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  1. Shing

    I’m looking forward to your wonderful English patch
    Release it as quick as possible

  2. weasel

    only thing i’m noting is the name misspelling:
    Xing needs to be Shing, and Zeks i’d personally make into Zex or Zachs (those were the closest names myself and another would get for him, Zex sunded closer…but Zeks works given the pronunciation)

    so far its looking good though πŸ™‚

  3. Renries

    nice patch tried it a month ago~too bad you didn’t allow the load option~XD well it is a DEMO patch hehehehe good work btw ^_^ keep up the good job..can’t w8 to play it in english ^w^

  4. FreudianLemur

    @ weasel: Go read the readme. Then you’ll see you are a SILLY PERSON!

  5. valmo

    thanks for that wonderfull patch,but i have a question this patch its only for the anime version or it work for 3d too??

  6. Carnivol

    @Weasel: I’m in the Zechs/Zeks camp. I’d probably avoid Zex.

    @valmo: Almost sure the readme mentions it. Anyway, I think Kaji’s said that the final will be done for both the CG and Anime edition of the game. As they both (unfortunately) are only really different in the FMV department (so they only really require different FMV subtitle scripts ‘n’ timing)

  7. TheColdOne

    Awesome work! Very fun so far, got to the second town and stopped since I can’t move forward -_-

    And kept an RTS save file right outside of town in case I feel like messing around and getting materials from monsters. Keep up the good work guys! Definitely something I admire since I know no coding whatsoever.

  8. nix

    congratulations for the releases of the demo guys… i can’t play it yet… lost my transfer card…. heheh anyway… hope you finish it with out to much problems… and thank you for doing this project…. been a fan of tales since i was a kid… well more power to you guys…

  9. sang_omega

    e~to~ let me ask something.. is the manual control mode is available from the start or it need item to obtain?

  10. amanda

    this is so awesome ^^

  11. DarthShrimp

    @sang_omega : I think, but I’m really not sure, that the manual mode is acquired through soma evolve, like a lot of things.

  12. kevin

    when the full version of the translation patch will be release? I really want to play the full game..
    really2 thx for your hard work

  13. Sampras87

    Fantastic Patch guysss very very good work!! greetings!!!

  14. Carnivol

    @kevin: I believe it’s too early to give any form for accurate ETA, but I suppose what you’ve seen in the demo should be a clear indication of how well things are progressing!

    “When it’s done!”

  15. talesmeister

    @Kajitani – Eizan Team
    mmm….after looking at your demo screenshots……I think it’s a little bit too much if you subtittled what they say after the battle….but i guess it’s okay if everyone likes it.

  16. FreudianLemur

    If they’re following in Absolute Zero’s footsteps (it was their hacker, Kingcom, who created the subtitle coding) then you should be able to turn them off. But that’s no guarantee that Kajitani will be doing the same thing.

  17. amanda

    well seems absolutezero gave a day for there game πŸ™‚

  18. weasel


    what readme?

    i was merely going based ont eh vid i saw, i’ve not tried the demo myself….

  19. talesmeister

    Taken from the readme:


    Since there would predictably be much bellyaching about the characters’
    names, a selection option has been provided. For those not in the know, the
    official Japanese English spellings for the characters’ names are Shing,
    Kohak, and Hisui. Personally, I think these are silly, and without going into
    the reasons why, the defaults in this project are Xing, Kohaku, and Hisui.
    You can change characters’ names yourself once they properly join your party,
    but before then, you may prefer other names.
    If you prefer the original Japanese English (i.e. Engrish) names, hold R
    as you start a New Game or enter the Museum. This will activate the Rocarized
    default names, meaning that your characters will start out being named Shing,
    Kohak, and Hisui. If you would prefer a more localized flair, hold L instead
    for the Localized option, which will provide names that might have been used
    had this been an official localization project: Xing, Amber, and Jaden.

  20. weasel


    cool thanks πŸ™‚
    that actually sounds pretty spiffy like that if they can keep those options in the full thing too!

  21. Shadow-Elite

    Thank you very much.

    Seriously, OUTSTANDING job. I honestly hope you can stick with it until the end of the game.

  22. Cloudi

    Maan,i Love you for this patch! πŸ˜€

  23. Adriel

    Just found your site through Google, well anyways… I’m not much a big of a fan of the Tales series though I liked Abyss, however I keep hearing how good this game is so I decided to search for an English patch and here I am and just in time for a demo too! Now I can try out the game for myself as well!

    Although it might have to wait, I’m not too keen on using that XDelta converter thing… actually it’s my first try on using a patch… and I still need to download the Japanese ROM… But thanks anyways, I’ll try it later….

    Good luck on your project!

  24. amanda

    just wish more people help translate this game even if i knew 100% JP i be helping non stop maybe a game company see the work and hire us

  25. Yuu

    Is there any release date for the full version? *-*
    Waiting for a answer XD
    Good works =D

  26. Ilkner

    I am Brazilian and I want to thank you for translating this great game, keep it up, do not give up and good luck.

  27. amanda

    any news on Kajitani-Eizan ?

  28. Jasmine

    Great job! Its really good
    Thank you so much ^_^
    Cant wait for the final release

  29. Jasmine

    Like everyone else here I too am wondering when the final release date is, I know that what you are doing probably isn’t easy so great job!
    I really want to continue playing the game.

  30. amanda

    did that other guy really finish translating the whole game items and first chapter forgot his name nexo something meaning u just gotta touch the rest of the other chapters ?

  31. Joe

    Amazing work…I was so hoping to play this in English!

    Would there be an option to turn the JP voices off in the final version? I don’t know why but i always get distracted with it speaking in another language.

  32. Joe

    Glad you have the customization working in the game i thought it wouldn’t work on the title but it is only a demo and so far seems to be very polished. :)!
    And the actual JP voices with English text took me a while but am used to it now and prefer the voices lol

  33. Phoenix

    JP voices are always better, so whenever I can I play the versions undub

  34. HarleyIZ

    wish you goodluck on translating
    Thank a lots

  35. 123asd

    update plz

  36. Gba/nds roms - Page 11

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  37. Cloud

    very good patch

    that day will leave

  38. vincentbonbon

    heloooooooooo.. is there anyone live here? it seems this blog is abandoned. ~_~

  39. g

    I’m alive. Yeah, srsly. An update would be nice. Even if it was just that no progress has been made.

  40. Oaklee

    Thank you so much for bringing this to us ^^
    Can’t wait for the next patch ^^

    Love u guys!!!

  41. 1

    It is unfortunate that every other group drops their work on this patch in favor of someone who never updates…

  42. K-E K-E K-E

    GO K-E, GO K-E, Everyone in the world waitin you…

  43. amanda

    so no new info =( i love to play the game haft way 50%

  44. vincentbonbon

    need help?

  45. X

    Your Work is Fantastic :”D
    Perfect, YAY!

  46. Rod

    One question that I hope it’s not rude: do you guys have plans of keep releasing subsequent patches that go all the way to X spot (like, say, DarthNemesis’ Soma Bringer trans), or are you probably going to wait until you have a decent 1.0 version to release the game, like the Mother 3 and Tales of Innocence patches?

    It’s just that I personally wouldn’t mind having the game come out in small doses, or even a menu patch with saving enabled… I don’t have much time these days, so playing small chunks sporadically is easier to me than playing a lot in a single turn. I’m aware this sounds selfish, but I believe some other people in a similar situation would also support this idea… even though I can also see the reasons of why you guys would rather hold it out.

    Thank you for the attention, and good luck on the project.

  47. Asbel

    Sorry, I just discovered this fabulous project you are dealing with. I would like to know when you have started it, and if you think it will be released for next year

    I really apreciate all the people in this project since they give as a very big opportunity to all tales fans.

  48. Will

    This is great! you’ve been very professional in your work, and I always will be greatfull, to see this perfect patch finished, congratulations KAJITANI – EIZAN

  49. Paladin14

    Rock on, dude. You don’t know how much I appreciate the work you’re doing ^^

  50. Ghaleon

    Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job!
    I’m dying to play this gamje fully translated, keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

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