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  1. anon

    “the Rocarized option” Excellent humor, mister! *round of applause*

  2. DuskShark

    Sweet, dude.

  3. Fly

    when are you going to release a menu patch?
    And good work!

  4. StorMyu

    Hi Kajitani-Eizan
    I was wondering: If you use one of the option at the New gamefor the name, will it change the subtitle in the video ?
    And if yes, after Name change (in the menu) Will it change too ?

  5. StorMyu

    One question again ^^
    Why do not use the actual “real” name of the character as default ?
    I mean, when you change country you don’t change your name…


    Just look at the Character section… it’s Shing Meteoryte, Hisui Hearts and Kohak Hearts
    I understand people have preference but like you said you can always change it.

    It’s Just my opinion though =)

  6. Carnivol

    @StorMyu: Japanese + so called “official romanization” isn’t exactly what I’d consider a reliable source for anything, but general reference, when you’re dealing with names.

    As for people “changing names” when changing countries… in some cases, you actually kinda do. I usually use Queen Elizabeth I of England as a sample, as it’s a perfect sample of how the name of a renowned historical figure may differ between languages. In English it’s just Elizabeth I of England, in Norwegian it’s Elisabeth I av England (s instead of z) and in Spanish it’s Isabel I de Inglaterra.

    Of course, in more recent times, this isn’t as common as it used to be… Take Abraham Lincoln; his name’s mostly the same in all regions, although the Italians may use Abramo instead of Abraham.

    Anyway, the names found on the JP website are in the patch too. I believe Kaji mentions them in the portion about starting a new game with the R button pressed (Rocarization names von nihongo superialis!)

  7. StorMyu

    Yeah sure.

    and i see i was just thinking of it ^^

  8. Kysafen

    In the off chance you ARE doing dubbing, please email me. I’d L-O-V-E to audition for Hisui!

  9. LGameTales

    lol, I had the idea of naming Kohak to Amber too.

  10. Ryoumaz

    “Kohak” is a pretty garbage romanization anyway. Always take “official” romanization with a grain of salt.
    Like in SRW where the “official” romanization of the Shirogane is…something ridiculous like Shilowugane or something along those lines.

  11. Sieg

    Xing and Amber sounds fine for me, but Jaden? wth yu-gi-oh much? hisui doesnt deserve that even though his weapons looks like duel disks lol

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