Tales of Hearts Is Not Dropped

Okay, so my post title may have been a bit misleading last time.

Progress on Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: Anime Edition: English Edition is still going strong, as per the usual! More importantly, we now have a new site. As you can see, it looks much like the old site. But don’t be fooled! Note the differences:

blade2187.110mb.com <– wrong!
blade2187.com <– right!

As I have clearly demonstrated, much has changed. Exciting! But stay tuned, for surely even more exciting developments are on the horizon. Next time: an actual update…?!

EDIT: BTW you guys have seen the Tales of Innocence R trailer, right? How ironic that it’s on… the PlayStation Vita. You know, like Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut.

92 responses to “Tales of Hearts Is Not Dropped”

  1. Vercalos

    Yay, progress!

  2. You

    The fake progress bar needs a reality check.

  3. Tales Flakes

    Yay ! On the road again !!!

  4. chp

    yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the hard work man

    cheers !

  5. Hazuki_87

    I hope this project is so much near that we can imagine!!! Thank you Again Kajitani Eizan I’m your fan man^^

  6. SNfan

    Yup, finally the site is back, thanks Kaji.

    Waiting for updates though . ^_^

  7. Anonymous

    You’re a very funny man.

  8. Inunah

    I’m confused. Do what now?

  9. Xander

    Oh damn! I didn’t even think about the PS Vita connection. That Tales of Innocence remake does sound pretty interesting though. Hopefully they can sort out the kind of rubbish quest system and incredibly boring dungeons. Or put in a goddamn map at least.

    Glad to see the site up and running again. Good to hear from you, Sir.

  10. yalue

    Now that you have a new site, give it a favicon so I don’t need to read the names of my bookmarks.

  11. Bob

    WHA!? You weren’t kidding about that!?! Damn PSVita! I hate that peice of garbage!!!

  12. Aqua

    actually, if you look at the trailers, we’ve finally got maps! 😀
    we’ll see what they’re gonna do with it though. I’m sure it’ll be better than the original, which was already very good as it is. But yeah, hopefully they do come up with something new to get rid of that old quest system :V

  13. randomguy




  15. Lewnett

    I’ll wait till the end of time for your translation cause our love for Tales are TIMELESS!!

  16. yalue

    Awesome, a favicon! My prayers were answered.

  17. Keraban

    Yay best news =D

  18. Misugi24

    All right, back into the right track my friend! Hope to see an upgrate soon, cant wait to play the game in full traslate xD

  19. Jack

    Yaay thank you Kajitani! Can’t wait to play it!

  20. Professor


    You must always start a sentence with capital letters; avoid overuse of exclamation marks and learn when to use commas. The correct phrase would be: Yeah! Thanks for the hard work, man! Cheers!


    Your sentence barely makes any sense. Here’s how it should have been: I hope this project is much more near completion than we can imagine. Thank you again, Kajitani Eizan. I am your fan, man!


    Such a short sentence, yet it has two errors. Don’t hate capital letters, they’re your friends and do not forget to use periods. MIKENIFONG’s comment is a good example of how yours should have been written.


    Do not be afraid to use commas and periods.


    I think it’s obvious english is not your mother language. But do not feel down, with time you will learn how to write properly. Here’s how your sentence should have been written: All right, back to the right track, my friend. I hope to seen an upgrade soon, can’t wait to play the game fully translated!

    There were many other errors, but most seemed to be result of rushed typing or unnecessary attempts to show enthusiasm. E.g.: Bob’s “peice” and Jack’s “Yaay”.

    See you later, my most loved ignorant students!

  21. yalue


    It is good to see another stalwart advocate of proper grammar on the internet. After all, since one is not able to judge others based upon physical appearance in a community where only a pseudonym is used for identification, the sole method of presenting oneself is through one’s communication style. I must point out, however, that you have forgotten a comma in your remark to randomguy: “Don’t hate capital letters, they’re your friends and do not forget to use periods.” I believe you meant to say “Don’t hate capital letters, they’re your friends, and do not forget to use periods.” I point this out not in spite or mockery of you (after all, you did not mention my own non-sentence, “Awesome, a favicon!”), but rather to ensure that your audience remains properly informed.

  22. Hazuki_87


    Ok man, thanks by your correction, maybe someone who read my post understood, It’s ordinary for someone who never went out of your country and learnt english in a cheap school XD, and this is a pleasure man, I love when a guy like you correct my mistakes, I’ll save it.

  23. Hazuki_87

    Sorry I forgot to say that is not necessary call everyone “loved ignorant students!”, you’re in the right track but in the end you were stupid, see ya!

  24. inneedofsleep

    Just a heads-up to the previous two posters:
    Professor was satirizing all of the grammar corrections that went on in the comments of Kaji’s earlier posts. He wasn’t actually attacking yours out of spite or anything. It’s pretty easy to tell; just his name alone suggests this.


  25. Nivea

    “I hope to seen an upgrade soon” seems rather weird to me.

  26. Shoo

    Successful troll is successful.

  27. yalue


    I don’t think Kaji was trolling this time.

  28. Zeta

    I’m pretty sure Shoo was referring to Professor, not Kaji.

  29. Mastah

    ids amaizing haw no one hear knows haw two wraite propperly.

  30. Aetheus

    Keep the trolling classy, Kaji.

  31. hatchii

    Fuck those Namco Exec! they were fucking trolling us!, they released a new character on TOI in vita! wtf!

  32. Mr0Thinman

    Such an AWESOME development!
    with such development t

  33. Mr0Thinman

    Such an AWESOME development! (trolling)
    Many thanks for your hard works! (for real!)

    isn’t prof. just trolling?

  34. F12

    ^ No, you are trolling. And you are the worst type of troll, you are a troll that explains when you are trolling. How pathetic is that?

  35. Anonymous

    You’re such a joker.

  36. Angst

    I love my fans.

  37. 30084pm

    all these changes…
    its too much for me!!! D:

  38. Goomba

    Now every Mothership Tales is available in a Sony console. Unless you consider the awful ToT and the boring-as-hell ToS2 mothership titles, which I certainly don’t.

    Actually I’m pretty sure ToT and ToS2 are the only ones Sony won’t have. I don’t think they care though, both games are so horrible you would need to remake them almost entirely to have an at least decent game. A brand new Tales would be better.

  39. Sahgo

    @Goomba: Hearts is not available in a Sony console (as far as I know). But yeah, other than it…

  40. Goomba

    ^Silly one, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to Kaji’s posts. He stated time and again that Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut will be a Playstation Vita Exclusive. While it’s true TotH:TC will bring lots of much needed changes, it’s still ToH at heart. It’s a fact: Namdai Tales Series is actually Tales of Sony.

  41. Aetheus

    The RPG lineups of the 3DS and Vita will be the deciding factor on which console I eventually surrender my money to.

    So far, the 3DS has a few rather promising looking titles (Bravely Default, the next Rune Factory and of course, the Tales of the Abyss port. Even if I’ve replayed Abyss at least 3 times by now).

    The Vita is tempting me with the Tales of Innocence and Persona 4 remakes. And the whole lineup of PSP games that I’ve missed (Fate/Extra comes to mind, although having all them Final Fantasies available is a nice bonus, too).

    Although, as I’ve already played Tales of Innocence/Abyss and Persona 4, I’m going to have to lean slightly to the 3DS for now. Unless Innocence R and P4 Golden have significant upgrades from their base versions (though the general graphics/gameplay upgrades for Innocence R are bound to be spiffier than whatever little extras Atlus threw in to justify P4 Portable).

  42. Tysonblast

    @Goomba: ToT and ToS2 aren’t Mothership titles, meaning Sony already has them all. Forever.

  43. Aqua

    ITT one truth and epic trolling

  44. Anonblah

    Goomba, you goofball.

  45. faceman


  46. kaji suck

    Kajitani Eizan u are suck. take up so many project, and yet none is complete. when are u gonna take up new project and abandon this one.

  47. Kaji Suck

    Kajitani Eizan, you suck balls. Taking up so many projects, yet completing none. So when are you going to take up a new project then abandon this one?

  48. Tailisu10

    Do it yourself or shut up.

  49. x

    the grammar trolls are ATTACKING!!!!!

  50. Myself

    We are not trolls, we only wish to help ignorant people like you see how beautiful the english language is when written properly. By the way, you should always start a sentence with capital letters, remember that well.

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