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  1. Nova

    I’m pretty sure the last two posters are the same person but whatever.

    So you think there are people out there just waiting for Kaji to give up so they can start working on ToH? In case you don’t know Crimson Nocturnal is (was) the only group interested in translating Hearts, but the group ceased to exist thanks to people like you which don’t do anything at all to help in the project but, for some reason, think to have the right to demand things.

    Another year has passed for you, poor thing, that’s waiting for a free patch and keep coming here weekly wasting your precious time. Oh the pain you must be going through just to come here and see the progress bar hasn’t moved.

    But fear not, for I have the solution for your problem. Assume this project is a lie and stop wasting your time coming here. Or even better, go learn japanese and programming, that way you will not only be able to fully enjoy ToH but also start a translation project and show Kaji how it should be done.

    I just hope someday you can recover all the time Kaji stole from you.

  2. Angst


  3. ShihiZu

    Seriously – if you don’t like his work, then just play the Japanese version.

  4. Shimire

    Personally, I’m just waiting for the post where he tells us, this has been just one huge troll and he hasn’t actually translated anything but the things we see in the videos.

    But hoping that’s not the case. Cheers!

  5. rewritten

    naw he wouldn’t do that

    but if he does, he’ll probably be like, “guys this was all a joke so you can get out”

    and then like, the next day, he’ll release the patch saying that the post saying that it was a joke was actually a joke

    and then we find out that the patch he released is actually a joke

    then when people start complaining and stuff he says that everything really was a joke and that the post that had the joke patch was actually a joke and the original post before it stating that the project was a joke was actually true

    but then he’ll release the actual super srs patch the next day saying that the post before was a joke, the post with the joke patch was actually somewhat srs and the post before that was indeed a joke

    that made sense right

  6. Angst

    I laughed.

    But my Kaji would never do something like that. I believe in him.

  7. whatever

    oh god, this guy´s such a fucking troll… i miss absolute zero -.-

  8. Bob

    Sometimes Kaji’s jokes are a welcome relief but the whole PSV scare was NOT funny in the least… Seriously, I’d rather swallow one of my Skylanders than go through something like that again… In hindsight everything’s funny though… lol

  9. One

    It’s obvious most if not all of the last bitching posts were made by the same person, Angst, but with different nicknames. Just stop feeding the troll, why do you think Kaji doesn’t answer? Stop paying it attention and it will go away.

  10. One

    Jeez I meant Freeman, not Angst.

    Sorry Angst. =(

  11. Angst

    No problem, lol.

  12. PrettySure

    So… people actually believed that Kaji could port ToH to the PSV?

  13. Andu

    I’ve beaten Tales of Innocence and that was a very fail game in my opinion. It started good but then started been borong and repetitive. So I waited one zillion years to beat that piece of crap =/

    However, Tales of Herts seens much better (mainly if you cannot rotate de camera like Tekken)!

    I’m wainting another zillion years and a really hope this game is good or I won’t ever play another Tales Of Game =D

  14. GT

    Haven’t you heard thoughhim from Absolute Zero was hired by Namdai, who do you think is responsible for Tales of Innocence R? Kaji will follow the same path, TotH Director’s Cut will be on Vita thanks to him.

  15. Bob

    Sorry Kaji, but i still find it hard to believe that ANYONE, yourself included, would waste the necessary time to re-encode an entire game for a system nobody even has yet…

  16. rewritten


    are you srs

    my god


  17. Innerscope

    *revives rewritten*

  18. Aqua

    i love it

    people are so gullible i can’t stop laughing, oh god help what do i do

  19. Nem

    I’m always amazed at the retardness in the internet.

    Looking at the star wars: the old republic forums i learned that people will whine and complain over everything and nothing. Doesnt matter if its the most awesome product ever, some people just like living that way i suppose.

    Must be sad to be them.

    /cheers for Kaji

  20. Bob

    Oh go to hell… Unlike you morons I don’t support everything he does… I’m glad he’s making it, but if he’s being honest about this, which frankly I still think he’s yanking tail, it makes me REALLY unhappy that I’m gonna’ have to buy ANOTHER Sony waste-of-space just to play it…

  21. Angst

    Then just steal a PS Vita if you don’t want to buy it.

  22. rewritten


    >take stupidly obvious joke seriously
    >gets hints about it being a joke
    >calls us morons

    hey did you hear about how they found aliens in canada and they were carrying time machines in their ship

    ok im done

  23. PrettySure

    Hi Bob, I’m Joe. Arm Joe.

  24. ZeroSync

    Well we are morons since we are going to buy a vita for this game. Man i cant wait to play as Sieg.

  25. PrettySure

    Was that his name? I thought it was Fried.

  26. GT

    Bob posts here pretty often, he just uses different usernames which support/ agree with each other comments to look like a crowd is dumb enough to take Kaji’s trolling seriously. The user “That guy” does the same, though I’m not sure if he and Bob are the same fag.

    Actually there’s a lot of people here like him, and there were lots at Absolute Zero too. IMO Kaji should block the comments here and use only the board at AZ. I doubt whiny kids like Bob will take the trouble to create different e-mail accounts to do there what they do here.

    But then again Kaji and thoughhim deal with trolls’ bitching in completely different ways. AZ deleted and sometimes tried to be diplomatic with trolls but I doubt Eizan cares at all.

  27. ShihiZu

    Nah, he just trolls the trolls. It’s pretty fun.

  28. Bob

    @rewritten: Once again, go to hell…
    @GT: Don’t confuse me with yourself… Or assume to know everything about someone you’ve never met…

  29. rewritten

    omg rly

    oh wow bob i had no idea

    this is all so sudden

    of course ill marry you

    we’ll have our wedding on the vita’s launch day y/y

  30. PrettySure

    Pretty Cura.

  31. Innerscope

    It’s kind of unbelievable that the project’s not cancelled yet. Just look at the comments…

  32. Bob

    “Go to hell” statement retracted… It seems you’re the kind of person who antagonizes just to annoy… And I have better things to do than to be a “troll”… Something I don’t think GT would know anything about…

  33. ZeroSync

    @pretty sure maybe it was roy not sure i could look but i dont have the intelligence to figure that out.
    @rewritten i now must change my name to bob so we can get married. Can’t wait im so excited!!!!!!!

  34. Angst

    Omg I wanna marry someone too :/

  35. GT

    @ Bob

    Oh but I do know you have much better things to do, like moaning and bitching about the release date. And it’s obvious you are a very busy and important person, mister, since you come here a lot to waste time verifying if Kaji made an update worth your approval.

    Too bad I haven’t got a life like you do =( but I do hope you have a very happy marriage.

    Oh and I’m sorry if it looked like I was assuming to know everything about you. All I did was assume you characteristics made obvious by your whiny, annoying and trollish behavior here. My bad =(

  36. Aqua


  37. Bob

    @GT *puts up middle finger* If my behavior has been “trollish” it’s because you won’t just drop it… You HAVE to keep pushing me, I’m sorry that I was raised that if someone pushes, push back… I don’t agree with a lot of opinions here, but I do respect them… A lot of Kaji’s jokes I take in stride… But there’s one thing I can’t stand and that’s a know-it-all who thinks that because I’m a little quick to anger that I’m a “troll” and that suddenly he knows EVERYTHING about me… I never assumed to be so important, I already know MY opinion means jack-shit to Kaji…

  38. Bob

    Oh and one more thing, I don’t give a flying fuck about your marriage…

  39. Aqua

    but i wanted you to be my best man ):

  40. rewritten

    its ok bob

    also i want three children

    gt you can be best mang

  41. GT


    Why, thank you! It will be an honor.

    @ guy putting up middle finger

    Bob you must calm down, it’s not good for your health. You don’t want to let you 3 kids grow up without a dad, do you? Sending people, to hell, swearing, throwing middle fingers and you still say you are a “little” quick to anger. Haha, you’re such a modest bomb. And you even say you can respect opinions despite calling people “morons” because they disagreed with your comment. You’re a really funny pushy guy. Keep pushing. =D

    Oh and I hope it’s clear now I really don’t wanna pretend to know EVERYTHING about you, just stating what you little-quick-to-anger behavior makes obvious. Guess I did it again in my last comment, sorry about that. =(

  42. Aqua

    now now everyone, remember your blood pressures.

  43. Bob

    *sigh*Thank you… I’m glad someone broke that up… Stubborn idiots, especially guys like me, just keep going when they’re pissed off… I’ll apologize for my quick temper but if GT thinks I’ll apologize to him, he’ll be waiting a long time…

  44. Bob

    Looking back this was a stupid argument and I was being a bit of a bully, I’ll apologize for that as well… Growing up people treated me like trash and it’s taking me a long time to get over the mentality that everywhere I go people will pick on me for no apparent reason… People change, I’ll get over that way of thinking someday… Still no apology for GT though…

  45. GT

    Ah but it saddens me you take my words for some kind of bullying. Who said anything about apologies? I’m just glad you calmed down and put that middle finger to rest.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  46. ZeroSync

    I’m glad this is over too it must have been all the marriage in one day. The power of love is much stronger than hate. Flower power FTW lol.

    Merry Christmas to everyone also or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa if you celebrate either of those. =)

  47. Solo

    What? Its over? =( No problems though, I will take all of these posts and write a novel about it. I swear it will be the next Densha Otoko.

    Kaji, I hope you have a hilarious update in store for this week, or at least amusing enough so the comments can be hilarious.

    Merry Xmas everyone!

  48. BuM!

    hahhahaha i just love sarcasm, especialy when one of the involved dsnt get it…
    happy holidays and shit

  49. Bob

    Please don’t… It’s embarrassing…

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