Tales of Hearts Is Not Dropped

Okay, so my post title may have been a bit misleading last time.

Progress on Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: Anime Edition: English Edition is still going strong, as per the usual! More importantly, we now have a new site. As you can see, it looks much like the old site. But don’t be fooled! Note the differences:

blade2187.110mb.com <– wrong!
blade2187.com <– right!

As I have clearly demonstrated, much has changed. Exciting! But stay tuned, for surely even more exciting developments are on the horizon. Next time: an actual update…?!

EDIT: BTW you guys have seen the Tales of Innocence R trailer, right? How ironic that it’s on… the PlayStation Vita. You know, like Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut.

92 responses to “Tales of Hearts Is Not Dropped”

  1. Vercalos

    how der u try to corect gramer and speling!

  2. lol


  3. ShadowmanX

    It forwards you to the correct site just so you know. and speaking of tales of Innocence, I wonder if I will beat it before daisho con

  4. Bob

    I DON’T want a Crapstation Vita… I’m happy with my DS! Kaji! Donjh’t make it only for Sony’s next knock-off handheld!!!

  5. Bob

    Sorry for the double post… But seriously… I don’t wanna’ support Sony, they’re douches…

  6. Nivea

    You’re not forced to support Sony. Just don’t play ToH: Translators Cut, problem solved.

  7. Bob

    It occurs to me that Kaji has hardly ever been serious in his updates… He’ll post serious news, but chances are very good that this is simply him trying his hand at a running gag… I apologize for getting so worked up…

    Regarding Sony’s new knock-off it’s simple, there aren’t enough games for me to want one… I hardly have use for my PSP, especially when compared to my DS… Why should I waste money on ANOTHER Sony waste of space when I have a 3DS?

  8. Ö

    Because Vita will be much more than a mere paperweight even compared to the 3DS, specially with the epically dumb idea of region-lock that Nintendo brought back to handhelds. And c’mon, you can’t really expect an amazing game library for a game system that wasn’t even released yet.

    But I think you are doing something wrong there. I too have both a PSP and a DS, but although they both are dying systems (IMO, duh), I still have a lot more fun with the PSP, specially with RPGs. To tell you the truth I probably won’t touch my DS until this patch gets released.

    Just my two cents though, opinions and stuff. In fact none of the new handhelds have a game library that caught my eye yet.

  9. Lemonaid

    yea this regionlock bs really sucks if Namdai releases a tales for the 3ds i wont even be able to play it. that assuming they wont localize it wich is the most likely thing since it’s namdai -_- not to mention games that might not be localized or take a huge wile to be like monster hunter

  10. Bob

    They ARE releasing a Tales title for the 3DS, Tales of the Abyss 3D…

    Anyway, I’m not knocking all of Sony’s systems, the PS3 is pretty good… And my PS2 is still epic-ally awesome, even though I’ve beaten .hack//GU 50+ times and i’m still replaying… Tales of Graces F is due out early next year! WOOT! I’m saying Sony has a bad history with handheld gaming devices… And Nintendo… Who knows maybe the next DS model will fix the region-lock problem…

  11. lemonaid

    Yea but i meant a brand new tales or at least a remake like the vita is getting ToI R. ToA for the 3ds is one of those boring ports that dont get anythin new ANYTHING AT ALL -_-

    im still buying though gotta at least show mt suppot or they might never localize a possible exclusive tales for 3ds. But it still pisses me off that we are getting a tales that was already localized if they wanted to port a ps2 game so badly they could have at least ported ToD remake which will probably never leave japan. Tales fan rant here sorry :p

  12. Nem

    First of all i would like to leave a message to Kaji.
    Hope are enjoying your translation of ToH. I’m sure its something that will make you very proud and so far it has looked like its coming along very well. So, congratulations on the work so far. 🙂

    Now for leamonaid. Tales of the Abyss 3D was a good choice to bring over. Tales fans exist on both sides of the Atlantic, and evn though you were lucky to get Abyss on the PS2 Europe wasnt. So, dont hate on tales games beeing brought to the west, it sure beats not beeing brought at all.
    Also, the game is not just a boring port. It will have 3D graphics wich is always cool, and it will have shotcuts for the skills on the touch screen (for your party members!) wich help you chain attacks. I believe ToH also has this system and its very handy to control the field.

    Tales of Innocence R for the Vita, actually doesnt excite me as much as the 3DS port of Abyss. Dont get me wrong, i do hope they bring it over to the west, but i did get the game for the DS… and it really isnt the best of tales games. I got quite bored with it actually… wich is something that i only got playing Tales of legendia on the PS2. Now, im sure the game will be made better in this remake… but the story still sounds as bad as before (the premise is still the same).

  13. Ryoko126

    I’m so glad to see that you’re still going on with Tales of Hearts. It looks interesting and I’m fully excited about the project.

  14. Duplo

    I’ve just finished Tales of Hearts via following a few translation guides, but I feel like I’ve missed so much by not being able to follow many of the skits, battle chatter and such. I’m all set to play it again as soon as your patch is released, as surely it is the best Tales yet in my eyes. Many thanks to your continued devotion.


  15. Morrison

    I’m from Spain and even though I like the fact ToA is being released in Europe I must agree with Lemonaid. English is a much more gamer friendly language then japanese will ever be, so even if ToA was never released here one could easily import it and play it. Let’s face it, if you can’t at least speak english you will miss on the majority of good RPGs, hell, you wouldn’t even be able to enjoy translation patches like this one. Japanese in the other hand has much less speakers around the globe so localizing games that never were translated would be a MUCH better idea. I really liked ToD 2 and ToR but couldn’t understand sheet of what was going on.

    3D graphics and menu shortcuts are nice and all but are absolutely trivial, I’d rather have at least Radiant Mythology 3 translated and ported. Not that I hate the port, mind you, I just would prefer to have a still Japan-only title localized. And yeah IMHO the port is damn boring, couldn’t they have at least added a secret dungeon or some new costumes? Talk about lazy >_>

  16. Angst


    “so even if ToA was never released here one could easily import it and play it.” Not really. You can’t play NTSC games on a PAL Playstation.

  17. PC

    I hate playing ones that haven’t been translated TTATT miss too much when i can’t read the dialogues…
    GL and hope you finish it soon…

  18. Puyo

    @ Angst

    Yes you can, getting your PS2 modded is easy and cheap. And I don’t really give a crap if it’s illegal, I absolutely HATE region lock. Modded my PS2 to play a lot of JPN and US imports, never had a problem, never regretted it one bit.

    And if you don’t want to mod your console you can simply use Swap Magic. Google it.

  19. ShadowmanX

    i recently modded my ps2 and i have kingom hearts 2 final mix. pretty epic since xennemo or whatever his name translated it. if you get one (3.8v) it will have 2 disks a pal and a nstc even though they look exactly the same. i though i bured the disc wrong but i had the pal disc in my ps2. i have a silver slim by the way

  20. Nem

    I dont see why we must choose between tales games. ToA is a good game and im happy its getting released. Would i prefer if they had released ToD remake, ToD2, ToR or a brand new Tales game? Yes i would!
    But, it doesnt mean im not happy with the fact they brought us “something” that is good, rather than “nothing”.

  21. Bob

    As far as the actual games themselves I got started on Symphonia (2 sucks by the way). Legendia, I thought Legendia was pretty good… Not as good as it could’ve been and lacking the overall texture and feel that the and rest has, but still good… Abyss was awesome, plain and simple… Only one thing I didn’t like about it and that was Asch the Bloody… I HATE that guy… Of all the Tales titles I’ve collected and played so far, I like Vesperia the best… Sad thing is I have the stupid Beta version they released to the US as a completed product… It pisses me off that they didn’t even finish the game before sending it off and marketing it…

  22. yalue

    Man, what’s up with people always complaining about 360 Vesperia? It still contains a good 120+ hours of gameplay if you want all of the achievements, and does not feel at all like a ‘beta’ or ‘incomplete’ version. Plus, the pirate girl trope has been done before (ToE).

  23. Jack

    ToV for PS3 is exactly what this ToA port should have been, it has a good load of new content and does make the 360 version look like a mere beta. And comparing Chat to Patty just because they both are pirate girls is like comparing Estelle to Natalia just because they’re both princesses. They’re completely different in both personality and play style.

    As for what Nem said, we don’t have to “choose” what games are localized simply because we don’t have that right, Namdai doesn’t give a crap about what their occidental fanbase want. If they made a pool asking what game should be localized be sure ToA for 3DS wouldn’t even be among the top 5. I don’t hate the port, but there sure were better options, ToH included.

  24. That guy.

    Why are people fighting over proper english? American English is improper anyway.
    O and kaji you fail, three generations of Pokemon game released on the ds all translated, also Toi
    All you do is joke while you promote trolling.
    No I won’t shut up and I dont care if it’s free,
    you are an unprofessional joke.

  25. Thor

    I myself would say he is an unprofessional joker.

    Unprofessional because this project is not a job, it’s a mere hobby he does during his free time.

    And a joker for obvious reasons.

    But you, sir, are a professional douchebag.

  26. That guy.

    And it begins. Listen, hobby or no he is providing a service, that service being the translation.
    You can sit there and call me what ever you want,
    It’s been three years toh came out in ’08 it’s ‘011.

    I’m pretty sure (but I’m guessing ) this project falls into what kaji does in his daily life.

    And here is what I don’t get, if he’s making “progress” where is it huh? One fucking demo. Like some people on here say he’s never finished a project.

    Well, go on, be predictable find something to say
    about me I don’t care got my point across.

  27. umad

    Sounds like someone needs to take some chill pills.

  28. Thor

    You know when you can be sure a person is seriously butt-wounded? When he tries so hard to convince everyone he doesn’t give a crap when his actions make it obvious he does.

    If you haven’t noticed Kaji has never asked for donations, nor has he ever created a donation button, at least not for this project. And you say he is providing a service? In exchange for what? What you really are assuming is that Kaji has no life and has no need to work/study since this free translation is what he does in his daily life. Perhaps he should prove daily to everyone he is making progress because he is our slave. Yeah, because someone that is “providing a service” in exchange for nothing and still has to report to whomever is exactly that, a slave.

    Seriously dude, read your posts again. If you earnestly believe you are making any sense or has any right to demand anything from this translator you have no idea how life works and is in serious need of some maturing.

  29. That guy.

    Yes dumbass someone providing a service even if it’s free should be done on a professional level.
    Why you ask? for gratification of course. And I didn’t say in ANY way kaji has no life you are putting words in my mouth. I said I’m guessing translating
    falls somewhere with his daily life. I don’t know nor do I care about what his life is.
    I’m just saying he is the only translator I know who doesn’t get things done, and I don’t have to like it “Thor”.
    P.S. not writing back because you are mad someone has a different opinion. kaji should be able to negative comments, it’s gonna happen if not from me from someone else
    And you ” Thor” strike me as the type to buy dumb game dlc … I bet you love capcom…

  30. Thor

    Of course you don’t care. People like you is in every translation projects websites, hence why groups like Crimson Nocturnal ceased to exist. You think translators do everything for INTERNET CREDIT. Really? Hahahaha. Have you ever tested his others projects to say he never gets things done? I would like to see one thing YOU have done to justify all that presumption. He has done enough to get the respect of Absolute Zero, which has made -at least- two professional level translations despite having to put up with people like you, who think free translations are some sort of obligation.

    Go ahead, play Narikiri Dungeon 3 raw then come back and use the patch Kaji made. Say he has never got anything done, I dare you. “I know who doesn’t get things done”. Hahaha. Humility at it’s finest.

    Of course you don’t care if translators have a life and their projects are developing slowly. They should do stuff for free in a “professional level”, otherwise they won’t get the ever-so-desired internet “gratification”. Yeah, who does a free thing for a hobby anyways?

    You say I’m mad but you are the one insulting, calling me a dumb ass and all, but you only do that because:

    “Well, go on, be predictable find something to say
    about me I don’t care got my point across.”

    I don’t care, like, whatever, right? =)

    And I don’t “strike” you as anything, sir. Your last paragraph makes as much sense as everything you said up to this point. Which is none at all.

    But of course you don’t care, I just hope Kaji reports soon or he is going to lose that juicy, delicious and irresistible piece of gratification you have stored there for whomever translates ToH -for free- first.

  31. angelXboy

    Oh my goodness, Mr. That guy,

    Why are you putting so much pressure to Kaji about this project. You do realize this translation is a side hobby of Kaji right? Just as much as playing video games or playing sports and such is a hobby to others. Are you seriously thinking that this translation is part of his daily life? Well it sure as hell isn’t!
    Kaji does this when he has the time. Hell he could freaking skip out on a month of working on this and we still shouldn’t get butt hurt because he is a
    smart guy with a freaking life outside the internet. And he is NOT doing a service for us. Sure it’s service to you but to him it isn’t. He DOESN’T have to make the translation and he doesn’t have to provide it to us if he doesn’t want to. So what if it’s been 3 years? Better than what Bamco would do if you ask me. You want Tales of Hearts translated? Go do it yourself. Wanna prove yourself a better provider than Kaji? Share your translation project and watch as we flame you for your *probably* crappy work. People like you are irritating. People like you is why Crimson Nocturnal got shut down.
    Congratulations, i wouldn’t be suprised if Kaji decides to quit his project by now -.-

  32. PrettySure

    I’m absolutely positive that man’s a child…. or if he’s not, then he’s an adult with serious social and mental issues.

  33. Xadjim

    I am really glad you are doing this patch and Tales of Hearts seems like to be the best Tales game on the DS.
    I am also watching your progress for some Years now and i Hope you will be done in near future 😀
    can you pls give a statement on how far you already are with your work? since the progress bar at the right of your website got stuck 😛

  34. PrettySure

    It’s Top Secret.

  35. neverforget

    The man put a progress bar there due to some many people asking for one, but now you want an accurate progress bar? You guys are never satisfied. -_-

    Seriously though, I think Kaji is right in this. I remember Absolute Zero and all those percentages making a lot of people complaining “the patch is already done”, “it should just be released”, “we want it like it is now”, blah, blah, blah. The amount of beggars kept increasing as the percentages went up and even before that the site was full with all those “thankyous” and ass-kissing posts. I like Kaji’s attitude, it leaves us in the dark but at least keeps a good deal of the adulators and beggars away. When a translator is too nice like thoughhim is, trolls and ass-kissers come in packs like vultures.

    No offense intended to anyone of Absolute Zero, their work is fantastic, but I prefer Kaji’s policy.

  36. Neverchange

    waiting waiting waiting lol theres youtube with millions of videos i got enough time till this comes out… im a real fan dont drop anything haha

  37. orlando1210

    Just dropping by to check on and for support again and since there aren’t new posts yet I’ll just comment here. Good luck with the patch~

  38. another guy

    why don´t you stop flaming “that guy”? i mean, he´s right, kajitani is a fucking troll, nothing else, he never works on anything, and then keeps on joking with us. “toh is down, toh is not down it was a joke, toh was actually down and i was joking about it being a joke, toh was actually a true joke as i was joking about it being true” fuck you kajitani -.-

  39. Angst

    I really appreciate Kajitani Eizan’s work, but an actual progress bar (I mean that kind of progress bar that actually shows the progress) would be nice.

  40. Innerscope

    “Why are people fighting over proper english? American English is improper anyway.”

    Which is why schools teach this, right?

    “O and kaji you fail, three generations of Pokemon game released on the ds all translated, also Toi”

    Unlike Kaji, they had a team….

    “All you do is joke while you promote trolling.”

    He’s just trying to keep his audience.

    “No I won’t shut up and I dont care if it’s free,
    you are an unprofessional joke.”

    Why don’t you learn Japanese if it’s that big of a deal?

    “And it begins. Listen, hobby or no he is providing a service, that service being the translation.”

    What’s your service? Mcdonalds? Your IQ certainly matches that! He is not providing a service. He is just voluntarily pleasing people. You think he’s a slave, do you?

    “You can sit there and call me what ever you want,
    It’s been three years toh came out in ’08 it’s ’011.”

    Again, why not learn Japanese?

    “And here is what I don’t get, if he’s making “progress” where is it huh? One fucking demo. Like some people on here say he’s never finished a project.”

    I wonder why… Douche-bags like you are common here.

    Summary: Kaji’s taking so long because this is a free translation, this is his hobby, not his service, Kaji has no team, and probably because retards like you want to whine over garbage…

    Oh, that must be too hard for you to read, since you said this:

    “Why are people fighting over proper english? American English is improper anyway.”

    I’ll simplify for you:

    Kaji have no teem. Project free N not survis. You small braind. Mayk sens?

  41. Flan

    lol @ another guy

    If you are gonna pretend to be two different people you could at least try a little harder not to be that obvious.

    You and your other selves should just leave and take you bitching with you.

  42. Daisy

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