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  1. Excellentnuke

    Is this all that is translated so far? Just wondering πŸ˜›

  2. StorMyu

    I want to see the battle subs <3

    GG for you and for Kingcom ^^

  3. Crowmeister

    Excellent work! Looks great. Thank Kajitani and Kingcom, I’m gonna play it right away

  4. FreudianLemur

    Maybe I’m a distrustful person, but you posted this so close to the first of April that I’m getting suspicious. But I’m still gonna try it. Thanks!

  5. Zooz

    Awesome! I think it’s so cool you’re releasing a demo.. I would only want to try out an incomplete patch anyway, not keep playing πŸ˜›
    Keep up the incredible work!!

  6. Kefir

    Oh man this is amazing
    I just wish the translation would cover a bit more of the game :(:(
    Keep up the good work!!

  7. Dahl

    Aw well, it’s a shame the saves are disabled ( no grinding for the full release for meh ). Still a impeccable work, very professional.

  8. Bras

    Seriously!? Is this a april’s fool joke?

  9. Weiz

    Contrary to Absolute-Zero’s April’s Fool Joke … this is the real deal, Bras.

  10. Crowmeister

    Weee, just played the first 30 minutes
    Excellent work Kaji and KC! It all looks great; the subtitles in the movies, the translation of the skits, the menus, the attacks, etc!

    If your intent was to tease us with a patch then you’ve succeeded.
    *Goes off to find a donate button*

  11. happy_tester

    um…i’m always getting “target windows checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT” error. what does it means ? πŸ™

  12. Zappa

    Nice Kaji ^^

  13. Auroraknight

    Kaji I absolutely love the demo. Its so well written and smooth. I’m hoping you get the more popular fanbase than CN. The demo is amazing πŸ˜€

  14. Fly

    ItΒ΄s really good but I think you could remove the timer because then itΒ΄s more enjoyable and I think itΒ΄s also better when we can load and save the game. (I know that it is a demo)
    But I donΒ΄t know if you think the same way.

  15. Anne Noise

    Looking incredible, cant’ wait for the full patch!

  16. scomic55

    Thanks a lot for the demo, its looking really great.

    Out of interest, how far along is the patch now? Sorry if asking this is a faux pas btw

  17. happy_tester

    i see, thanks anyway for this great patch πŸ˜€ , hope you will finish it soon ^^

  18. Mimi

    Uhm, I tried downloading the demo and it won’t work. πŸ™ I don’t understand what’s going on. I tried going to the link to figure out how to use xdelta for the patch, but when I click download, a page pops up with all the numbering like ToI was like. I don’t know much about patching, either, so I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks.

  19. Mimi

    Oh, never mind. My brother helped me. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  20. bee

    Hey this is awsome.
    But…. and please dont flame me for this…. but Since Crimson Nocturnal has already been working on a ToH english patch, why not colab with them on it? i mean they have practacly all of the non story related text translated…..so it would be eassyer?

    ( also please dotn comment on my spelling. English is not my first language and im dislexic So pelase dont =__=;;; )

  21. Ace

    Woah! you (bee) have dislexia sorry about that πŸ™

  22. Deegos

    Amazing! that’s all I have to say!
    Congratulations for your great work!

  23. PurpleLite

    The demo was amazing! I have to play the rest of this game! Please finish the patch one day, the story is great so far.

  24. HiagoX

    It looks pretty good.

    Thank you for the hard work you guys have been doing.

  25. Kysafen

    F*cking awesomesauce. You’re the best, Kaji!

  26. Sahgo

    My fine sir, you have my deepest compliments. The demo was an incredibly polished piece of work – good grammar, good editing, and good translation choices. I think I say for everyone here that I really hope you can keep the project until the end, because the result so far is damn awesome!

  27. DarthShrimp

    I know I’m not the first one to say that, and I hope I won’t be the last one, but thanks a lot for your hard work Kaji. I was already really hyped for this game (partially because it has some of my favorite Japanese VA in it), but that demo patch was the icing on the cake. Thank God you didn’t pull an “absolute zero” on us πŸ˜‰ (don’t take me wrong, their work is awesome too, but that april’s fool joke was really mean)

  28. Ryouma

    @bee: I think Kajitani started this patch in secret long before Crimson Nocturnal did.
    Even if he didn’t, collabing at this point would be a huge headache for both groups. You’d have to sort out which translation style to stick with, retranslate things, sort out all the hacking already done, figure out what was done by each side and what wasn’t. It’d just be one heck of a headache.

    Besides, I think a small team gives a more unified end product anyway.

  29. Korassu

    The game looks great so far, and im sure ill be impatiently waiting for a full release in the future. The only problem i had with this is in the beginning with the text boxless text, it seemed like every other word was captialized, i know its not a huge deal, but i couldnt help being slightly annoyed, and thinking “i hope the rest of this game isnt like this”.

  30. Fabre

    Comparing this demo and the Crimson Nocturnal videos, I prefer this translation. Other than the new line capitals from the opening and the awkward text in Xings house (it looked awkward to me…can’t explain why) everything is looking great. Looks like this is one translation worth waiting for.

  31. Hikoru

    Very nice, Kaijtani-Eizan!

  32. dood

    Needs more Spiria.

  33. BlueKingdom

    Hi, my name is BlueKingdom, and I didn’t bother to read the readme despite Kaji telling me to several times. Who knows, maybe this time I will do so before asking a question? πŸ˜›

  34. Tynami

    Wahoo~! Seeing this makes me so happy! No offense, I’m a big tales fan and all but… the other two DS tales games aren’t as appealing to me as this one… I guess it’s just that 2D works so much better in the DS’ case. This brings me hope, that one day I’ll be able to play this awesome game from beginning to end!

  35. Garmin

    Awesome demo! Can’t wait to see what happens in the story. It gets interesting once you know what they’re saying haha. Andd can’t wait to see the finished version of the patch. Good work!

  36. some_guy

    Yeye! Thanks so much πŸ˜€
    Just wondering how much is done overall?
    Sorry if this shouldn’t be asked or anything; I’m just so used to looking at the percentages all the translators post ><

  37. gukid

    This actually make me kind of happy that Namco decided to not localize this game. What you guys have done looks far better than what I would have expected from them. (Plus the voices for sure won’t be mucked up!).

  38. BlackCatNino

    Finally. A Tales game for me to play on my DS. Thanks for taking the time and effort to translate a masterpiece we may never experience and enjoy. Can’t wait for the full release. Keep up the good work!

  39. Chris

    Amazing. Thanks for all the hard work, ill be looking forward to the completion.

  40. Lila

    The demo was absolutely fantastic. I really can’t wait until the final release. I did encounter one thing, and I’m sorry if this has been mentioned and I missed it, but one particular skit kept triggering over and over for me. Right after you leave the village, the skit about going to the next town keeps starting up. It’s not really a big deal, and I don’t know if it’s happened to anyone else, but I figured I’d share.

    Anyway, thanks again and best of luck on the final release.

  41. Ashtear

    Wow. Just… wow. I didn’t even know this game existed, found out because of this patch release. It looks nice! Can’t wait to play it (and understand it)!

  42. Clou

    Really thanks for Kajitani and Kingcom (>w<)<3
    I can't tell you ho happy I'm now really thanks, thanks, thanks.
    ToH it's the of my fav tales series. I will always waiting for the real patch.

  43. Gary

    what system does this work on, and why do you delete questions about why you dont list ANYWHERE (nor do the trans news sites) except in the txt files what system its on, guess i do know what system, but this is really the only way to get this answered and be “on target” enough to get the answer to that without it being deleted?

  44. Crowmeister

    @Kaji, now that you have Crimon’s work, would it be possible, that after assessing what you currently have, you’d make an update with percentages?

    @Gary, what do you mean on what system this is on? You can patch the game on any system I suppose but using Windows with XDelta would be easiest.

    Ontopic. I finished the demo yesterday, it was a lot of fun. I felt like playing a well localized game. And mind you, the DS has some awfully localized games. So having a great one like this would be great

  45. Gary

    @Crowmeister someones been deleting my questions so i had to add that so its “informative” enough for them to keep from deleting it and possibly get answer to the other. Personally i find that frustrating enough to ask some of the translation sites, to force them to edit their well thought out (but perhaps deliberately? done omissions) submissions or at least require a bit more detail before they accept more from them.

    system meaning the console/game system/etc..luckily its a game i can play (And would want to) but how would i know that without it being listed anywhere on said things πŸ˜‰

    as aside i like the looks of the changes theyve done πŸ™‚

  46. Inunah

    I am disappoint in the lack of saving and full game.

  47. Gary

    @Kajitani-Eizan okay since it needs to be rephrased three times: why is the news submitted with this wasteful/deceptive aspect in its lacking the system, and why additionally is it NOT on this page (only in txt file) and obviously i read the txt file….so shifting it to my supposed aversion is silly

    is there any reason to avoid having two (ds) t0 three letters (nds) for that on these pages and news after all the effort put into these?

    and i changed the name and email…so they(you?) wouldn’t just delete it before looking at it again, after someone suggested that..yes i am talking about it with either other people who are aware of what i am posting and the replies that show up.

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