30 responses to “A Very Benito Berylmas”

  1. X

    Hidden full release in the secret links guys! Classic Kanji! Thanks!

  2. tyson

    what a merry progress bar

  3. Naridar
  4. Leviathain

    Wow. Hidden full release he says. Unless the release has been put on one of the linked pages, it is certainly not here. I could be wrong, but I checked for links. Doesn’t take a genius to use the tab key o.o

  5. altair

    confirming x’s account, i’m already past the third town

    good stuff, merry christmas

  6. smez

    It’s not nice to lie to people during the holidays.

    Oh, wait, I just found it…..but it’s translated into Chinese. The wait for an English release continues.

  7. BAlor

    *Sniff*…. no patch release yet……. i hope my DS stay alive until the day that they release it, my upper screen is beggining to act weird…

  8. Leviathain

    “(TOPSECRET/;計画通り” strange image name for the progress bar. According to plan. Thought there might be something hidden in the but nope…just a weird name. That is all.

  9. Faruken

    TL Note: Keikaku means plan

  10. Dan

    I get all warm and happy inside because the progress bar is so incredibly festive.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Lotto

    No release they are just trolling. Looked for hours on every code source pages I could find.
    If there was really a release, a hint would be welcomed.

  12. Paarish

    Did Beryl always have that ripple effect when activating her hi ougi…?

  13. Paarish

    I’m so confused.
    Though I also noticed that the CG is a different shade. What’s up with that?

  14. Paarish

    Oh wait I watched again and it looks like it’s an EMO gauge. Or it’s related in some way to it.
    I need answers Kaji!

  15. Leviathain

    Answer(not from Kaji) mhhmmm hargeyefbkd;fovhs ,,,, kaudvhbo;wK,PJEBFVJCHB JHFNBGLWlll….There you have it. That’s everything. Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

  16. Paarish

    That sounds awesome! Keep up the good work!
    Now I’m off to download the entire music library of Linkin Park

  17. Troll

    Stellar progress. Going by that progress bar, you’re really putting other translations to shame. The Final Fantasy Type-0 project has been going for almost a year, and they’re still projecting another THREE WEEKS until release. Slackers.
    Keep up the great work, guys!

    tagged j/k

  18. StahnMan2

    Can u release the patch on my birthday: Jan 8?

  19. fvcking nude guy

    Can you release it on my birthday too? Please! It’s on Jan. 7, 2018. Please!!

  20. Blackkat

    I don’t mind waiting for Feb 3…. =^.^=

    – Kat

  21. Fooling

    Just wait for April fools guys

  22. Troll

    Can you release it on my birthday?
    It was in 1982.
    When this project was announced.

    tagged j/k

  23. LORD

    can you release it on my birthday,,,,but,,,,i don’t have a birthday,,,i just pop out from the void

  24. dawnbomb

    can you release it on my birthday? june 7th!

  25. Leviathain

    Oh, oh, me too. I wanna join in the asking for release. Can you please release when its finished? That would be awesome like. :3

  26. BAlor

    Hey count me in!. Can you release it on the NDS store?, also i want updated graphics, better gameplay and if not much to ask, when Japan get rid of the radiation on Fukushima PLEEASE DUDE?.

  27. Minohoro

    Me too! put it in as an extra for Hearts R. When you hit a polwiggle 374087324627743 times, it becomes unlocked!

  28. Bob

    *sigh*Guys, Kaji’s been parading this racket for YEARS now, if he was translating it he’d be done by now… But since the patch STILL isn’t uploaded, it’s safe to assume 1 of 2 things, he’s either playing everyone here for fools or he has no intention of releasing his translation patch…

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