38 responses to “Announcing a New Project: Tales of the Tempest!”

  1. OLHearts

    Obvious joke is… too obvious XD

  2. Orsted

    W-Wait…what? I thought this was a joke, but I tried the patch anyway because I was curious. AND IT’S REAL?

  3. Hazuki_87

    April 1st guys!!!

  4. HyperWeapon

    Aw man… I was expecting an actual serious post for once.

  5. Koinzell

    The sad thing is that most people won’t even download the patch because they think it’s a joke.

    Thanks for this!

  6. Tempest Tales

    April fool?

  7. fallen zero

    I don’t know what i find funnier, the fact that people wont take you seriously or the fact that the game was actually translated

  8. Kysafen

    The joke is that a patch got released… but it’s for one of the worst Tales games out there. Or maybe the joke is Tempest itself?

  9. shinserph

    After reading that readme, I don’t want to play this game…

  10. minohoro

    Kaji, I would appreciate it if you played Hearts R before you bash it. I haven’t played it but you don’t see me badmouthing it, and you shouldn’t either.

    not trying to be rude of course, just saying. 🙂

  11. minohoro

    give me an example please.

  12. BigAl

    Uh… thanks?

  13. ToHR

    Looks like a good game…
    Translate this please…

  14. Michael

    Even if this is a joke, I hope this one would be translated also 🙂

  15. Microhard

    That’s by far the worst Tales in existence and I’m pretty sure it will forever be the worst ever. Namdai would have to try pretty hard to screw up that bad again.

  16. Rhodes

    Nice April Fool’s, is a shame but i doubt that someone will translate tempest one day, the game isn’t a very good of the Tales Saga, but isn’t that bad either.

  17. Leviathain

    Absolute Zero released Tempest patch just today. Even for an April Fools joke, I’m still very happy to be able to play this game in English.

  18. OLHearts

    Wait, announced and then immediately released by AZ? o_o;

  19. Sahgo


    Just like PP’s Tales of Phantasia! I get it now!

  20. Sndragon

    I don’t believe I put more concentration judging your posts than reading books xD .

  21. Rhodes

    lol. The patch is real, nice april fools again.

  22. Michael

    Well, so the patch is real and done. I just can thank you and the rest of the translation staff for the suffering gotten through this adventure 🙂

  23. lol okay

    But Absolute Zero already came out with the patch @_@

  24. Yo

    Calibri be sick bruzza, your ‘foo not be strong enough for da FOOLS.

    Back next year imma wanna be seeing da ace in kajitani-TROLLFACE m’kay?

  25. Leviathain

    Absolute Zero may have already released the patch for Tempest, but if you go over and read the post about it. Kaji assisted in the completion of the Tempest patch. So he isn’t actually completely joking about a new project…just that it was finished by the time he announced it. Still, good going KE, and AZ. Cant wait for Hearts, then the DS Tales collection will be complete.

  26. Nem

    So… well i want to thank you guys for this “joke”. I have actually been playing it a bit. Its not super by any means, but i did enjoy the initial plot more than the kiddy rucca on innocence. I might actually finish it eventually.

  27. minohoro

    So I read your e-mail and while I think that you did bring up a lot of good points, I think there’s something we are all forgetting here: these aren’t remakes, they are REIMAGININGS.

    like destiny and innocence R, this a new take on the story and it isn’t bound to the originals story. In short, Hearts R isn’t Hearts, It’s Hearts R. The original still exists and so does the the R version so we can look at both as there own entities.

    Again not starting a fight, just giving my own 2 cents. have a good day kaji! 🙂

  28. minohoro

    Well, it looks like you got me in a bad spot.

    I will admit that these new add ons were poorly handled, but still…. they are add ons, its kind of hard to incorparate them well in a story like this.

    still I need to remind you one thing about the story: It aint the entire game. in the end the game is at its heart (ha-ha) a fun RPG with likable characters and a (supposedly) good battle system. I can understand that you’re annoyed by the new badly done descisions in the story but with everything else in the game, how could it ruin the rest of the experience?

    I’ll get this and Innocence R in september so hopefully I can tell you how they are. Hopefully Tempest R will do a better job with it’s source material while also enhancing it.

    Anyway I have to ask, has Kouli been showing the games skits? How are they?

  29. LORD

    dude! i saw it on DICASTIA site and they already release the full translated version of this game!!

  30. HeroOfGames16

    Which game? Tales of Innocence, yeah I’ve seen that one on DICASTIA, but it still hasn’t notified any sort of fan translation of Tempest or Hearts (well, Tempest has one now, but you know… if THERE IS already a fan translated version of Hearts already… then, I really wonder who has worked on it then — but yeah, a hoax).

  31. Noroi

    Well… that was a nightmare.
    As terribly boring, dull, and simplistic as the game is, despite the fact that it was basically a 10.5 hour chore with no real-world payoff, that weird OCD gotta-beat-this-game feeling kicked in and forced me to complete it. I should’ve heeded the advice in the readme. 🙁

    At least I know how much the game sucks now though, I guess. All I could think of when the credits rolled was how much it would suck to be someone on that list.

  32. LORD

    no i mean the complete translation of tales of tempest game already release on dicastia site

  33. wtf

    Why are you translating a new game when you have not finished your last projects? are you dumb? or just stupid?

  34. Leviathain

    @wtf. Tempest is already translated. You must have missed that point. It was a joint project with AZ. Also, since Tempest is so short, it didnt take them very long to Translate it. Why are you even complaining that now only Hearts for the DS remains to be in English. That should be good news if you’re actually a Tales of fan.

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