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  1. Chris

    It looks like needs level grinding 😛

    I’ve never seen a boss so damn powerful. I don’t know if it was lag on the video(didn’t seem to have any, this comp specializes in video and music, so it can’t be) or your not being able to hit him much.

    Heavy damage with lightning-speed claw swinging. The heck is this.

  2. Thames

    Wtf? Overpowered boss. Serious power leveling seems to be needed here.

  3. RandomFuzz

    Can’t you surround it from the beginning? Not that those dorsal spikes look vulnerable or something, but yeah…

    Anyway, it’s my first post here, so thanks for the great job, man!

  4. Dahl

    ahah. I see what you did there x3

  5. Hatake

    Now I’m even more confused, this post is also tagged j/k. Does this mean that everything in this post is also the opposite of what you mean? So it was a joke that it was a joke, but then why would the j/k tags be under the previous posts? Also this j/k post says that the j/k’s under the previous posts mean joke but at the same time that would contradict the current j/k and……

  6. Sahgo

    @Hatake I think the joke is the boss battle thing. “How do I used arte”? Sheeesh, that just vaguely reminds me of that one little Spider-Man meme ( http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ZqEbotN0FgQ/ShTTXm63eyI/AAAAAAAABv8/kmrJvPNCv3s/s400/How+do+I+shot+web.jpg )

  7. mymom

    Use Shing,Hisui,and Beryl
    Then Keep spamming artes up front with Shing and blocking when needed
    And Beryl to spam water artes 🙂

  8. Flamfas

    Ah, that boss. I played as Innes, too. There’s this one arte (can’t name it, don’t read/write Japanese) that Innes has where she sorta does a knee upwards jump thing. If you can hit him with it while he’s in the air, you can juggle him for a good while. That’s what I did.

    And I also use Hisui instead of Kohak for healing. Hisui has Nurse. And then I set Kohak’s resurrection arte thing on the shortcut panel, so I can resurrect someone even if Hisui is down.

  9. Hatake


    I know. That was just me trying to be funny, and as always failing miserably :).

    I missed that spiderman meme though. When was that?

  10. RyuHiroshi

    It looks so strange to see a shield in place of 鋼.

    R.I.P. 鋼.

  11. Tyson

    Okay okay. I’ll help you (I’m an expert gamer I’ve been playing video games since last week.) First, your move set. Make sure all of your moves for Innes is her first move (you know the one, right? The one with the SMASH!!! thing?) Then, you set Kohak for spell blasting (fire is super effective, contrary to popular belief.) Kunzite can do nothing because he’s hopeless and a robot (he can be the main character of Tales of Hearts FES, but won’t be helpful here.)

    Okay, your team is set?

    Make sure you’re fully healed.
    Prepare for one hell of a battle.

    Also, I really like how this translation is shaping up. It’s a shame you didn’t show the arte or item menus in the video, but for what is shown, it’s pretty nice.

  12. KZie

    It’s obvious that you let yourself lose, lol.

    Well, I always use shing, kohak, and beryl. just spam shing’s crushing earth arte, and let beryl cast the aqua gate thing, always put hisui on the control panel with his nurse and the other arte that heals 70% of one members hp.

    aaaaanywaaaayyysss…. i’m already at Creed, can someone help me defeat him? damn his so tough, he changes element all the time…

  13. Sahgo

    @Hatake: Aww, I took a joke seriously again >_< Whyyy do I keep doing that…

  14. yalue

    I’m pretty sure he’s already doing that, for the most part.

  15. *Sigh*

    I guess the only way to make people here indentify a joke is to title the post “HEY, MORONS, THIS IS A F***ING JOKE!”

    I’m amazed no one told him how to use artes yet.

  16. Zero

    try a team consist of Beryl(main attacker, set it can only use water spell or you control it or set her to spam spell from far), Shing and also Kohaku as healer( best if you control her since she cant take much hit, jus spam heal from a far) or replace Kohaku with Hisui since he can heal and also use water spell. Although Innes is water type user but she cant take much hit( i dunno why) and Kunzite does not have advantage at this fight. Well this is my opinion, in the end it still up to you =D

  17. Chiro

    . . .its like your letting your team be killed on purpose. . .

  18. 1up

    …its likely you’re all too stupid to see this is just another silly joke of his.

    And BTW to use artes press and hold the power button.

  19. Wargly

    You’re on the right track, just keep running into his attacks over and over again and he’ll die in no time.

  20. bee

    I beat him pretty easely with Shing Hisui and Beryl

    Keep Hisuis as a total healer and pplay as beryl and have her spam that attack that you triwl around and it shoots water.
    Shing was My Canon fodder who would never die thanks to Hisui.

  21. 00seven

    lol that was one pathetic defeat.

  22. Tyson

    Oh! I guess Kaji’s just a terrible player then. I mean, he didn’t even get a chance to do much. That combo is a guaranteed win and yet…

  23. veigue

    my.. one of kaji jokes again…

  24. yalue

    Well, he’s probably just been unlucky. Maybe if he got in a few more stat buffs things would have been different.

  25. ShihiZu

    Thanks for the preview video. 🙂
    Looks pretty nice.

  26. Moonkey

    …Is it some way to tell us that he’s up to this part of the game in the translation, or is it “just” to show us how the subtitles and everything in battles are?

    ‘Cause if I remember correctly, this boss is one of the last we fight in the game… That would be nice, but whatever, wait and see, as they say. ^-^

  27. Tailisu10

    I see what you did there Kaji….

  28. u8312n008

    the jokes… they never end… they just never end!

  29. BreakTargets

    Dear Kajitani Eizan,


    …after Tales of Hearts is released.

    p.s. this is a lie

  30. xX† Doug †Xx™

    I think this video can help you


    or not. [?]

    And try level up, the boss is hiting 1/3 of your HP [Or Kohak defense or/and HP is really low.
    10~20 levels can solve the problem [?]

    Continue Spam Water arts for win!1!

  31. Mr. Person McMan

    To defeat the dragon:
    1. Have everyone stand right in front of it.
    2. Shout “FAT BEN MADE POOP!”
    3. ?????
    4. PROFIT!

  32. Raikage46

    It’s amazing that there are that many people that don’t really read your posts. You even said that it’s a joke and they still don’t get it…
    Well, thanks for doing this translation-thingy ^^

  33. 30084pm

    @Raikage46 I think its because people skimmed right through it. Usually if people say its a joke they say it at the end. But not K-E, he writes it in the middle of a wall of text that most people would tl;dr to.

  34. 30084pm

    and btw the use artes: delete your save file; take out your Tales of Heart card; throw it against the wall; step on it, dip it in water; order a new copy and; start again. Then press B to use artes.

  35. Inunah

    Looks good to me. Can’t wait.

    …But what if I prefer Majinken Fang? XD

  36. Ground

    What I did with this boss was use Shing (I know what you’re using, I just prefer this name), and arial combo him. Just set arial artes and try to get long strings of attacks in. If you have a flash card, using an actual DS would probably work better.

    And as well, if all else fails, grind, grind, grind.

  37. Bob

    Power-levelling is what I did in Legendia when it pulled lame stuff like that…

  38. Naridar

    Okay, seriously, first STOP REMOVING MY COMMENTS! It’s f…ing rude and offending.

    Second, don’t let your EG gauge stay in the red. It magnifies damage you receive.

    Third, use a life bottle with Kohak. You HAVE time, so you’re either clueless or joking (I’d bet on the latter).

  39. yalue

    For those who did not see what was going on in the video:
    He spammed stat buffs without attacking with Innes and attacked using fire artes with Kohaku until the very end. He then opens and closes the menu without selecting anything.
    Also, the enemy does so much damage, I wouldn’t be surprised if the difficulty was on mania.

  40. Bob

    Anyone wanna’ buy some viagra and condoms? lol Sorry Kaji, I couldn’t resist… I’m just kidding…

    Anyway, try using a different team… If he has a high offense use a team with multiple healers… Earlier on Hisui learns some pretty good healing artes, and with Amber using healing artes too all you need is to pick Innes, Kunzite, or Shing to be your main attacker… I haven’t fought this thing, but from what I can see having one person run recklessly into the beast while the other 2 members support him or her might work better than having 2 members rush at it and try to beat the tar out of it…

  41. Freeman

    Uhm…now,after more than an entire year writing,reading and visiting yuor site…I start understand you Eizan
    Maybe I was the most sad guy at the time of your first serious joke,when you said the translation project was deleted.
    Then,I start to read all your posts,together with all the other people in your forum,and I start understand something.
    Maybe what you’re trying to do with your jokes is to have a greater awareness of the desire of all those who wait for a patch, to see if attention to this wonderful game increases or decreases over time among his admirers.
    What I can tell you is that the expectation is high amongst ourselves, but believe me, nothing can distract us from looking for your updates, you may have seven years of Tales on your shoulders, but between us there are people who learned to love this series from the beginning.
    I’m sorry if I may have written offensive things in the last message, but … I was very pissed off … I think you can understand me, right?

  42. Tyson

    Just beat the boss the other day.
    Kaji, you’re so crazy~

  43. If you can cover your pOnOs with your thumb…

    [Apologies, but advertisements for Super Viagra are not permitted on this site. Thank you for your understanding!]

  44. Lawl

    @If you can cover your pOnOs with your thumb…

    Seriously, that was uncalled for

  45. Hyu

    What is a pOnOs? Sounds yummy.

  46. Hentailover

    “What is a pOnOs? Sounds yummy.”
    Obviously reference to that Fate/stay night doujin, but this is actually funny, since “ponos” is russian for “diarrhea”

  47. Put your ponos up to my vagooo and j-JAM IT IN!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist =P

  48. Xzibeet

    Haha Kajitani-Eizan saying he won’t drop the project?

    Yo dawg! He heard you like jokes, so he put a joke inside his joke so you can get fooled while you get fooled.

    Seriously, just drop this and announce a patch for another Tales. You know you will do it sooner or later.

  49. Totte95a

    Hehe you sneaky little bastard ;). i see watya did there

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