in the world “small” can be a bad idea, SSVAV XD

  15. Nicolas

    Awesome work, Eizan. Where are you guys from?

  16. SSVAV

    Well, Portugal sure is small compared to Spain, where I lived 8 years. Now I’m in France, which is even bigger. And by “small”, I refer in size, not population. I’m sure Portugal isn’t the 5th largest country. Canada, China, Spain, France, America are larger. That makes 5. Without counting Germany, of course. So that makes 6, and the list goes on.

    Now, why the hell I am talking about this? This is a Tales game site.

  17. Sahgo

    Portugal isn’t the only country to speak Portuguese XD We’re Brazilian!

    France, eh? Interesting.

  18. Grenat

    If I’m not mistaken, Portuguese is spoken in Brazil as well, and Brazil is quite a big country, I think. 😉

    Anyway, it wasn’t boring, it’s nice to see you put so much effort in this patch. I do recall noticing the big-pixel-size-of-the-attack-box, it wasn’t pretty… Keep up the good work ! 😀

  19. Grenat

    Ah, oops, I’ve been too slow… xD

    (Hee hee, I’m from France myself. n_n The Tales community sure is large, it’s nice to see.)

  20. Sahgo

    I know, right? It’s just beautiful.

  21. Nivea

    lol. I guess I’m “One of those Tales fans who live in small european countries.”
    We’re actually placed in the middle of the country-ranking (Portugal is about 20 ranks higher).. Think there are some Tales fans in Vatican City? 😀

  22. SpadesMagnes

    haha nice joke
    i guess you’re happy that disgaea 4 is going out right?

  23. Aetheus

    I like what I’m hearing. That you’d go beyond the Call of Duty to provide us with a fix to to what is hopefully The Last Remnant of any ingame glitches is more than we could ask for.

    (Yes, I know, fail puns. I couldn’t help myself.)

  24. SSVAV

    I don’t think the pope even knows what is a video game.
    Oh wait, he does. I heard the Church once forbid all games that included killing and classified them as sins (since, even virtually, killing is a sin).

    You’ve received 25 Sin Points. Collect 250 more to level up.

    Reach level 100 to be able to face the ultimate Sin, Satan.

    Defeat Satan to become the ruler of Hell.

    Everything in your DS, of course.

    /end sarcasm

  25. Rewritten

    Thanks for putting so much effort into this, Kaji.

    Also, just out of curiosity, are you working on this patch alone? If not, how many people are helping you?

  26. chp

    hell yeah another update !!

    i hope the best for you kajitani

  27. Follower

    Hooray for updates. I don’t mind if you’re serious about the whole Sieg thing.
    I can just rename him myself. Love the lengthy updates too. Nice to know that you’re fixing what they neglected to check. =)

  28. Hazuki_87

    I’m Brazilian too ^^, and congratulations “Kaji”, I’ve been doing a spetacular work

  29. Hazuki_87

    (You’ve* been doing) sorry people, bad english

  30. Bob

    BTW don’t get me wrong about my last post… I believe Luca is an accurate translation of Tales of Innocence’s main hero’s name… I just prefer hanging out with guys like Seig than guys like Luca…

    When I play an RPG I either imagine myself as the main hero or if I can’t relate to them I imagine hanging out with ’em…

  31. Aqua

    “You’ve received 25 Sin Points. Collect 250 more to level up.”

    This just makes me think of Dante’s Inferno.

  32. Yohko86

    Nah it wasn’t boring at all (but then again, I’m a nerd)! 🙂

    What stuck out to me the most is that you’re doing something with the game’s original programming OUTSIDE of just translating…! That’s just plain amazing to me that you’d take such steps for this project on your own free will. That’s fan-dedication old-skool-style let me tell it! 😀

  33. Naridar

    Vaticane? I just imagined Pope Benedict XVI playing Tales of Vesperia on one of the big displays on St. Peter’s square, spamming Holy raid.

    And now I can’t stop laughing.

    BTW, any hungarians here?

  34. X

    lol good update make me chuckle and chortle on occasion as a boring nerd update should. your blogs pretty funny now. good humor. look forward to seeing how it plays a part in the script translation.

  35. orlando1210

    Finally! An update!

    I didn’t know that the Heal Stone was considered a glitch, but I didn’t use it for resisting elemental attacks anyway.

    And… I might be one of the people who sets less than 10% HP then heal 80% all. Did not add the revive allies though, that’s for another setting c:


    Anyway, enjoyable post, I’m looking forward to more!

  36. Bajol

    How this post ened up in Portugal?
    Yes Portugal may be a small country in size but a big one in soul, and there are many Tales fan, me included.
    (And its not that small; Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, etc.. are smaller than Portugal)

  37. SSVAV

    There’s me to blame for the Portugal spin-off.

  38. Cyclone

    Who the hell cares about country size anyway? I would rather live in a small country like Austria or Switzerland than in an giant country like Brazil or China with an horrible income per capta rating.

  39. Sahgo

    Yep, Cyclone is absolutely right. There are dozens of smaller countries I’d rather be living in than this pit of corruption and high importing taxes.

  40. Hazuki_87

    OK you’re right, but everyone is here for the same reason, Tales of Hearts translation!!! we should be friends ok?

  41. SSVAV

    No! Death to all Bolsheviks! Death to all communists! Death to all tyrants!

  42. Hazuki_87

    hahahaha you’re funny! SSVAV

  43. banjo2E

    Hooray for Sieg! I much prefer that over Xing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with Xing as a name in many cases, but his surname’s Meteoryte and Xing Meteoryte just sounds like it’s trying too hard to be cool.

  44. wakka63

    i recently found out that there is already an in-game option to change the character’s names, if someone isn’t satisfied with the default names , he can change them.

  45. Bob

    That’s cool! So if Anna and Lucio don’t come out as Anna and Lucio I can change the names he gives them…? Awesome! And of course I’m going to change Innes, as I stated before her name is too similar to a very annoying boss in .hack//Mutation and a somewhat annoying boss in .hack//GU//Reminesce…

  46. Kael Altreul

    It’s good when translations include bug fixing. Official or not, if you can fix a problem the game has you should go for it, provided you don’t break anything.

  47. Freeman

    The collective…..approve
    Good update……or what it is
    Keep up the good…jokes

  48. Fiction

    “you represent a small demographic, that’s for sure. Be proud!”
    Anyways quite the interesting read. I’m quite glad to hear that your trying to fix bugs and glitches and such and not just leaving them there.
    “Be proud!”

  49. orlando1210

    So… after Tales of Hearts is completed…

    Translate THIS game? ;D

    ^You know you want to watch it~ Mwahahaha.

  50. wakka63

    keroro rpg seems to be good too, although i dont know much about it , it seems to use the tales of hearts engine, well…seems that this project alone won’t be ending anytime soon, tales of hearts is quite a big game,

    Good luck kaji 🙂

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