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  1. Brolol

    Lol this one was pretty funny

  2. StahnMan

    At least now we know there alive.

  3. Raitzeno

    This isn’t nearly as trolly as Kaji’s usual shit, ‘boring’ tag notwithstanding. Did the site get hacked?

  4. Young_Link

    This one doesn’t have the J/K tag, so… is it actually true? I’m not sure anymore.
    Anyway, thanks Kaji.

  5. ochu

    ooooh Kajitani! that was really clever AND evil – to release a complete patch and hide it like that!!! no matter, i found it, and all the other readers can do this too! thank you soooo much (it was a bit too long though), Tales of Hearts is great!

  6. Tidasa

    Did Kajitani release the full patch or is this just a demo patch?

  7. BigAl

    I’m glad you’re not dead.

  8. Noroi

    Desu desu. desu desu.

    That said, ochu calling this a “complete patch” is a big misleading. It’s a complete demo patch, so.. yeah.

  9. BigAl

    “There are no other hidden patches or anything like that.”

    Somehow, I don’t believe you. I WILL find an obscurely hidden link and I WILL enjoy it!

  10. Aqua

    just as an off-hand comment, you wouldn’t happen to be into League of Legends would you? o: (i only ask because of the obvious plug to /that/ Janna at the end of the post, lmfao)

    on-topic though, always good to hear from you occasionally, even if i usually only lurk here and typically post once a year here, hah. real-life can suck sometimes, especially when you’re left with little to no free-time or time to work on other things :<

  11. Kysafen

    “Additionally, did anyone find Jadenite’s second Combination Blaster/Mystic Arte (which I will hereafter refer to as a “higher EMOhgee”)?”

    Lol, subtlety. At least you’re not TOTALLY spelling it out for us.

  12. Nem

    Hmm i got as far as meeting those two new characters in the forest. Its was what 3 hours into tempest? lol
    Yeah its a weak one. Besides i just got a PS3 and Tales of Graces f so its unlikely i will go back to it.

  13. Leviathain

    I beat Tempest completely. Even cleared the very boring extra dungeon. I enjoyed what little there was to enjoy in the game. Every boss battle was bland, the spell system was crap, …I dont think I need to mention the graphics. All in all, its a horrible game, but I was still thrilled to be able to play Tempest in English. Never thought I’d have the chance. So on that small note, I liked it. I didn’t like anything else. :3

  14. Noroi

    Tales of the Tempest… I was feeling a bit self-destructive and beat it in two days. It was basically like washing dishes for 12 hours straight without any of the real-world impact or satisfaction. Completionist syndrome was the only reason I finished it 🙁

  15. blablafoof

    Wait wait kaji, you are going tooo fast.
    I don’t think the first hundred illiterate people found the first patch yet.

  16. Nem

    I know not everyone is a fan of the remakes, but here is your chance to plead for the Vita remakes. Sony asked fans wich JRPG’s they want to be localised:


  17. Zzz

    Started from the bottom.
    Now we’re here.

  18. Sndragon

    I don’t quite get the translation process. I thought the game’s translated script is available, right? http://vesperia.livejournal.com/340739.html
    You also got the menu translated, as seen in the demo. So what else do you have to do? Side quests?
    Just wondering :s .

  19. ToHR

    It’s their project, so I think they won’t use other’s translation script.

  20. Sndragon

    Real life kicking in and stuff should hurt more than putting one more name in the “Translator” list though 🙁 .
    Well, it’s just me talking about efficiency :v …

  21. Soma cruz

    too bad the progress bar is in th same position like the last 2 years… i guess i will have to play it with faqs , because looks like the Full translation patch will never came out.. Let`s face it!!!.


  22. Aqua

    but it did change position! you didn’t see it move to the right?

  23. The Grammar Nazi

    The level of English proficiency that people occasionally comment with here is amazing. “Will never . . . came out.” Good luck reading that FAQ, sir.

  24. Soma Cruz

    Yeah, Aqua, that`s an amazing progress, the bar is now to the right, but, for what purpose?.

    Patch will come out in 2015 or 2020.

  25. ToHR

    I believe the patch will be released before 2014. Assuming there is no localization for ToHR

  26. Aqua

    well, you only commented on how the progress bar didn’t change position, i only pointed out the contrary in my response.

  27. Tarun

    How do I use a patched file on a Vita?

  28. Barrylocke

    Tarun, you know this is for the DS version, right?

  29. 30f6


    In response to your PS on Tempest:

    I beat the game and then went back to do the EX dungeon.

  30. kalecgos

    this pacth is make?

  31. kalecgos

    i want play this game in english

  32. Sullivan

    Yes, this patch is make. But you haev to travel to futur to get it.

  33. Confused

    So…for the people who have the power to understand when Kaji is trolling or telling the truth… It is true that he is also modifying the game? I mean, not only translating it, also changing things to the gameplay and etc? Thanks.

  34. Confused

    Well, I’m easily confused, Thanks.

  35. Suggest

    How about giving this project to other teams if you can’t release it?

  36. Arn

    Who said he can’t release it? O.o

  37. Tales in 2015

    […] I’m honestly still not sure. Maybe I trolled a little too hard that time? Anyway, as I hinted at repeatedly, Hisui indeed does have a new High Ohgee (or, “Mystic Arte”, as […]

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