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  1. Bob

    Awesome! Tales of Hearts translation project! And ThroughHim is helping? That’s great! I will wait patiently, in the meantime though I have AbsoluteZero’s Tales of Innocence localization to play… Along with my imported Tales of Vs. and Tales of Rebirth (if only I could understand it)… Oh and HeartGold and SoulSilver…

    BTW, if anyone is seeking to connect I have yet to figure that out…

  2. Aetheus

    Great news. The free publicity could also nab you potential volunteers for the project, if you needed any. Although, come to think of it, this translation is a solo project, ainnit? Still, if you require any assistance (and I regret to inform that the only kind I could provide would be image editing), give a shout out.

  3. BassForever


    Apparently the dedicated translator from Crimson Nocturnal who was working on Tales of Hearts has joined Kaji’s project since CK dropped their ToH translation

  4. Aetheus

    I heard of Crimson Nocturnal discontinuing their translation (came from TVtropes), but I had no idea that the translator was still continuing his/her work. With the extra pair of hands working on the translation, I reckon progress is coming along rather quicker than before, eh? To the dedicated team working on translating this: good luck and god speed.

  5. iGneusX

    This really is a GOOD NEWS. Currently I’m really enjoying Tales of Innocence to the fullest and got super-addicted to it that I don’t even bother to eat my favourite cheesecake >.>

    I really wanted to give my thanks to throughhim413 for ToI english translation. I hope you guys will take your time and do you best.

    Ganbare! >.<

  6. amanda

    yes finaly =)

  7. chip

    nice , good luck with the translation !

  8. breogan80

    I completed Tales of Innocence in 28h 48min and the patch is perfect!!! I also have to say good luck on your Hearts translation too.

  9. boo_shoe

    YES! Can’t wait for this. Keep up the Great Work Guys!

  10. amanda

    bring us more update !

  11. roy

    [edited by kaji: NO, you cannot beg for ROMs here. don’t make me repeat myself a third time.]

  12. KidIcarus

    am I dreaming?
    this gonna be great

  13. amanda

    people are pathetic asking for ROMS here if they know how to patch the game they should know how to seek roms

  14. Aetheus

    @roy: Here’s a tip: Google’s your friend. Or you could, ya know, buy the game and rip off the ROM yourself. That’s fine too.

  15. breogan80

    Which is approximately the state of translation in percentage?

  16. amanda


  17. rpglover

    Maybe this is a silly question but has anyone played through the tales of heart and they can give me their opinion about it. Right now, I’m playing through tales of innocence but I had to go to gamefaqs and find out what controls do what in the game. I felt a little lost because I didn’t know what events were optional such as guild tasks. In that way, when your translating tales of heart, is it possible to provide a manual for gameplay, because the instructions from any imports are in japanese and since I can’t read japanese. I don’t know how to play the game until I go to sites like gamefaqs where people played through the game and made a guide in english.

  18. X

    You can learn the controls by trial and error, if you can’t do that it’s simply because you are plain stupid.

  19. Asbel

    Hi! When do you think the pach will be finished??
    I just discovered this project, and wanted to know.

    Thanks! keep the hard work, it’s an awesome game I have always wanted to play

  20. Aetheus

    I doubt that there is a fixed estimate for when the patch will be released, so further questioning is a bit pointless. Still, anything to keep the activity up around this place, eh?

  21. Clesstan

    Hey guys. This is really awsome. I wish you the Best of luck in this project!
    Am still enjoying Innocence ^^
    Thank you for your hard work!

  22. Seya

    It’s amazing how naive you people are. She’s not going to finish this patch, she never concludes anything she starts. Enjoy the demo as much as you can, because that’s all you are going to get from her.

  23. Aetheus

    … And I doubt comments like that will help her along to actually getting it done. Translating ain’t quiet as easy or as fun as you’d expect it to be – its all fun and well to read a novel, but try translating it to another language. And lets face it, big time companies like Natsume take years to release localized games like Harvest Moon – and they have a dedicated translation team and all the funding that said team would ever acquire. Meanwhile, fan translators have day jobs, obligations and other hobbies IRL. Even Absolute Zero Translation took a few years to get their TOI patch out, and quiet a number of people worked on it.

  24. LeongKC

    Can you hear that sound in the air? Its the glorious music of people face palming themselves.

  25. Heishirozero

    Lolz. I wish you all good luck on this project and I hope you could all update us whenever you can. Tales of Heart is my fav DS Tales game, and I can’t wait to play it in English.

  26. pharaonx

    Awesome, i can`t wait to play Tales of Hearts. I have play, until my pc had some problems…, Tales of the Abyss and I love it. I think this game envolve me and make me know the “Tales of” world.

    I am actually playing Tales of Innocence, meanwhile i wait for to play Tales of Hearts.

    Any news about the progress it`ll be well receive.

    I am studying English now (Intermediate III) and i hope you can let me know if i can help with the proyect, if i have enough time. I am a University Student.

    Tks to the team for their work and i wish you the best Regrets from Perú,

  27. Renries

    whoooaah! ok that is definitely good news guys!! Love it♥
    Now we just have to wait a little bit more ^^
    A Great work can’t be rushed after all.

    Good luck with the translations
    we all know that it’s not easy after all.

  28. Andy

    please let me know if the full version of the patch has done….
    thx b4 guys…^^

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