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  1. RandomFuzz314

    Is there going to be an option to switch the enhancements off? Not that I’m a purist, quite the contrary actually, and I’ll most certainly use the upgrade anyway! =P
    Just wondering, though… ^^


  2. Bobby

    nice! more progress! keep workin hard you guy’s! ^^

  3. tatsuya

    if the the tales of heart english patched is complete does that mean i can load the save game without using RTS ?(real time save)but still i like the tales of innocent english patch and thank for your hard work^_^

  4. rayzim

    Wow, thanks Kaji. I was already thrilled to know the game is coming. This post sure made my day, my week and maybe even my month. Tales of Hearts is one of my favorite games and knowing it’s receiving such an awesome treatment makes me feel joy. πŸ™‚
    P.S.: The update was a little boring, but I could easily overlook that. πŸ˜›

  5. rayzim

    @Sahgo / @Hazuki_87 : Wow, more brazilian people like me, huh? Nice. πŸ˜›

  6. Bob

    It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from as long as you appreciate the awesomeness of the Tales series! Here’s to B-N for making it and here’s to Kaji for translating it for us!

  7. Sahgo

    @Bob: Amen, bro.

  8. Someguy

    These aint boring, my friend.
    The fixed Heal Stone sounds particularly nice, good luck with that and take your time.

  9. tales of fan

    Hi I think you’re doing a great job with your translation of the tales of hearts
    I hate FF for his exaggerated reputation and I say it does not deserve.
    I’m more a fan of the tales of. for his excellent characters, music, anime and voice
    well overdue for me not compared with other
    continuing with your translation of hearts and I hope to finish it again but in English or in Spanish;)

  10. Bob

    @tales of fan
    Amen brother! I just about completely abandoned Square-Enix because of their near constant failure in amusement value… I have a personal taste for Bandai-Namco’s various titles more than anything else… The Tales titles, .hack, Xenosaga, Ar tonelico…

  11. Kysafen


    …Oh. Oh god, that’s… that’s pretty nice. Oh wow… that’s pretty hot right there.

    *closes Google Chrome and gets a sock*

  12. Lj


  13. PurpleLite

    Stop calling your updates boring.
    I greatly enjoyed reading about your progress, and how you’re actually improving the game compared to the retail version.

  14. wakka63

    c mon , more updates!! πŸ˜€ i m checking everyday lol, need moar updates x_x!!

  15. Mike

    No offense, but maybe you should just stick to translating the game instead of wasting time reprogramming stuff that’s gonna make the translation longer. Especially since you might cause an even bigger bug to happen.

  16. xPiLoNx

    Wow wow, very cool that you’re working on those bugs.
    Keep the good work, we are rooting for ya!

  17. SSVAV

    No offense, but the translator does what he wants, because he doesn’t have any kind of contract or else that tells him what to do, and he doesn’t have any kind of engagement towards anyone about the final product quality. Here he’s doing something for us: he’s fixing bugs and sprites while no one told him to do such thing, in the end only to give us a final product of better quality than the original, guess what, for free. So stop complaining.

  18. lolprogressbar

    Infamous connect panel glitch?
    *is too lazy to google*

  19. Anonymous


  20. Rewritten

    Um, I know this is kind of unrelated, but uh…what happened to Absolute Zero’s website? ._.

  21. about:blank

    So Absolute Zero Translations finally met it’s end. Farewell AZT, may you rest in peace.

  22. Mike

    Damn SSVAV, you mad or something? There is no reason to fix things no one told him to fix. Obviously the glitches didn’t bother the people who played the japanese version.

    I;m bringing up reprogramming stuff because like i said, it’s only gonna make the initial translation longer and if he messes something up, then it won’t help. Also add to the fact that he may decide the translation if it’s taking too long.

    This is a translation project, not a reprogramming one. I like that he’s translating the game, but it would all be moot if he causes an even bigger bug while trying to fix the bugs that namco made. or if the reprogramming causes him to stop the translation.

  23. Sahgo

    Mike, here’s the thing… it’s his translation. If he wants to reprogram it, who the hell are we to tell him what should or shouldn’t he do? If that will make the translation to take longer, well…? If he ends up crashing the game and destroying the internet… well? He’s translating this game by his own will. If he wants to hack the game to make everyone sound like Barbatos, that’s *his* decision and his alone. Just because we want to play the translation, it doesn’t mean we have the right to say what he should or shouldn’t do.

  24. Nivea

    Right… And you know, if he breaks something there’s always CTRL+Z πŸ˜€

  25. SSVAV

    I am not mad, I just want to avoid that the Hearts translation ends like the ASH translation or the Crimson Nocturnal translation group. They both quit after the “we want the translation now” and “gimme gimme gimme” invaded them. Don’t misunderstand me, I want the translation just as much as you guys, but we need to understand that this is no official team, there isn’t one hundred people translating this at full time. We need to wait, and telling him to concentrate in the translation instead of fixing what he said were infamous (so I assume they were annoying bugs) seems to me very selfish, because, again, it’s his translation. If someone wants to give you a gift, but he needs to work very hard in order to make it perfect, would you tell him “give up with it, and give it to me already”?

  26. Anonymous

    They mad.

  27. Aetheus

    I like the fact that Kaji is improving the game. Because if he din’t mention this and simply quietly slipped it into the patch, you would have never realized it. And THAT is the mark of a necessary patch – to fix things so that the player will never have the misfortune of realizing that they’re broken.

  28. wakka63

    people complaining or whining about the project taking longer should keep their mouth shut. Kaji knew that the translation will take longer if he included fixing the bugs. Every single whine will greatly decrease the morale of the translator and increase the chances of it getting dropped. You wouldn’t want that now , would you?

  29. yalue

    Actually, judging by the troll posts, I think Kaji finds whining much more amusing than AZT or the Graces Team did.

  30. Prometheus


  31. reggie999

    What happen to Absolute zero? Did he quit?

  32. Prometheus


  33. ...

    He sold his soul to Namdai, he’s working for them now. Don’t expect another patch anytime soon, only when he have his ass kicked by Namdai and then try to get revenge by translating every Tales game to support piracy,

  34. SSVAV

    I thought Absolute Zero was a team, why are you talking about AZ in singular? Then again, patches are not piracy, because if you own the original game, you are free (by law) to use it in a flashcart, and if you want to patch it to fit your interests or likes you are also free to do it.

  35. Rewritten

    @SSVAV Yeah, I noticed that after I posted about the site being down. It was just the first name that came to mind at the time. I would’ve posted “Throughhim413’s website”, but I wasn’t sure about the numbers at the end at the time, so I just defaulted to “Absolute Zero.”

    Namdai wouldn’t have shut him down if they were requesting for his help, and judging by Throughhim413’s last post, it sounds like he’s been doing it for awhile. It wouldn’t make sense for Namdai to tell him to shut the site down this late in the stage if that was the case. It’s possible that he just didn’t have enough money or something to keep the site up; I dunno, I can’t really think of anything else.

  36. Solo

    To be honest with you, when he announced he was working with Bamco (or for them, I dunno) I thought to myself “Damn, the Destiny Remake project is dead”. I really doubt he will fan translate anymore. Now the future of the Destiny patch lies on Phantasian Productions… so…

    Let’s hope Graces f and Xillia do EXTREMELY well so Bamco releases HD collections of the PS2 Tales games in he West or something.

  37. Nivea

    Dudes.. Do you actually know twitter?
    Because you know, it could be rather informative. Like..

    Just sayin’.

  38. Anonymous

    Twitter’s shit.

  39. Chris

    You guys keep up the good work (then maybe the japanese pepole will play this version insted haha) =)

  40. lolprogressbar
  41. Kirijo

    I don’t get it; I would assume that game carts only include the compiled executable binary of the source code for the game, which would then be in the machine language of the device (I believe the DS uses an ARM, so it would be ARM assembly).

    From this post, it seems you were able to extract the original source code somehow? (some kind of incredible de-compiler…?) Is this true of all DS games? Of all (console) games in general, usually? Of only this game? How’d you do this? What language is the source in? If this is this case, is there some sort of documentation for the API’s the DS provides? Or are you/were you somehow able to get the source for the APIs/reverse engineer what they do? (Alternatively, there are no platform-wide APIs, just whatever APIs whatever engine the developers use/write themselves provides).

    Keep up the great work, BTW. Looking forward to the release πŸ™‚

  42. SSVAV

    You *might* want to check this out:


    It’s a debug cartridge for the original Nitro, aka DS and DS Lite.
    If someone dumps this and posts it online, we might discover what programming secrets the DS has inside it.

  43. Hammy

    [This comment has been terminated]

  44. Hammy

    [This comment has been terminated]

  45. Hammy

    [This comment has been terminated]

  46. Bob

    You’re one messed up guy, Ham… Try not to make the rest of us sick ok?

  47. Jud8

    I find your “blog” posts really entertaining to read Kajitani πŸ™‚ Not that I’m even interested in the ToH translation project (sorry ;_; well maybe a little).

    So yeah just wanted to say thanks (and thanks about the ND3 patch I’m still using =3)

  48. angelXboy

    Not to be a bother but it would at least keep us occupied by doing an update every month or so. Even if its just a small progress. Just to know that well things are going smooth? Thanks your awesome for doing this patch Kaji

  49. Mikanozu

    so, the translation is back on?? :DDD

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