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  1. Anon

    @Gary: I don’t understand how it isn’t obvious what system the game is on from the screenshots.
    Is there any other system that would produce such tall screenshots?
    Likewise, a 2 second Google/Wiki search would’ve told you what system with fewer words typed than asking here, apparently several times.
    Literally, first result using “Tales of Hearts” in Google, don’t even need to click the link.
    “Tales of Hearts (テむルズγ‚ͺブハーツ, Teiruzu obu Hātsu) is the eleventh mothership title in the Tales series exclusively for the Nintendo DS”
    Took all of 2 seconds.
    I don’t mean to bash you, but I think your anger/frustration is misplaced here.

  2. Lila


    Sorry, my bad. ^^; The prompt wasn’t going away, and I wasn’t aware that was normal. I didn’t find any actual bugs, I guess.

    Again, best of luck! *cheers*

  3. Stranno

    I’ve made a video of entire gameplay, enjoy πŸ˜€


  4. Phoenix

    great work waiting for the patch CG Edition

  5. Brian

    Everyone point and laugh at me because I didn’t read the readme!

  6. Farlight

    Amazing work and excellent demo! Very professional localization! I very much look foward to the completed work. Left me drooling for more πŸ™‚ Best of luck to the team and their continued efforts! You all are heroes to english speaking Tales fans.

  7. Moonkey

    Huh, I don’t get it… After I patched the rom… Where is my new patched rom ? Am I just stupid ? I can’t find it anywhere on my pc… =o

  8. Airylwings

    O_O This is soo cool πŸ˜€

  9. Ankoku

    What I found weird is that there was a typo in the heroine’s name. Although the official site wrote “Kohak”, the katakana “コハク” is pronounced as Kohaku. It’s funny that how they missed out on the u.

  10. Acsis

    So I put the patch and the clean rom into the patcher, rename the output file as blahblah.nds, throw it into my sd card and all I get a frozen blank screen.

  11. homogenized

    Are you allowing it to create a save file on the card? I first opted to not have the card create a save file since loading was disabled in the game and got the blank screen, but when I tried again and allowed the file to be created it worked fine. The game had still had to detect and initialize the save memory even though it wasn’t going to be loadable.

  12. Acsis

    ^Yeah this solved it. Boy do I feel ridiculous.

  13. Hanasaku

    Hey Kaji, I have a question for you. Is the patched ToH file size is smaller than the original ToH file?

    And I tried to play the game with Emulator (just to check if it works). It does nothing, ‘ve tried to click Select to use Subtitles in FMV and it doesn’t work.

  14. Keraban

    Yay! This demo was perfect XD Now i’m more curious with the ret of the game :B

  15. Hanasaku

    @Kaji: Err, nevermind. I think the patched size would be bigger so I used the unpatched one instead. Anyways, this translation is great! Can’t wait to see the full translation, keep it up! πŸ˜€

  16. Skitch

    Thanks for the patch! It’s amazingly professional I applaud you. I just wish I could load saves to at least use as a menu patch past where you’ve translated.

    Also, is there any chance of going back to ND2 and ND3 after you finish ToH?

  17. heru47

    great demo,
    hope, the full patch finished soon…
    btw, did any1 has d translation guide for this…

  18. Hiro


    I am certain that leaving the u out of Kohak’s name was intentional (Well, as intentional as silly official romanizations get).

    Because, you see, ku in Japanese is one of those syllables where the vowel is normally silent.

  19. Blackkat

    Well, it’s not really specifically the “u” in “ku” that is left silent in Japanese, there are just many cases when a word ends with an “u” in the last syllable that it may be silent.

    As far as Kohaku/Kohak’s name, in official artwork for the game in Japan and in a couple of the official trailers for the game, there have been instances where the character’s names are writen in romanji. It happens to be spelt Kohak in those trailers even though it’s pronounced Kohaku. So yes, it is correct, though saying Kohaku is just fine as that would be a direct translation of the characters.

    Anywho, I’m just rambling here, so just ignore me =>.<=

  20. verboten999

    Nice, I’m really glad that the project continues. Have a blast working on it, mate πŸ™‚ a very, very good job

  21. DarthShrimp

    Namco have a habit of using weird romanizations for their characters’ names. Just look at ToI’s names, I don’t even know which ones we were supposed to use. Asras/Asura ? Matthias/Martius ?

    And anyway, you can always change the spelling yourself in the menus, so just use what you think fits best ;).

  22. EDGEuser

    Just thought I’d drop by and say the patch is compatible with EDGE and iEDGE flashcarts, works perfectly.

    Now that a lot of people have had chance to it should be easy to compile a list of flashcarts that work and don’t work – I imagine the patch works like the AbsoluteZero patch, changing the CRC header, thus if the rom is patched on the fly when loaded by the flashcart it won’t recognize it if the CRC header is different. With the ToI patch flashcarts reported to work are AceKard, CycloDS and R4,, obviously I’m not sure though as I don’t know how the patch works and how the ToI one works may be totally irrelevant.

    Might as well say it while I’m here… the demo was bloody brilliant, nice work πŸ™‚

  23. Sogeking

    Just Brillant ! I pray for the full version to come asap !

    Thanks a lot for this god created translation !!

  24. Calvin

    If I had just read the readme or the first few sentences of the post on which I am commenting, I wouldn’t have needed to comment at all! Now I just feel silly!

  25. Renries

    WOW!!! I LOve The patch ^_^
    can’t w8 for the full version~
    Keep it up~ganbatte kudasai~ ^w^

  26. Kira

    if i play this demo, when another comes out will it be possible to continue playing from where i left?

  27. Phoenix

    very good loved the patch, sorry that’s not to play more (and I know a demo) but only to have the items already helped a lot. anxiously waiting for another to keep up playing. SORRY MY ENGLISH

  28. FallenLegacy

    Amazing Demo!
    I was about to cry when I got to Cynus and it was in Japanese, ha ha.
    I can’t wait for the real release. Keep it up!

  29. Kira

    Just like Kaji, I am perplexed as to why all these people seem incapable of reading the post or the readme! It’s not like that big wall o’ text up there could POSSIBLY contain useful information, or that file that’s called a “readme” and is named “readme.txt” that is both linked separately in the post above and included in the patch release .zip file could POSSIBLY contain any useful information! I mean, *I* sure read the readme before commenting! I wasn’t one of the guys whose post was edited into a mocking message by Kaji, nosiree!

  30. dood

    Do you intend to release future patches like the Saga 2 project (they did release a patch when they completed a world right ?) meaning releasing it by chapters (what is ToH definition of a chapter, a big boss fight ?).

    Anyway with Innocence released in the next month or 2 (or maybe next year who knows how long the beta is πŸ˜› ) it won’t be necessary to rush out to put out any patches (which will mostly be demanded by impatient ungrateful brats), keep on the good

  31. Kikyo52

    I tried the patch, but I keep getting this error that says xdelta3: source file too short: XD3_INTERNAL. What exactly does this mean?

  32. Sae

    Good luck on this, and don’t follow in the steps of failtasian productions (hiatus, pffft, more like dead).

    See this project to the end.

  33. Calvin

    What was the point of disabling the ability to load the games data? o_O Just asking.

  34. Kikyo52

    Okay, I managed to patch it. But when I tried to play, it does this utilzing save data error. What do I do to fix that? Since it’s a demo, and your not suppose to save. Does this patch not work on no$gba?

  35. Phoenix

    @Kikyo52:works on no$gba. so if you want to load, use the DeSmuME sstates

  36. yurifoi

    Hey guys. I’ve been following Absolute Zero’s project all along since its beginnings. They’ve just started beta testing. But suddenly they announce that you were working on Tales of Hearts too, and that your translation is almost done! Man, I couldn’t believe it!! This will be a double translation combo for me!
    When do you think you’ll finish your work? It’s awesome!

  37. Kikyo52

    @Phoenix: Thanks. I finally got it to work.

    Amazing work done guys. It’s very professionally done, and we can change the names for those who just want Kohak instead of Kohaku. Keep up the good work! How far in translation are you in the game? Like, at what part?

  38. zig

    It’s amazing!
    I’m dying to use Beryl’s special move ‘Pricess of mermaiden’!
    it’s a demo afterall just like you said so I can’t
    anyway, it’s a really great keep it up!

  39. ikarus7


    Really a professional work!! Coulden`t stop unless the demo-version was over!! really great work!!

  40. coffee_chad

    Too bad I didn’t bother to read the readme!

  41. Thon

    Too bad I didn’t bother to read the readme!

  42. Thon

    Damn, i have read Readme but i guess i missed couple phrases. Now i understood thax, will try on Anime version.

  43. chad

    the hell?

    i swear something’s broken on the download..or maybe its just on my part..

    i just cant open the xdelta..i already downloaded it a few times and all of it seems to fail when i open xdelta..help plz

  44. Zellvish

    Yo /o/

    I’m brazilian
    But also accurate ToH English to play …
    The kanji are too uptight to have fun and understand everything …

    Kaji …
    You would have to high a projected date of the final result to ToH? = /
    The two years he still got on Japa …

    You making a heroic job!

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