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  1. Pardalis

    MAJOR outbreak of tl;dr XDD

    Not to say I’m not included… I just read the much shorter and obvious comments. =]

    Between this, Okamiden, and Need for Speed;HP I want to strangle my systems in hope of time magically skipping forward and the games being in my hands.

  2. PurpleLite

    Haha you bastard, i totally didnt see this was a joke until i read other users comments.

    You got me. Now im just sitting here as a wave of relief washes over me.
    Im looking forward to your hearts project so much. I hope you stick with it.

  3. ToHFan

    My heart dropped…and then started beating again when I read the last paragraph

    *shakes fist*

    Coulda waited till april 😀

  4. HarleyIZ

    that’s cruel mannnn!
    great joke
    good luck on your tales of world (JKJK)

  5. X

    But seriously… this game is amazing. In fact, if he does go back to working on tales of hearts instead, I will be extremely disappointed. The game is truly amazing, and honestly anyone who has played hearts knows its a bit of a disappointment especially when compared with this quality tales title. We can only hope tales of the tempest will be the next to be translated and patched after this, only then should we begin to seriously consider translating hearts entirely. As tales games are being translated at all we should be grateful to people like this.

    Good choice, Kajitani-Eizan, looking forward to the inevitable tempest translation next.

  6. Naridar

    Fail joke is fail.

  7. Lucian

    Screw Tales of the Tempest, it’s problably the worst mothership title that will ever exist. Tales of Destiny 2 never got a decent translation attempt so a patch for it would be great. Though right now I only care about Tales of Hearts.

  8. X

    0.o …clearly sarcasm…

  9. Chiro

    “By the way, this post is obviously once again a total joke. Please pretend it’s real if you comment in the comments section below… Thanks!”

    . . .you meany.

  10. Arn


    Waiting for Summoner Lineage! (y)

  11. Geno

    So much good trollinnnnn’

    I’d totally play SL though, maybe it’s fields are less generic looking than ToH

  12. sjou

    You scared me.

  13. Ikki

    Don’t you dare doing that again

  14. Podoman

    What’s so wrong about running around like a headless chicken?

  15. Alexeon

    Hahahaha! You really had me there for a minute. Social commentary, great battle system, haha, good one. 😀

  16. Renries

    Nyaahahaha I didn’t read this post b4 XDD so this is why some are dissapointed XD heck! they didn’t get to read the last part of ur message XDDD

  17. Kumiho

    Even though this is a joke, judging by the pics it seems that after your finished With Hearts, you’re moving on to Summoner’s Lineage. And since SL is a GBA game…maybe…you could schedule finishing the Narikiri Dungeon games around that one?…

    …Just sayin’…

  18. DalerMehndi

    Even though this was a long time ago, I lol’d.

  19. RazzleDazzle

    My favorite comment?

    “Stop being a faggot”

  20. Eolos

    People who were waiting for Hearts are… just craaazy! I mean does TofH has a big bad Sasukish villain?

    Hell NO.

    And that’s why it makes it such a bad videogame,
    I hope you will add on this one much more yaoi and fantardservice, because that’s what makes a game actually good, ya know.

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