56 responses to “Kangaroo Returns: Tales of Xillia 2013”

  1. Leviathain

    They would need to remake everything about Tempest to make it work as an R title on the Vita. The story needs a fix, the maps need more places, the game needs to be extended greatly, they need to add Skits, add more side quests, add a cameo battle, add extras, the battle style would be fixed fine with the R system they have been using. So to round it all up, everything about Tempest needs to be changed to make it work…

  2. Minohoro

    I’m sure that if Namco works hard enough, it can, at the very least be decent.

    Plus, IMO, I think they are absolute masters when it comes to expanding a story. One look at Destiny R and Narikiri Dungeon X is proof enough for me.

  3. Bebop Buhdoobop

    “We’re done up through at least the second town! Yay!”
    i.e. “We’ve progressed to a point that is possibly far beyond the second town – maybe near the end of the game, even – given the fact that we’ve at least progressed past it.”
    Based on this they could be almost anywhere in terms of progress, so.. well played.

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