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  1. Yohko86

    Happy Holidays Kaji and to the rest of you also! Here’s hoping for a relaxing and pleasurable winter break!

  2. Mike

    Are you ever gonna update with something that’s not a joke?

  3. TouhouEien

    “Finally, her sheer force of will will allow her to kick logic to the curb and weave complex Psi Spells almost instantly.”

    >kick logic to the curb


  4. Freeman

    It’s about how?Two years? Three? Never a real update,never something that let us know how the patch goes,only traslated random battles and inutil posts.
    At least,tell us if you are gonna finish this traslation or not,I remember you that we are the colective,we have our english plots printed,togheter with skills skits items and sidequests already printed and ready to use,so please,show that we have only wasted our time,paper and ink!

  5. Rewritten


    Those “random battles and (insert whatever Greek word you have written here)” actually DO show how far the patch has come along. He has no obligation to make posts based on what you yourself define as “a real update”. Actually, he has no obligation to finish the patch at all.

    I can’t completely make out what the rest of your post is trying to convey, because it happens to be in possibly the most broken English I have ever read, but from what I can tell, you’re just asking for confirmation that he’ll finish the patch.

    As far as I’m concerned, the fact that he’s still providing us with posts to go over his decisions, the improvements that he’s made (or will make), as well as videos and screenshots that show what he’s done, I feel like he has every intention to finish the patch.

  6. mrbubbles

    a message from germany – sorry if its broken english, too 🙂

    reading all those “finish the patch!”-, “what progress is the patch?”-comments, i feel like i have to say something as well, which should be obvious and hopefully – for you kaji – is.

    starting this project, working on it in your sparetime, is great and i’d really love to finally play tales of hearts thanks to your work, but please don’t let yourself bother by those people putting preasure on you or complaining about anything. IF it comes, we all will be some really happy tales-fans, if it takes years, we will be happy in years. and if you never manage to finish it, thank you very very much for trying! 🙂

  7. Freeman

    So,this traslation? Ahaha
    In this forum there are only ruffians,begging,trying to let our king in peace,free of stress,because if we hurt his sensibility,maybe he will never finish this project that goes on by 1+1+1=3 years,am I right?
    So,all of you don’t have any need of this patch,right?
    He don’t have the right to trick us with his fake updates only because he’s doing this patch,only because he know we are waiting,I repeat for the people arrived yesterday ((Rewritten+mrbubbles)),we are here from 1+1+1 years;but I hope some of you know other fansub,other sites and their project and works to provide some kind of traslation patches to the people,as Tales of Graces.com ,or AbsoluteZero,or ((hope they are there again,someday)) Crimson Nocturnal ; all I’m trying to say is :if we are going to do something for someone,we must have respect for this someone.All we are asking by 1+1+1=3 years is some kind of proof of your actual progress,so reply if you can,but,as usual only the wrong people will reply with their words,you not.

  8. Freeman

    Good morning.
    Now I’d really like to see the face of all the stupid childish people telling me “Freeman,you are wrong,Kaji is good and he will do it for us,he will finish this traslation patch”.
    Nearly one hear,without any real update;Kaji,or how are you call your fucked self electronic ater ego,simply,honestly,FUCK OFF.
    I really wish someone will let you suffer what we have suffered from your jokes.
    Try to be a man ((we all know you are not a man,you are a reptilian,a grey visitors,a fucked E.T.)),take your responsibility and tell everyone what you must:I can’t do it,please excuse me.
    All the people here flamed me because they don’t know me,because they don’t share the same love for this game as I have,but I’m here,and I think I’m the last one here,where the fuck are you,templars of this fucked kaji?
    Such a stupid I am,I was thinking you could understand how we fell,but try to make you think it’s like asking a bear to shit in the toilet.
    Kaji,FUCK OFF

  9. The Freeman Collective XXX

    We,must admit we never learned how to use commas. Stupid childish teachers and their fucked books,always telling us we were wrong,crusading on with grammar this,grammar that,saying we not sense make.
    But a commas never stopped us,not never. We are back,and we are angry with the shit of bears fucking templars in Kaji’s alien toilet…
    1+1+1 years is too much times to be waiting,we waiting for too long,waiting too play game that we love more than anyone else. Too smart to learn Japanese are we,that stupid waste of time so Kaji,where is patch? No evidunce can we see,we deserve status bars like ever other patch sites.
    Kaji is evil torturing sack of SHIT,but we are great. Overcome we will the brain damage his fucked trolling has afflicted upon us,one day 1+1+1 years from now,for correct are we and wrong all others.
    Electronic Kaji could translate not into proper ENGLISH like ours,so never understand game we could any bounds.

  10. mrbubbles

    i love this website.

  11. Qaz

    It’s like Yoda used Google to translate from Wookiee language and posted here.

  12. Young_Link

    I’m realizing I keep coming here to check the comments, not the translation progress.
    So hilarious.

  13. Bob

    So very true… Obviously this is nothing more than a troll site… So I may as well stop coming here…

  14. Qaz

    ^ that’s doubtful. No one wants to come here, but that tiny light of hope the patch will be ready when you visit next is way too strong to resist. The urge to see a serious update is way too strong to be killed by the harsh fact that Kaji is a troll, and will never make a serious update.

    Stop coming here, I dare you. You won’t make it, no one will. If the patch is released this site will fall in forgetfulness just like Absolute Zero did and will remain until a new project starts. Until then, however, we are all doomed to keep coming here, daily; weekly; maybe monthly, but faithfully. Kaji knows that, I know that, and so do you.

    Resistance is futile.

  15. mrbubbles

    it’s just too funny watching all those arrogant people complaining about someone not using his sparetime the way they want. must have missed the official internet-guideline that forces someone who starts an online-project to finish or inform about it.
    i really do hope most of those “kaji sucks”-post are made by kaji himself 🙂

  16. Young_Link

    That’s why this is the best translation project website ever.

  17. Bob

    I’ve just come to doubt that the translation patch itself is a serious attempt and not just another of Kaji’s jokes…

  18. Angst

    I’m a japanese girl.

  19. rewritten

    hey guys


    am i kawaii


  20. Macho Yoko

    I’m a japanese transexual, am I hawaii?

  21. Raitzeno

    Xillia is coming. Yay!

    Hopefully we get this beforehand.

    You have until sometmie next year, Kaji. :p

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  23. Freeman

    I’m blessed by nature because I’m a futanari girl,maybe I should say an enormuos dotated futanari girl,always in search of a big,fat,innocent ass to destroy,and all the people here should be perfect for me: commas,stupid defender of this stupid kaji who are only stealing your time and your attention,all the people here who say I’m a troll because I insult kaji and because I say his job with this project is only to trick you all,all of this childish mass of childs shall be destroied by my drill.
    Now,stop this nonsense,don’t you see he only want to laugh reading youe reply?I think kaji feel some kind of pleasure doing this,giving us all a false hope to play this game,think only this: have he never give us all proof of his work?

  24. stalker

    freeman post = grammar fail

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