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  1. Kamuki

    Every update is technically an update. I personally found it amusing when he made the post about making all artes romanized then showed a screen of how he added the option to change what kind of arte names you wanted.

  2. lolprogressbar

    lol Freeman. How exactly does he owe you anything at all, much less loyalty and respect? Same to anyone else who posts like this… I know I did at first, but eh. I actually thought about it and reached the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter whether updates come in the form of jokes with “hidden” updates (i.e. this one is the official Graces localization) or updates that are clear for everyone to see. Either way, you’re still left waiting for something over which you have no influence (unless you’re donating, because then you’re obviously helping).
    Not to be harsh, but.. assuming that someone owes you their “loyalty and respect” when they’re putting this sort of strain on their personal time for no moolah and they have no personal connection to you.. it sounds a teeeensy bit pathetic.

    I’m not looking to kiss ass or anything (what could possibly be in it for me?), but honestly… the least you could do is see the updates amidst these jokes when they’re there.

  3. pastry pirate

    I almost dread to see what kind of what might pop up here on this board on April 1st.

  4. Shark

    ^ I for one am looking forward to it 😛

  5. Anonymous

    What the fuck? Stop talking, all of you. All you’re doing is giving Kajitani the satisfaction of having gotten a reaction out of all out of you fucks. Seriously, lol.

  6. Detsu

    Unless it’s the completed patch, I will hate it, and so will everyone else.

  7. SSVAV

    Stop with the whining. This guy has no obligation to complete the patch, and even if you hate it, blame it, whatever, we are 100% sure that if Kajitani-Eizan’s won’t translate this we won’t see Hearts coming to these lands. He works mostly for his personal satisfaction, and offers his work to us. And even now, I continue to see people fighting for the “respect” that Kajitani MUST have to the Tales fan base? Come on. You don’t even know the first thing about hacking and translations, so if you come here to complain about the methods Kajitani uses (this was a Graces update in the first time, not a Hearts one > Graces and the J/K tag) you won’t accomplish anything. He won’t release the translation sooner, he won’t work even harder in it. So stop it now and wait. Because patience can sometimes make miracles happen. Like the official Graces F translation announcement.

  8. Exkaiser

    How is it that Kaji manages to consistently troll people in the same manner, every update?

  9. Freeman

    So..we all have to give our best respect toward a guy who is always joke with us? Is that what you ask?
    Good,this is the right way to think,compliments.
    The simple decision to create a patch and offer it for free does not imply that its creator can afford to make fun of people who follow him, can you understand this?
    Probably not.

  10. lolprogressbar

    Except he can. Regardless of the way Kaji does things here, and how many people he manages to piss off, it won’t matter at all once the patch is out. As I’ve said before, “that douchebag who posted lots of lame jokes but eventually released a great patch” leaves Kaji with a pretty good rep, given the great patch part, which more than makes up for any perceived doucheyness. So he can do whatever he wants.

    Perhaps you care too much about being treated well to realize that you aren’t really being abused… at all. Stop taking these jokes so personally.

  11. SSVAV

    Well, if you’re intelligent enough, then you would notice this post was a joke from the beginning, as the previous ones were. It’s not like if it wasn’t obvious: “By the way, this post is obviously once again a total joke”, the J/K tag in both posts, and the Graces tag. If you’re infuriated by the fact he is sarcastic, then be prepared because you will find people even more infuriating in this world, including me by judging your responses. I personally don’t care about what he says or what you say. I don’t expect by posting this to see you comment “oh yeah, you’re right, I shouldn’t be so mean with Kajitani”, but mostly to show people how wrong you are. Also, I’m sure I’m wrong in some way, everybody is, but to see people take a torch and burn the city (exaggeration) for such little really pisses me off.

  12. Detsu

    You mean to tell me that coming to this site hoping for good news and seeing troll post after troll post doesn’t bother you even a little?

  13. SSVAV

    Should it? There’s a BIG (well not) J/K tag. Why bother about something that’s not true? And, he did not “entirely” troll: he was announcing the full stop of Graces and Graces F fan translations. I did like the previous posts where it was obvious he was “posting a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument”. By whining you only help him enjoy more his trolls, and he will continue to post them. And for me the good news is that he’s still translating, those updates about selecting the names of the characters and the artes names isn’t really something important to the final result. I’ve played already ToI, and I know what is a romanized arte.

  14. Raquel

    158 comments. And so Kaji-san achieved his/her master epic trolling.
    Congrats! 😀

    Ps: I actually find it amusing 98% of these comments… People are so desperate nowadays. 🙂
    Chill, guys. It’s just a game.

  15. Skelletonike

    Lol, I find it fun how much people complain. <.<
    It's pretty much like it was in AbsoluteZero's site when he was still working on the patch, everyone kept complaning because he wouldnt release the game, because he was taking too long, etc, etc…

    Sarcasm isn't a bad thing, people just need to have some sense of humor. =3
    And BTW, just out of curiosity, isnt there any Tales of the World game completely translated? I remember playing those games for the GBA long ago in Japanese, I wonder why they were never localized. =S

  16. SSVAV

    Quite possibly because one half of the World characters come from untranslated games. That sucks. Also Xillia and Abyss 3DS aren’t announced for NA yet. Guess the Tales community needs to continue with the pressure on Namco, or someone will say “I’ll kill you bastards!”

  17. Metakev

    Dude, with so many jokes and the progress bar standing still like dead, i think you are going to eventually quit the translation… :S

  18. SSVAV

    If you haven’t noticed, the progress bar is also a joke, he put it there because everyone was asking for it, but he “forgot” he has to actualize it. So yeah, pretty useless thing we got there.

  19. lolprogressbar

    *points at name*

  20. darkajax

    Wow, I came here looking for more info on the patch progress and I just read the whole comments and lol’d, well, let’s hope the full patch is released eventually and have fun reading all the trolling in the meantime…

  21. Skelletonike

    Hum… I’ve always prefered Legendia to Abyss…. It’s kinda sad that most people forgot about it. D=
    The main character was real cool and when the story seemed complete, you’ve actualy just reached half of the game. <3
    The only bad thing was that all girls were flat. xP
    Which is the biggest difference compared to Abyss and Vesperia's artist.

  22. Anonymous

    Legendia was something else compared to the other Tales games, that’s for sure. It was very colorful, the whole soundtrack is a CMOA, and the setting and characters were explored nicely. But the only downside was the battle system, I think.

  23. risingfall

    Chloe isn’t flat. Unless you are comparing her to Judith or Sheena, their bodies are simply overkill.

  24. stupogo

    maybe they meant young chloe of the fact she says she wants to be flatter durring that star festival thing all i know is i love all tale of titles but i love TOS the best and like TOSDONW the least

  25. Skelletonike

    Well, she’s not flat, but the art makes it look much flatter than the other characters in Tales games, like Tear.

  26. Anonymous

    Tear’s breasts are HUGE. Deliciously huge.

  27. Tyson

    Melons are nice and all but sometimes you have to appreciate ironing boards as well. A true man appreciates all sizes.

  28. SSVAV

    This: Or how a discussion about a game translation ended up in a debate over Tales female character’s breasts.

    Also, I believe expressions like “melons” and “ironing board” are insulting for a woman. A true man shouldn’t use those.

  29. Tyson

    I apologize for my terminology.

  30. Tyson

    Oh, so you do enjoy it. I am following Madoka Magica as well!
    it was nice to ask~

  31. Chris

    Are these spanish names of the anime?
    Because i’m pretty sure it’s Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika

  32. Freeman

    —-but to see people take a torch and burn the city (exaggeration) for such little really pisses me off—–

    You know why this world go sooo bad?
    Because people don’t repect each other,exactly as you wrote.
    But…I’m sur you don’t know what I’m talking about,so go on,write some more.

  33. SSVAV

    Yeah. I wonder myself why I bother to continue writing. But, I love writing! So I write. Tralala, tralala!

    So, now I answered your comment, let’s see: Probability that this messed up world politics and religion will go better if Kajitani stops trolling: 0%.

    So, relevance of your argument: 0%.

    In consequence, relevance of my argument 0% too.

    I just love this.

  34. Naridar

    After browsing through ~190 comments, I’ve noticed they can be condensed into 3 categories.

    (1): The Troll: cynical and angered at kaji’s constant joking and lack of any real signs of progress. Expresses this through swearing and trolling. Most likely unconcerned with the actual translation

    (2): The Bystander: Raises concern over lack of real progress updates and is slightly tired of constant joke-posts. In him/her, lack of status updates is likely to question the seriousness of the translation project in due time. Most likely of the 3 groups to actually try out the translation once finished.

    (3): The Crusader: Is completely unconcerned with updates of any significance, probably won’t even download the finished translation. Only thing that matters for him/her is to lick kaji’s boots because (s)he thinks the patch will be released sooner then. Also, puts an equal mark between (1) and (2), and trolls them both.

    Seriously now, for the sake of all that matters, stop trolling AND bootlicking. If a car manufacturer says they’re going to create a car that’s powerful, cheap and luxurious, it’s pointless to call it BS in advance, but it’s also disgusting to start a crusade against everyone who doesn’t believe them without specs and the pricetag. If the manufacturer refuses to publish those, it’s a due reason for suspicion. However, if estimations are within reasonable range, it would be a mistake to write it off. Due suspicion is required, and it shouldn’t be frowned upon by anyone. Period.

    Be a (2) and stop trolling.

  35. SSVAV

    Anyone who visits this site is because they want the translation, no matter “how” they express it in the comments.

    I love RPGs and I’m big fan of the Tales series, I played every game there’s to play (minus the PSX ones, since I didn’t have one), like Legendia, Abyss, Symphonia, Vesperia and the translation of Innocence too, and I’m excited that someone is translating Hearts. I don’t care if I have to wait, I got lots of games to play in the meantime, and now that Graces is making his way to this territories I’m sure we will have in a near future two more excellent Tales games to play.

    Now, yes, I do want some kind of information like the actual progress of the translation, but trolling or complaining against Kajitani (maybe I troll too, but whatever) won’t make things faster. I won’t raise concern about the progress because I know someday we will get this, those who aren’t patient will rage but will get their copy of the patch as everyone else.

    Better late than never.

  36. Lolcats801

    Who called captain save a hoe?

  37. lolprogressbar

    Agreed with SSVAV; I don’t think anyone who’s commenting isn’t going to try out the actual patch, unless they’re really just trolling and posting for no reason.

    And meh, “serious” updates tend to be somewhat trivial in my eyes. Always just more “Ooooh look, something from the game in ENGLISH>”
    It just amounts to pictures of things that have been translated, speculative completion percentages that don’t really tell when the patch is going to be finished (which is all anyone really cares about, for the most part), posts detailing “This is what I’m going to translate next”…

    Obviously, there’s not really anything wrong with these updates, but personally I find Kaji’s jokes just as worthy of being called “updates” as these trivial things, given that you’re not taking the jokes seriously. And besides, because of them, at this point no one would be able to honestly trust a progress update giving percentage rates and whatnot, so what’s the use in wanting one? I’m not saying this is a good thing, but it would just amount to “Is this another joke, or is this the actual progress so far?”

    Then again, maybe not, but I guess irdc.

    And for the record, Captain Hindsight is far superior to Captain Save-a-hoe. imo.

  38. donaldgx

    what would happen if Kajitani makes an update post during April 1st? would anyone believe that?

    MIND …………..


  39. D

    Better yet, what if he releases the full translation during April 1st. hehe

  40. Jabaash

    Lol. It’s tagged J/K.

  41. sam

    ok so tales of hearts for the DS is the same game Tales of Graces for the ps3 im confused…

  42. lolprogressbar


  43. tatsuya

    i think the tales of heart transalation that you do is quite nice and it make me happy but sadly i cant load the game on ds lite and i don even like the 3ds because better i buy ngp than 3ds

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