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  1. Arn

    “After some debate, we decided that, despite our pact of secrecy, we could pull away the veil a bit and release a tidbit of information: We’re done up through at least the second town! Yay!”

    Now that was just mean.

  2. LeonRulez

    This ^ is what i was just thinking lol

  3. 8427t8

    after so many years and its only up to second town???!!! are u kidding me?

  4. X

    If you are already on the second town, your doing it wrong. You need to slow down the pace and do it right. May I suggest scrapping your current work and rewriting?

  5. BigAl

    Wow, second town? Talk about a rush job. I agree with Mr. X. If you go any faster you’re going to have a mess of a translation on your hands. Just sayin’.

  6. ochu

    guys, what are you talking about? the patch was released several months ago. just pay more attention to his posts. what he’s addressing now is most likely that bug from the second town. it was kinda annoying but still not game-breaking. but then again, thank you Kajitani-Eizan for this new version of your wonderful patch! the less bugs the better…

    (also, don’t tell me you STILL don’t see the patch link. it’s not even that well-hidden this time)

  7. StahnMan2

    to Ochu: What patch?

  8. LeonRulez

    ^ i agree with Stahn Man tell us Ochu

  9. Confused

    That’s great! How many towns there are?

  10. Ex

    Holy shit fuck off.

  11. fihar

    Have to agree with you on Rowen, the guy is just simply amazing.
    Not just the English dubbing, I’m also quite fond of the actual character. The Tales Studio does seem to have a knack for writing older men, Raven, Malik and Rowen just to name a few.

    I just met Gaius for the first time but I’m liking Xillia so far. Likeable protagonists, more mature treatment of characters, better sidequest tracking, Xillia is definitely a better game than Graces F overall.

  12. LeonRulez


  13. LeonRulez

    so @Kaji will you make a release post

  14. Hahaha

    lol thanks for the info ochu
    Great work Kajitani-Eizan, now I can play ToH after all

  15. Altair

    evidently ochu is the most observant of us all

  16. Zero 7x

    Can somebody clue me in here?

  17. Zero 7x

    I still cant find it

  18. StahnMan2

    Apparently some kinda new patch is around so check the most recent posts guys. I managed to find the last one everyone was stuck on so I can find it again I suppose.

  19. LeonRulez

    can you tell me where Stahn Man2

  20. ruteegald10000

    Looks like you’re keeping these commentors on their toes as usual, Kaji and gang~

  21. Hahaha

    lol lol
    Damn, I shouldn’t post that comment before.
    Oh well, what’s done is done.
    Just wait for the release post everyone, while I already finished the game by then

  22. StahnMan2

    To Leon Rulez: This new patch found by Ochu i haven’t found yet if you read my post it said the earlier patch the one that has you playing through the Volcano level. I will find it though!

  23. Leon Rulez

    i will too eventually lol

  24. StahnMan2`

    good luck my friend

  25. Leviathain

    Well, I’ve checked all over for this patch implied by Ochu. I even check the first Demo patch zip file, though sadly, I have yet to find anything I haven’t already found. Which is to say, the first demo patch, and the volcano demo patch. If there truly is a full patch about, with a 2nd town bug, I’d very much like to find it. I’ve read and reread to many posts here already today, so the search is over for now. If its hidden there Kaji, and you hinted at, the hint went over my head, good job.

  26. Leon Rulez

    Same here

  27. Hahaha

    Stop searching the posts already guys, there isn’t a new patch in there.
    There will be no patch for the original ToH version, just a half-baked TC that he wanted to make only.
    I’m quite disappointed, I followed this site since the first demo released and hoping this project will go smoothly just because the first patch looks good.
    I just don’t understand some people whom don’t like to state the current status of the project (well, some of them became dead projects though)
    Fiuh, I feel refreshed now lol

  28. StahnMan2

    Ochu mentioned something about a patch several months ago. A clue about earlier posts? Idk but Kaji’s the man for translating this game for us. Still your #1 supporter!

  29. Hahaha

    Don’t bother with the patch, you still have to wait till the final patch to finish the game anyway.
    Even a menu and item translation patch is already good for me if I can play it till the end, not just in first town, second town, third town, etc.

  30. Leviathain

    I’ve been watching this site for some time. I was very happy to find some years back that Hearts was being translated, and patched. So trolling aside, and even though its taking a long time to finish. I personally am still happy. I know at the end, I will be greeted with a solid piece of work, so Kaji’s trolling doesn’t bother me at all, I actually find it rather refreshing. Keep up the good work team(seriously is it team Kaji? Team Jacob? Oh an Edward fan?) Team Edward go! lol

  31. AstralAqua

    yes, we do indeed root for Edward Elric, just not here since alchemy is (likely) not involved in the translation of japanese to english

  32. Tempest Tales

    Haja Juujisei is localized as Obliteration Cross. It’s surprising.

  33. BassForever

    Why can’t Jude be naive about bazongas? It’s not like it’s completely an unheard of trope in anime to have a really book smart character be naive about things that should be obvious.

  34. angelXboy

    Ahaha….2nd…town…AHAHAHA…I really hope…that means…that you are actually further than that….but you went back to fix some critical bug…yeah! That’s what Kaji is doing! AHAHAHA! YES!

  35. Leviathain

    For all anyone knows, by 2nd town he could mean, up to the 2nd town in the final sweep of the patch before its released. So for now, the only choice we have is to preform a black magick ritual to discern the truth behinds Kajis comment. Anyone got a rams skull and some virgin blood?

  36. Hahaha

    Menus Translation, after 2nd town the menus back to japanese.
    Items Translation, after 2nd town the items list found after it still in japanese.
    Skills Translation, after 2nd town the skills learned will be in japanese (Better leveling faster to get all the skills before 2nd town)
    Characters and Places name, after 2nd town the new characters and places name still in japanese.
    Conversation, after 2nd town the chats will be in japanese.
    That’s what I caught from his comment.

  37. Leviathain

    Hahaha. A lot of that comment couldn’t actually be true. As skills, items and such are not tied with story progress. Plot items would be, but other such items would be handled in a different part of the coding. So what you though, can not possible be true. Coding in regards to story progression wouldn’t make any sense. If they adapted that approach, then this translation could take another 3 years. Makes far more sense to translate by type and listing. So anytime the item is called to code, the in turn translated text would be brought. Seems that would be a much better approach to translation. As far as storyline is concerned. Sadly there wouldn’t be any such shortcuts.

  38. Hahaha

    Sadly that’s what I think what they were doing right now, looking at the speed of their works. Or they simply don’t have the time to spare at all for doing this project, which makes this project just a BS.
    But looking at the videos they have posted (don’t know they were edited or not), I think they (at least the one posting) have the time to spare.

    This is what I assumed of their current status:
    Menus — 99%
    Ougis — 99%
    Items — 99%
    Character and Places — 99%
    Story — 99%

    I think there are no news about localization of ToHR

  39. 815a

    hideo baba already confirm it many times that he said no english version on tales of games vita!! thats include tohr and toir(watever)!!
    go import your damn japanese version of TOHR if u want since its 100% and definitely not gonna be localized!!
    u guys better give the project to absolute zero translations group if u guys don’t plan or no time to release this patch!

  40. Leviathain

    Hideo Baba said “there are “currently” no plans to localize the Tales Vita titles” He never said it would never happen, just that the Vita isn’t really taking off, so localization of the titles wouldn’t amount to much. Its all business. If the Vita starts to sell much better, there would then be far more reason for a localization for the Vita Tales of titles. So instead of acting like its hopeless…Go buy a Vita. Thats how we get official localized Titles for it. Supply and Demand…Its the first rule of business.

  41. Hahaha

    Finally got a respond, then I better add this:
    Skit — 10%
    Library — 15%
    Debugging — 10%

    My percentages should be right except for the story part, since in your 2nd demo everything was translated (well, if it wasn’t just a TC )

  42. aytoqyeto

    sorry bro, already have a vita and damn regret it
    vita is doomed to be failed even sony themself said it! :

  43. Leviathain

    @Kaji- Well buying a Vita hoping only for that small chance is pretty stupid. Though, eventually, they will properly hack the Vita, just as the PSP was, and it will be open to fan translations of many titles that never hit the states. Just because the hacking community has been hitting brick walls with their Vita hacking, doesn’t mean everyone will give up. Someone will get it eventually.

  44. Project Annoucements

    […] The stuff he’s put into his Translator’s Cut is crazy and awesome. Some people have ironically been giving Kaji a hard time when the fault really lies with me, so please redirect all complaints about slowness to me in the […]

  45. AstralAqua
  46. Altair

    translation is moving too fast for me

  47. Hahaha

    Does that mean this project translated per town, or just left the conversation texts that need to be translated?
    So that’s why Kaji have a lot of time doing his TC.

  48. Minohoro


    They can’t just give up on the vita now! We still need Tempest!

    WE STIIL NEED TEMPEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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