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  2. Xadjim

    Great 2 see an Update again 😀 Keep up your great work <3

  3. Lucas

    Hilarious update as usual. Will this only effect Anna or will Innes and Beryl also have this effect? (not sure about Beryl)

  4. Nick

    Requesting that whenever this happens to the males, the soundtrack switches to CRAWLING on a loop.

  5. Duplo

    I’m loving the update man, when I played through Hearts, I didn’t even know that the EG gauge was capable of doing such things. It certainly makes Kohaku a fiercer foe to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and I like that, because she can string some really nice combos. It’s just a shame that no matter what strategy you set her to, Kohaku did almost nothing but cast her spells. It’s certainly a cool technique for when I plan to control Kohaku in my second playthrough.

    By the way Kaji, or anyone that can answer me, why is it that Kohaku was renamed to Anna for this translation patch? Her name is prevalent to something in the later in the game, so I don’t really think renaming her would work if what she was named for was changed.

  6. Emil

    Update 😀
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Duplo

    Kaji, without revealing spoilers for reason as to Kohaku’s English name, is it possible you meant Amber instead of Anna?

  8. Max

    No you dumb fuck he was just trolling. 90% of the things he posts here is troll stuff, including the text bar, the “I’m dropping this project” messages, the name changes, the exclusivity of this patch for Vita, etc. WTF man, how gullible are you people? ¬¬

  9. Nem

    Pretty cool update. Have a good thanksgiving!

  10. Xnished

    yay….. good work!!!!!

  11. Whirlpool

    It astounds me how stupid some people on this sight are. They probably didn’t even notice that Emotional Meltdown Overdrive = E.M.O.

  12. angelXboy

    Wow!!! It’s amazing! I’m still looking forward to the completed game!

  13. PrettySure

    Trolls and counter-trolls.

  14. Angst

    Keep up the good work, Kaji.

  15. Coolio

    Good work, huh? Only if you mean at joking around because we have no actual info on the patch status, aside from some battle videos with those crazy mods.

    We’re still in the dark…

  16. Noctis

    Must play ToH in english soon, or, , I shall die..

  17. Sitcon

    ^Is that a promise?

  18. Angst


    Of course. Look at the progress he made, look at THE PROGRESS BAR! CAN YOU SEE IT??? CAN YOU SEE THE PROGRESS?!?!?!!?!?

  19. Coolio


  20. Angst

    I thought so.

  21. Coolio

    Come to think of it I come here every week but I don’t even know why. If he updates it’s going to be with a joke and I will still know nothing about the patch status. There are people that come daily, but what for? I might try to stop coming here and wait until the patch is released, but I problably won’t resist the urge to check this %$@*ing blog weekly.

    Dammit I wish I didn’t like this stupid game so much >=/

  22. Angst

    Hahahaha, I know exactly what you mean!
    But Im not angry at Kaji at all. I mean, even if he always jokes around and even if we don’t know how much progress he made – at least he’s doing it.

  23. ZeroSync

    I agree with Angst although a real progress bar would be nice. Thank you kaji so much for doing this you’re my hero.

  24. ZeroSync

    and sry for double post but happy thanksgiving everyone.

  25. orlando1210

    Oh, I would actually like an optional mode like that.

    It just sounds fun being able to spam spells like in Destiny R/DC, most spells are nearly useless in solos other than spell cancel.

    But overall I’d prefer the original experience I’ve done so far, duh. 😛 I actually wonder how long it took to program all that o_o

    I’ll be waiting for the next update :3

  26. Hazuki_87

    Thank You again! for the update, keep your good work Kajitani Eizan \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/

  27. ShihiZu

    Ahhh, I want to play this game so badly. Thanks for the update and especially the video.

  28. Zeen

    How do you pronounce Kajitani-Eizan?

  29. Rewritten

    idk i pronounce it like

    Kah jee tah nee

    Ay zahn

  30. Magoo

    I pronounce it “troll”.

  31. kysafen

    Am I the only one that thinks Kaji should KEEP the changes he makes from the original?

    Names aside, I seriously think these changes IMPROVE the game. Adding mechanics like these makes battles less repetitive, and as someone learning Japanese I’d LOVE to see the translator’s notes and how you interpreted each line/Arte.

    Also, your style is humorous and endearing, even IF a good bit of your followers are a bunch of fucktards. You’re a cool guy, Kaji.

  32. Angst

    I actually think that most of the changes are good, too. But the translator’s notes? Well..

  33. PrettySure

    You could just put it in the log.

  34. Naridar

    Or have an option to:

    – turn it on/off
    – display each line only once

    But I would like to see some progress (as in, percentage of what’s finished) for once. Joke posts and/or balance hacks are nice, but they aren’t the point of the translation.

  35. yalue

    Lol, nine years of tales. Congrats on that, I suppose!

  36. ZeroSync

    This translation would be an amazing christmas gift lol.

  37. kennerc

    I1m putting my bets on christmas too.
    Think about it, every two months we have an update, the last one might as well be “The update”.

  38. Nivea

    You know, it’s not like there’s no other months after christmas.. Could as well be next year and I think he has more important stuff to do like buying presents. 🙂

  39. Top

    Well, duh, everybody knows there will be other months and he has got a life, all it’s being said is the patch would be an awesome christmas gift. You should stop acting like every comment like theirs is somehow demanding the released is rushed.

  40. Angst


    No, there are no months after christmas, because of 2012.

  41. Z

    Nah man the world will only end in december/12. I doubt the patch will be finished by then but Kaji might release a longer demo before doomsday.

  42. Angst

    Oh crap, right. It was december/12. How could I forget the last day of my life.

    By the way, how do you think the world will end? I think an invisible planet from another dimension will crash the earth. Sounds pretty plausible to me.

  43. Wallwegee

    I think Barbatos will use World Destroyer on Earth.

  44. ZeroSync

    that is such a great prediction it has to be true.

  45. Ex

    Fuck off with this bullshit until you’ve released the patch, you unfunny cunt.

  46. ZeroSync

    We understand your impatience but you don’t have to be a complete asshole to the person who is making this patch FOR FREE.

  47. Xander

    Haha, I’m not sure if the defense is even necessary. I mean he’s been making these jokes so long now I very much doubt the douchebaggery gets to him.

    Between this and Steins;Gate at the moment I don’t know if I’ve wanted to see a translation project finished quite so much before.

    Maybe Policenauts.

  48. ZeroSync

    Lol true but still i think people need to be patient since he doesnt have a team or anything, its just him. I mean I’m super excited for this and appreciate everything he does and i am a little bit impatient but it doesnt mean i should insult him.

  49. Freeman

    It’s that time of the month,yeah,that time when we realize that another year has passed,without any real updates,without any sign of progress,with nothing else that J/K tagged pseudo “update post”,with only tricks.
    Another year has passed for everyone of us ((I’m the collective,remember?)),everyone of us visiting this site once a week,or more sometimes.
    “Keep up the good work”,or “great update”good work”,nah,you are only joking on us.
    Thanksgiving?I know someone who have to give you something…without thanks…eheh

  50. Crowley

    Seriously guys, I appreciate what you are trying to do but more information on your progress would be just as much appreciated.

    If you can’t or don’t want to keep going with this project please at least be honest about it so that someone else can take over for you.

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