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  1. Arn

    I can say, this patch is just awesome! All things is perfect! 🙂

    Thanks for you too Kaji, for the karaoke in OP.

    Now, its your time in the Tales of Hearts! Hahahahahaha! xD

    Prepare yourself, caz will rain peoples here after today! D:

  2. Death

    I’m very excited! I’ve been playing it for a good 2 hours 😀 But how about some news on Tales of Hearts? Its been months since we got an update…

  3. amanda

    yea i like a patch at least 50% of hearts translated so i can be able to enjoy the coliseum fighting guy =)

  4. Crowmeister

    I’d say take your time on ToH because we’ll be occupied with ToI for a long time!
    Though an update won’t hurt 😉

  5. microsnitch

    I’m watching this site for updates for some quite time together with Absolute Zero’s site. Didn’t knew KAJITANI-EIZAN would be part of the beta phase for ToI. Good work!

    Hope to get some ToH update soon. 🙂

  6. wildarms

    Yeah! this is wonderfull!, the game is looking great x_x and i wish you guys here working for tales of hearts enjoy doing this as much as they did!, i will be waiting to check your work out! Thanks a lot

  7. Avenue

    Congrats to Absolute Zero!

    Best of luck with your Hearts project! n_n

  8. Hyo

    Haha I didn’t read the readme just to see how to apply the patch. It was interesting to see the message the staff wrote in there… I already thanked them before playing the game itself, and I must thank again after starting playing, because they really did an impressive work over there… I really hope to say these same words to you guys in the future, so I will stay tuned for every update you guys do here! Thanks Absolute Zero and thanks in advance, Kajitani 😀

    PS.: Heeyy, I don’t know, but I think a update talking about how the progress is going would be great, uh? Like hmmm “everything is going ok, guys, don’t worry”, haha this would be nice!

  9. sense

    great people always bring great stuffs
    thanks you guys ^^

  10. Giga_Gaia

    Thanks to AbsoluteZero

    Now, I just hope Tales of Hearts doesn’t end up like your two other projects and can be finished, because this game is awesome, better then Innocence.

    I heard it was because you didn’t have any staff members to help on last project, I hope you have help this time (I heard from CN that you actually do this time tho).

  11. dongs

    Love the ToI translation. Also, I agree with everyone saying you guys should update us on the progress of ToH. Of course, no one should expect it to be released this month or even the next, but if you neglect to inform everyone about the translation’s completion, people will start to lose interest and the project will die.

  12. Carnivol


    Although a public update would be nice, I don’t think public interest and updates are of any actual relevance to the life and death of a fan translation / hobby project.

    Unless a project is solely fueled by public demand and little to no actual self-interest in the subject. Which tends to be the saddest form for projects out there.

  13. happy_tester

    yeah, the translations was realy good:D

    now while we played innocence, we pray that this “hearts” project will be like “innocence” project XD

    just look how happy the fans when the patch is out LOL, and i could say the same if tales of hearts patch out too next time 😀

  14. PurpleLite

    I heard about this heart project originally from AZ, so i’ve already thanked them for the patch.
    Hopefully your patch will be just as great. I dont mind the wait, but an update would be nice.

  15. amanda

    yea i don’t want people to lose interest on this awesome rpg tales of hearts is a master piece . please keep us inform whats ur %

  16. Shinintendo

    I thanked them. such a superb job.
    Any update on your project :D?

  17. Tales fan !

    Great release from AZ Trans !

    And there i’m asking where are we going with this great project ?

    Your first patch was obviously a great success and since then everybody interested in the Tales Universe is waiting to see if they can believe that once again a miracle may occurs !

    I hope so and bring you my most sincere friendship from France !

    Go for it Kajitani San 🙂

  18. Shin

    Kaji, don’t mind yourself with updates. Just take your time translating ToH. Do it with your heart and take all the time you need.

    I am just glad that you are translating. Really thanks.

  19. chip211

    yes finally the translation is finished and the game is now playable for us nonjapanese speakers

    but also

    im really looking foward to it !

  20. HOHOH

    Hohoho.. i hope you release the final patch of ToH tomorrow.. thank you..

  21. verboten999

    I have to thank you for your contribution in the ToI project Kajitani Eizan. It was a patch of high quality level. Thank you 😀

  22. Solo

    Thank you for contributing to ToI’s excellent patch.

    Hope everything on your ToH project goes well and here’s to wishing your project is more like AZ’s and less like PP’s.

  23. amanda

    hows is it going with the patch guys?

  24. flamesoul

    The ToI Patch is a great thing. I also have to say good luck on your Hearts translation. I finally got around to playing you demo and I have to say I was very impressed with your work. Great job may you have smooth sailing till the end.

  25. breogan80

    I completed Tales of Innocence in 28h 48min and the patch is perfect!!! I also have to say good luck on your Hearts translation too.

  26. boo_shoe

    Thanks for the Awesome Translation man! I really appreciate it! Can’t wait for the Tales of Hearts too.

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