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  1. Kurae

    Ha! This post made me laugh a lot. Very interesting additions. Looking forward to when the patch comes out!

  2. Rewritten

    I almost went to bed and for the 18th~ time today, I checked the main page again for updates.

    As it was 12:20 AM at the time of reading, I woke everyone in the house up with my laughing. Good luck with the translation, Kaji. d(^_^d)

    P.S. My internet is kind of…bad, so if this get’s posted twice, uh…sorry.

  3. Solo

    Gotta admit, the headline had me for a second. Thank you for the update!

  4. Crowmeister

    Oh sweet mother, you scared the crap out of me.
    Thanks for your hard work Kaji.

    I remember doing the Dutch translation of Tales of Phantasia. Dark Force did everything! I only had to do the translating and he even wrote the tools to insert the script back in the game and create an IPS. And translating English -> Dutch is so much easier seeing as they’re both Germanic languages.
    I can only imagine how much work the tooling, hacking, etc is.

  5. wakka63

    haha good update XD

  6. Keraban

    Haha It was fun to read.
    Thanks for the update and good luck ^_^

  7. Bob

    Extra character? Is this a joke of yours, Kaji? Or were you being serious…? If not I’ll wager all 3 of my guesses on Innocence characters; Luca Milda, Iria Animi and Spada Balforma…

  8. orlando1210

    Richia or Creed as the new playable character?

    LOL You got me for a second there, then I looked down. Oh the tags said “J/K”

  9. Mr Ohgeez

    Always good to have news from you 🙂

    Keep the good work and the good words Sir !

  10. Ruffy

    I think Kaji is a girl.

  11. Philicheese

    Oh goodness I thought these add-ons were real until I read about it affecting us in RL. LOL
    Anyways thanks for the update! ^__^

  12. RequiredName

    Could you just translate the game normally? Please?

  13. Ohman

    ^Kaji has to express his creativity dude

    On topic I love these up updates, they are hilarious, and I am glad to see it isn’t just a normal Translation. These changes will make the game wayyyy more fun. Spamming gets old way too fast, but I don’t think I understand the 3rd one too well. Is it instant death (even though you come back) if you guard too much, or is it a random thing that happens when your Gauge is full/in the red? It would be really cool if you were able to make Chalcedny a playable character, but I am pretty sure you were joking about the last paragraph about remakes and sequels

  14. Mr0Thinman

    AWW not again!
    that’s just wayy too cruel mann
    almost make me cry again

  15. thatkappa

    You assho-


  16. Bob

    My ass it was meant to be on the Vita…

  17. Adrienne

    Haha you’re too funny. I always read your tags before I read your upates. Truly enjoyable to read. XD

  18. Shade

    So…he dropping the translation on the DS to work on the Director’s cut for the PSP Vita? Can’t tell if he’s joking or what.

  19. angelXboy

    Oh Kaji!!!! And on my birthday too!? This game will be amazing…an enhanced Tales of Hearts…I can hardly imagine…

  20. SparkFenix

    Finally someone that can recreate the vision of the true directors of this game.
    You’re a truly wonderful person for going out of your way to make this game so much better.

    Don’t suppose you’re ever gonna tell us how far in you are?

  21. fantasyaun

    Thanks for update Kaji ^_^

    I always checking the Progress of this project many times.

    I’ll send this to Tales fan who want to to play Tales of hearts in english language in my country.

    Thanks for doing the good work.

    and sorry about my poor grammar.

    Regards, from Thailand

  22. Anonymous

    I laughed.

  23. Hazuki_87

    Great! keep the good work kaji, I hope you’ll finish soon^^

  24. Freeman

    The collective…..laughed a lot….
    But the people here have take it all wrong ! You forgot to say you will send a limited deluxe Tales of Hearts Anime Movie Ed Director’s Cut remastered repolished to every single user of this patchsite,am I right?
    But I have to say it,you have indeed some great skills,together with some great power to trick us out.

  25. Blue Jimmy


  26. wakka63

    is it just me or did the progress bar regress? it seems shorter than before lol…

  27. Eolos

    So that means that the desu desu and -chan/-kun at the end of each name is dropped? cuz I totally want that

  28. Solo

    @wakka63 You can always save as an image and compare it to another one at a later time =P Though I really doubt it really matters at all.

  29. Kafei2006

    I bought a copy of the game right now off Play-Asia (it’s price was reduced just now !) just to be able to play this game legally when your work on this is finally over. Really, all my thanks for allowing non-Japanese speakers like me to play this. Cheers !

  30. Naridar

    I believed it… for about 0.005258 seconds (at least the Vita part). As for the plausible changes (1HP after mystic arte, spamming draining EG, instant KO when guarding) you should make them possible to turn off, and/or counterbalance them. A few suggestions:

    – Guard should reduce damage even more, and be more effective with higher EG, but the chance of instant death should also be higher.
    – Overdrive gauges (or whatever they’re called) should be easier to fill in exchange for mystic artes’ drawbacks.
    – Repeatedly using an arte should increase its’ cost by a steadily growing amount (such as 10, 12, 14, 16, etc. points of the EG).

    But first and foremost is the translation, everything is secondary to that. Good job, keep going!

  31. Akio

    Can a brother at least get a menu patch?

  32. Raitzeno

    If I was Kaji, I would probably just sit on this project and release joke posts forever.

    If he ever actually releases a finished patch, 99% of people will post exactly once more (Thanks! Why wasn’t this done sooner?) and then never come back. He’ll lose almost all of his blog views in one fell swoop.

    Come to think of it, considering the quality of posts and people around here, I take back my initial comment. The sooner I’d get rid of most of you clowns, the better…

  33. Whirlpool

    Lol, nice. Though I’m surprised some people didn’t realize this was a joke immediately, especially after the new character bit. Not that I’m saying you’re not capable, but we know that you wouldn’t stall the game for months just to add in a character.

  34. Kysafen

    “on the Sony PlayStation Vita.”

    Did you KNOW that Tales of Innocence R was going to be announced at the time of this post, or did shit just get reeeeally coincidental?

  35. dssda

    wtf… so now like every tales on a nintendo console/handheld is just a test for the improved playstation version?

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