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  1. tyson

    scamco has done it again!

  2. Altair

    kaji intentional irony too strong

    also i died a little bit when is saw the toh:r ios thing too

    i’m picturing something resembling a train crashing into the side of a mountain

  3. Alice

    Thanks god there’s more people working in this! u.u

  4. Bomberman64

    Up to the 3rd town translated in ToH in 3-4 years. So at the rate of a town about a year and a half, there’s less than a decade to go. Sweet.

  5. throughhim413

    @Bomberman64: Whoa now, you need to chill. Nobody ever promised we were going to keep up that breakneck speed.

  6. losbrancos

    New tales game for the ios, ewww. Can’t even begin to imagine how to play an action game on a touch screen, and if they change the game-play just because of the platform, oh man, that would suck.

  7. Hahaha

    I hope they released it on Android too, since that’s what I got, and playing action rpg games on Android actually not that hard (it’s like Zenonia or Destinia with battle entry scene).
    It is in English yet or not?
    I can only hope this it out before I die.

  8. BigAl

    Tales is dead, Kaji-confirmed it!

  9. Leon Rulez

    I gotta feeling this translation will come out with Takes of Link

  10. fihar

    Emotional Meltdown Overdrive Returns: Hallway Simulator 2013?
    Hahaha, this is probably the best description of FFXIII I’ve ever seen.

    In Namco’s defense though, I think they are finally trying to bridge the gap. The Dual Audio for Symphonia Chronicles proves that they are now developing the game with a Western localization in mind.

  11. Naridar

    Thanks for the hidden link 🙂 Awesome, finally released!

  12. Fingaprintz

    ^ Boo.

  13. ochu

    finally. someone else has found it. great job Naridar! how do uou like the translated version of ToH?

  14. ochu

    changing nick is easy here, using other’s nick too

  15. ochu

    yeah except Kajitani-Eizan can check the IPs if he wants. and guess what he’s going to find out? our IPs are different. what’s more they are most likely from different countries (’cause i don’t think anyone else is interested in ToH where i live lol)

  16. Nem

    Theres not much i can say besides i agree with what you said.

    We can only keep bugging Hideo Baba over and over until they decide to localise Innocence and Tales R (despite not having squeaky clean animations).

    As for this project. Kudos to you guys. I’m sure you are gonna come up with something that will make you proud.

  17. BAlor

    I seriously hate this!!, WTF they had to release it in a Phone?, Celullars aren’t Consoles or video games. I FUKING HATE HOW COMPANIES START TREATING IOS AND IPHONES LIKE THE HOME CONSOLES OR PORTABLES LIKE PSP OR DS.

  18. StahnMan2

    The new trend of games are heading in the direction of handhelds. More and more people are using there phones to play games or mini laptops. I like consoles as much as you BAlor but eventually this trend may make consoles a thing of the past.

  19. Nem

    Hardly. They are no good for playing games. Touch screens are too unresponsive and unreliable.

  20. StahnMan2

    Well that is where things are going. More people are likely to seek entertainment in handheld devices.

  21. Leviathain

    I have a completely unrelated comment to make. They destroyed the intro song on the Vita remake of Innocence…I much prefer the DS one. The song for Inoocence R doesn’t have the same impact as the on from the original DS version. So I call bullshit.

  22. StahnMan2

    Yeah I listened to it as well. Nope not that good.

  23. Leviathain

    What saddens me most, is there is no news on the Tales fan translation scene anywhere. Hearts is only one of the current titles receiving fan translation attention, and as I stated, no news anywhere. At the current rate Namco will have Symphonia Chronicles, and Xillia out long before any of the fan translations are finished. So atleast for Tales fans, we have 2 PS3 titles coming soon to tide us over.

  24. StahnMan2

    Yeah what about Rebirth and Destiny (PS2)?

  25. Leviathain

    Doesn’t seem to be anything new on the AZ forum for either. I’m more excited for Rebirth as they intend to patch the PSP version as well, and I already have everything I need for PSP game patching and playing on my CFW PSP. PS2 patching would require me to purchase swap magic, which, currently I do not intend to do.

  26. StahnMan2

    @Leviathain Emulate the Ps2 instead.

  27. swadharma

    what on earth is bamco think??

  28. BAlor

    Hey, i forgot about that @Leviathain. Yeah the ToR patch and the FF Type-0 patch too, though i’m a little busy with KH,P3,FF crisis core…But back on the topic as a guy above stated that he likes REAL CONSOLES too, why they are releasing crappy ports with horrible market and awful touch controls?, WTF not even the-almost-dead campcom do that!!. (I think), Square-Enix is doing that too.

  29. fatkidlikescaketoomuch

    You know what sucks about iPhone games besides the common touch control complaints?

    Can’t back up your saves…delete your game, you delete your save.

    There. Done.

  30. StahnMan2

    Yeah touch control is annoying. The DS at least knows how to get it right but the iPhone isnt a DS.

  31. MegaHeroes16

    … 3 towns translated within almost 4 years. This feels quite discouraging. Hopefully, my DS stays alive till the time it gets fully translated and online. Keep up the good work, you two.

  32. StahnMan2

    I wouldn’t worry about it. After all its gonna be a good christmas!

  33. Nem

    since no one in the 3 main sites made a thread i will say it here for the unaware.
    Namco is unveling the next main line Tales game in 7 days. Tales of Zestiria here we go. 😛

  34. StahnMan2

    Interesting name I like how they have gone down the line on letters.

    Symphonia, Xillia, Zestria just to name a few.

  35. Leviathain

    Hey Kaji, are you excited with the new worldwide release announcement for Tales of Zestiria on PS3? Played with a controller, not a touch screen, and not a port. Namco did good today.

  36. StahnMan2

    I know I am :>

  37. dawnbomb

    Hey isn’t it time you posted another big ass wall-o-text? we need a update! (i suggest changing the progress bar to a red or yellow color, now THATS progress!)

  38. Blackkat

    I know the progress bar has moved once (now just a mirror image from what it was before to make people happy that it moved for once, yay Kajitani’s jokes). If it ever moves again, will it be the same blue length, just in the middle of the bar?

    I for one am looking at it optimistically right now and see it as the white part of the bar the progress and the blue how much left to go.

    Hopefully you’re keeping up the good work (and the J/K posts are a blast to help hold us over till you finally finish).

    – Kat

  39. BigAl

    I’m going to be optimistic and say that we’ll get Hearts as a Christmas present!

  40. Present for

    5 years later’s Christmas, though.

  41. dawnbomb

    kat it would be cooler if he replaces the white space with black in the progress bar 😛

  42. Blackkat

    Hahahaha, the progress bar changed. I’m all a glow =^.^=

    – Kat

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