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  1. lolprogressbar

    >implying that the roneriness has spread to the top of third page of comments

  2. Detsu

    >implying that roneriness isn’t everywhere on the internet at all times

  3. Page

    God I don’t know why I read what followers of fan translators have to say, they either bitch about everything or kiss ass like crazy. I’m not angry, just annoyed that SOME real updates can be posted now and then. Keep posting your jokes if that amuses you, but throw your followers a bone every once in awhile, why don’t you?

  4. lolprogressbar


  5. @ Page

    lolz yea cuz you are an obvious ass kisser if you don’t like lazy assholes that forget the patch is free and just love to be critics while they do no shit at all. Then you just come here saying everybody either bitch or kiss ass while you bitch about the other followers and the way Kaji works. Dunno why you think your comment is anymore worth reading then others’ but you are the same as any other bitching follower here. When your not complaining, your asking for “real” updates, like that’s gonna make any difference among all other comments here.

  6. wade010

    I check this site for updates every now & then, dont usually read the comments tho, but i must say.. after reading the same three types of comments a thousand time i feel really nauseous, (its just another troll update / kissing ass / this guys just a dick).

    Alot of you guys need to STFU. the dudes getting it done. I bet most the people saying its getting annoying being trolled are the same people complaining to Namco to release Vesperia for the PS3 when they just announced Graces F!? Trolling the Tales fan base is a time honored tradition, sadly.. So, Kajitani-Eizan is just following the namco practices of localizing tales game as closly as he can, which can only meen a quality translation in the end.

  7. Ethan2322

    Next thing you know, he’s gonna start RickRolling us or something.

  8. Naridar

    Nah, AbsoluteZero did that already – ToI demo patch anyone 🙂 ?

  9. SSVAV

    “I must announce that I will kill the translation group if they do another joke like this one again.”

    That’s what I’ll say. But since he’s doing such great work, I won’t say it.

    By the way, he has erased that part on the post where he says that Graces F and Hearts are very similar games. Guess the rage of the responses has taught him to not mess around with the West Tales fan base. Isn’t it?

  10. Anonymous

    Tales of Hearts demo video!


  11. Nivea

    @SSVAV I think he never said that in the first place.. it was Tempus who said it. ;D He commented on this post earlier.

    Lol ToI Demo Patch. That was.. fun. ’cause I didn’t want to play demos so I waited for the final patch and then they suddenly started whining about the demo… oh well, I had my fun.

  12. Kysafen

    Oh GOD, this post made me lol.

  13. lolprogressbar

    …So I’m definitely a bit slow in realizing this, but it just hit me that this post is basically the exact same thing Tempus posted on the Graces translation site, just with “cancelling the Tales of Hearts translation” instead of Graces. I’m guessing this was a prediction of what that post would be like…

    If so, I guess I have to admit.. in hindsight I can see the humor in this.

  14. TKJK



  15. Solo

    Over 100 comments. See guys? Trolling is more effective than doing a normal boring update. Thank you for making this a success! =D

  16. Xander

    At lot more effective at……what?

  17. Nivea

    At getting attention =)

  18. -..-

    This joke is too much for me at first somehow -__- Since scamco will not localize DS tales of anyway.

    As a wii owner, I feel really mad after tales of graces Incidents.
    If not for Heart Translation Project, I would try to completely forget about tales of series.

  19. Michael

    That’s your own fault fot buying that crap. Why the hell would anyone choose a Wii over a PS3? I will never understand some people…

  20. yalue

    With a Wii you get nintendo games and 200 more dollars.

  21. Sonic260

    Gameplay over graphics and content. Not to mention it’s the source of nostalgia. People choose a game system with the games they like.

  22. SSVAV

    In Absolute Zero they say Graces F will have a Wii version as well in the West.

    What I would like is some sort of life sign from Kakitani, not that I demand an update of the status of the game but still… “I’m gonna stop this” with a J/K tag and then he disappears in the nature?

  23. Sonic260

    They said they MIGHT have a Wii release of F, but it’s not likely. Then again, unlike Vesperia where the demo had already been released, neither versions of Graces had been released to the West yet…

  24. RazzleDazzle

    Nobody said they might have a Wii release, you lie. Stop lying to everyone >:I
    The whole point of the “f” at the end of the title is for the PS3, not frickin Wii!

  25. SSVAV

    I’m not lying. Only mistaken. I just remembered something like Graces F on Wii but now that I’ve checked it out again I see it was the fan traslation of Graces on Wii.

    Now, to return to that same post, why are you mad Graces F is being released on PS3 and not on Wii? I mean, come on, they have decided to translate what seems to be the best Tales game because of the high demand, and you come here to say “you suck because you don’t give me the version I want”. We deserve better than this. Namco make their decisions, and I agree most of them suck, but now they give us this and offer us the revival of the Tales series in the West but because they don’t start with the Wii version of a game that’s being improved (F version) and thus outdated we shouldn’t complain. And Namco said (and this time I’m sure of it) the PS3 will be their new platform of predilection for the new Tales.

  26. donaldgx

    seems like i’ll have to be saying good bye to the tales series if they’ll be focusing on ps3

  27. Anonymous

    Did anyone complain when ToS was updated for the PS2? It’s pretty much the same situation, I think, though ToS GC wasn’t an obvious beta. ◕‿‿◕

  28. Sonic260

    @ RazzleDazzle

    BAAAAAAAW much?

    Read this:

    Quote from post:
    “It’s been a challenge for the JRPG in the US market. As long as they are loyal to this title, why don’t we embrace them? That’s a starting point.” Since [b]no platform(s) were announced[/b] I asked Iwai to clarify if Tales of Graces F would be released on [b]PlayStation 3 and Wii. “We’ll see. We’re working on it. We’ll make the announcement later on,” Iwai replied.[/b]

  29. zav

    i am confused. tales of graces = tales of hearts ????
    As far as i know they still arent localising tales of hearts……….
    *looks at the tags*
    oh never mind……….

  30. Kamuki

    What? This doesn’t make any sense… Tales of Graces isn’t Hearts! Kajin I’m going to shoot you and destroy the universe because of this! Pushing that aside I’m not sure if you showed it yet or anything but I’m curious as to what you translated Xing’s mystic arte as. Or should I just wait for the patch to know? I hate you btw.

  31. Detsu


    Nonconfirimation businessman speak =/= “oh we’re totally reverse porting it back to the Wii just for the US market” you stupid nigger.

  32. lolprogressbar

    ^Troll wants attention – obvious due to choice of words.
    Do yourself a service and ignore him, along with everyone else who is as blatantly retarded.

    That said, considering the amount of people who own Wiis here vs. the number who own PS3s, there’s a fair amount of chance they’ll release it for both. 3 or 4 million more potential buyers that way, y’know. There’s more evidence that goes to show there’s a very viable chance of a Wii release, but ultimately it’s just that – a chance that it will be released on both platforms. It could just as likely not be, depending on Namco’s decision.

    Debating it beyond that won’t get you anywhere, unless you like to waste your time arguing over pointless speculations.

  33. s_1_n

    please by gods name
    if you are really planning on stopping the translation project on this one very wonderful amazing extraordinary delightful game, and the just please, please, please just release you latest and last work on the game so we can play the game and not just some demo version where you cannot load the game
    it is very frustrating you know????

  34. Kamuki

    He’s not really stopping translation. Or are you… Playing along? Um… I’ll do that too. INORIGHTWHYWOULDHEDOTHAT?!

  35. Kysafen

    >implying that roneriness =/= Frazzle Snazzle/Creamsicles

  36. Anonymous

    Happy late singles appreciation day.

  37. Hell-dew

    damn that kinda sucks that your stopping the translation. i understand that you dont want to interfere with graces (thats perfectly reasonable) but i still dont see namco dedicating the time nor effort to backtrack and translate this game ever. the amount of work to add everything like VAers and the script and whatnot would just be to much work for a 2-D tales DS games. IMO i really hope that you do pick it up again cause you were doing a fine job. but i do have to respect your choice to cut it.

  38. Detsu

    Offensive word choice is totally justification to dismiss my point. No need to face reality when you can grip to an excuse to avoid it.

  39. SSVAV

    Uh… I think the earlier post “stupid nigger” is the one that really needs some moderation, but whatever.

    YOU’RE HERE! Unless it’s someone who posted behind that name… I could do it too. [Verification IP scan in progress]

  40. Tyson

    hey kaji

    do you enjoy star driver?

  41. 88Titan88

    I wish K-E could stop being a bitch and not play jokes on fans like ourselves.
    Don’t know about you guys, but I don’t believe anything he says anymore. And that is something I wouldn’t want for myself.

  42. lolprogressbar

    ^ Oh well.

    lol’d at kaji’s post.. nice. Anyway, @ Detsu: as for “not facing reality” and gripping to an excuse… if you notice, after I pointed out your “offensive language,” I went on to explain why your point didn’t have much ground to it, and was just as speculative as any other speculation.
    Care to explain how that’s ignoring reality?

  43. Anonymous

    Approaching the 150 mark! Keep it up guys!

  44. Duplo

    Kaji, that doesn’t quite make sense to me. They’ve announced Tales of Graces F, not Tales of Hearts. If they had announced Tales of Hearts, then there would be a reason to stop any further progress, but as it stands you should continue on since Tales of Hearts is already 2 years old and they show no interest of localizing it.

    Hopefully you will fill the void in our hearts for Tales games that have yet to come to the states, but just because Graces F is coming doesn’t mean nobody wants to play Tales of Hearts.

    Crimson Nocturne gave up the translation patch of Tales of Hearts because you began to translate much more vigorously, and they figured having two groups fan-patching the same game would be unproductive. Please, don’t let everyone down by giving up your patch of Hearts.

  45. Freeman

    My langauge could be bad,I know,but it reflect my feelings: Kajitani Eizan ,why are you joking with us?
    Why you keep tricking us all?
    I’m sure I speak for more than myself,let us know your TRUE intentions.
    Be honest for once, you’re a great programmer, many people do estimate you for your job, including me, and I believe you remember my emails, many months ago
    Everyone of us, behind each message sent in patchsite there’s a person who found,thanks to you,the only way to play and finally understand this wonderful Tales of Hearts: behold, all we ask is honesty and solidarity between fans of Tales.
    Make us partakers of the truth, make us aware of your true intentions regarding translation, do not you think we deserve it?

  46. Zio Name

    @Freeman: No, you dont. *trollface*

    That’s what i think, obviously. If i was in Kajitani’s shoes, i wont tell NOTHING real until the patch is complete. So, who continues to bitch sooner or later will leave, and only who trusted “me” will be able to catch the patch at the exact moment it comes out.

  47. Gee

    Oh my god, stop making these joke posts, they’re old, unfunny and make some people go away thinking it really is over. Actually finish translating a game for once, i do appreciate what you’re doing but seriously…

    Eight Years of Tales? More like Eight Years of Fails.

  48. Freeman

    So….if you don’t agree with me showing every update …..because ALL the fansubs and patchsite s around the web do as I say?
    Maybe you are mistaking,not me.
    Go visit other serious fansub,in this site you will find more than one link,go look at these site,go see if they trick their users; but after seeing how they work, and especially how much respect they have for their users, you should return here, and instead of calling me troll you should apologize.But how old are you?What’s your priority?
    As I wrote earlier, through what we write we only prove who we are, and you are much worse than a troll, believe me.
    But above all, you know what loyalty and respect are?

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