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  1. ochu

    hahaha, Kajitani-Eizan, you are a funny one! we (well, those of us who found a hidden link to a full patch in your previous post) noticed these changes, all right! btw, i’ve already finished the game and going through the second play-through right now.

  2. ygor leal

    Kajitani-Eizan im really gratefull you are translating tales of hearts i look forward to this project

  3. BigAl

    Good call, I always hate when those kinds of details get thrown to the back of the sentence rather than in the order you would speak it. Who the heck would ever say “I bought tomatoes, four.” that is just really awkward.

  4. Dcolg

    Darn you Ochu. You have no idea, NO IDEA how long I spent looking at the previous post because of you. :p this post almost made me go back and check again

  5. ali

    Isnt it just a demo patch?

  6. Desmond

    Nice to read some actual info for a change, I look forward to the final patch.

  7. Michael

    You are not just translating the game, also you are improving in giving a high-quality patch. Surely this will be one of the best works of this kind when it will be finished.

  8. Kysafen

    So did you write an algorithm for the use of “a” and “an”, like “if item quantity=1 AND item name’s first letter = “a” OR “e” OR “i” OR “o” OR “u” , then use “an”, else use “a””?

    Or did you have to go across each item individually and specified them whether to use “a” or “an” manually?

  9. Kysafen

    Jeez, how many items were there, and how long did it take you?

  10. Crowmeister

    Wow, never imagined that a hacker had to deal with stuff like that….
    I assumed that most of the work was just extracting text and hacking text-images back in.
    Nice read.

    I’ve been playing Tales of Xillia since I received it on Friday. I’m hooked on the new DR-LMBS. I love switching up characters AND their partners, yay more replay-value.
    And to add a playable character is also pretty sweet. Looks to me though that Millia is the protagonist and Jude is just a doctor, this is her story not his. Maybe the Namco thought the Tales audience wasn’t ready for a female protagonist?

  11. mps

    I agree that Millia is the main protagonist, although the other playable characters are protagonists to a lesser extent. It certainly is her story, and I do wish that the story was focused on one character … it would of given Namco more time to polish and flesh out the rest of the game. However, I think the game is a lot of fun, waaaay better than Graces. Look forward to Xillia 2 next year.

  12. derper

    This is awesome. I can only imagine how much work this could have given you.

    Looking forward to this amazing patch, which will lead us further in the list of Tales of we can actually understand haha.

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Kirijo

    Holy crap, I’m am as usual quite impressed with the lengths that are being taken for this patch. How many programmers do you have working on these types of enhancements?

  14. S

    Why everyone says that this game is the ” Symphonia of the handhelds”?..

    BTW i have symphonia and is the best tales ever. Took me 3 months and 80 hours to finish it.

  15. Grif 2005

    Wow. I see that there is a lot of work in this translation. i wonder how far you guys are in Percentages. i see the Progress Bar but i just wonder how much of the game is done in percentages. i still have Phantasia, Symphonia AND Graces F to complete. But having a 2nd translated DS Tales of game would be pretty nice to have so i can play it before going to sleep

  16. Leviathain

    Actually this would make the 3rd and final DS Tales game translated, as both Innocence and Tempest have been completed. Hearts is the final one till DS is off the list of untranslated Tales titles.

  17. LORD

    hope the complete translation release soon before i fucking sell my ds nyahahah!!

  18. Rizzo

    Hi there! I’ve been keeping up with this translation project for a long while now, and I get the feeling you are finally nearing the finish line on this one ^.^
    Anyway, I eagerly await the final translation. Innocence was beast, so im sure Hearts will be no different! Im praying for a speedy finish. 🙂

  19. Leviathain

    What would be great is if they edited in Trololo to play a couple seconds into the intro animation, and left it untranslated, then released the actual patch a couple days later. 🙂 The rage, I can see it, would be a beautiful thing.

  20. WHAT?

    HOOLY Damn, that would be Perfect, But i think that a Ds Rom can’t handle that.

  21. Releasing

    in 7 months….

  22. 73tq

    nope, releasing in 50 years later..

  23. Ganymede

    @Leviathain: actually, there are four Tales games on the DS.
    Keroro RPG was released after Tales of Heart and it has essentially the same battle system, and even some locations from ToP. It’s essentially a (re-branded) improved Tales of Hearts.
    Unfortunately there’s no interest in this game in the translation scene. Found the text and images and it’s definitely editable, but without translators I doubt this would be of any use (just like with the Ninokuni DS project)

  24. Leviathain

    Keroro isn’t a Tales of game. Its a Sgt. Frog game. Just because it has Tales of quality, doesn’t make it a Tales title…so there are only 3 as far as official Tales lineup is concerned.

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