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  1. Crowmeister

    *Has hope the tag J/K is for reals*
    Tales of Hearts != Tales of Graces. WE WANT THEM ALL!

    And which unofficial announcement do you mean? The puzzle-game?

  2. Anonymous

    Wait, what? You’re halting the Hearts project because Graces is being localized?

  3. Anonymous

    ^ Is that the joke that was being played?

  4. Taku

    Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense. Tales of Graces is being localized, so you’re stopping Tales of Hearts? In what way do these two games coincide? I’ve read your update post multiple times and don’t see how they do.

    Well, it is your choice. I was really looking forward to this Tales Translation, more than any of the others. I just wish there was a more valid reason given as these two games just don’t really coincide.

  5. Taku

    I just hope this is a cruel joke.

  6. Anonymous

    Well, he has the VERY SUBTLE J/K tag, but he could be lying about that.

  7. aimless

    Wow, this kind of joke is getting old. I even suspected it before I saw the J/K tag, and that’s saying something.

  8. Anonymous

    Unless he’s lying about lying, then it wouldn’t be funny anymore.

  9. Nivea

    Srsly Guys?
    Quit joking at once. It’s kind of getting lame and it’s not even funny – to most of us.
    I can absolutely understand you do like joking. But there have been 5 Blogposts since August and 4 of them are jokes. Does not really make me trust this hole Project but I would just love to see ToH translated..

    Absolute Zero also joked. But they mainly blogged about their work an joked a little while you mainly want to ruin our nerves and give us little information about real progress.

  10. lolprogressbar

    Either way, this is predictable and lame..

    Make an actual progress update for once. It’s really not that difficult.

  11. Tempus

    This post comes under unusual circumstances, and is absolutely true. Let me give you the back story.

    A few months after we started the ‘Tales of Graces’ project, we were approached by throughhim413 and Kajitani-Eizan as local members of the Tales community. Things proceeded apace for quite some time, before we noticed something. You see, Graces is more like Hearts than Hearts is. We found that it was actually easier to translate the dialogue for Graces, then simply run a script to auto-replace the matching dialogue from the two games, replacing the names. Over 30% of the latter half of the game has been filled out in this fashion.

    Given the above, we have decided between each other to halt progress on Hearts. The amount of Graces and Graces-like material it contains is too much for us to be comfortable continuing at this point. I hope you will all support Kajitani-Eizan as he looks towards other great Tales games such as Radiant Mythology 3, Tales of the Abyss 3DS (if it proves necessary) or Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales.

  12. Ikarus 7

    I really hope this is just a bad joke.
    ToH is something i look forward since i got may hands on the demo patch (and after playing it xxx times)
    would really like to see it translated….i still have a way to go till i`m able to read fluenty japanese…

  13. Nivea

    @Tempus: still does not make sense to me, but Fine. Mind explaining the J/K Tag?

  14. Tempus

    J/K are the initial’s of Kajitani-Eizan’s favourite author, J.K.Rowling. Ever since discovering her fine work, whenever he makes a blog post, he posts ‘J/K’ as the tag as a reminder to himself to do his best to emulate her incredible style. Kaji often waxes eloquent on the virtues of the Harry Potter series, and this ‘J/K’ tag is just another way of expressing it (and not ‘Just Kidding’ as you might have assumed).

    His love for the author and series has worked his way into Hearts as well, there are over 100 hidden references or stolen quote ad verbatim from the series hidden within the text. See if you can find them all!

  15. Sohrab Hossain

    Well, i think it is a joke, in his joke post, he circled his joke sentence and also J/K to show the post was a joke. If this isn’t a joke, I would be very disappointed.

  16. Anonymous

    I love how Tempus basically says that all with a straight face.

  17. yalue

    But how can we find the Harry Potter references in the hearts text without a release? Or are you talking about his upcoming Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales (Hey, it’s still a tales game) translation?

  18. lolprogressbar

    lol Tempus. First post was confusing, second one was actually mildly funny. Good job… Beats Kaji’s joke at the very least. *sigh*

    At any rate, at least it’ll be a total surprise when Kaji actually releases the completed patch. Because there’s no info as to the progress made so far, it’s impossible to have any idea as to when to expect it to be finished. Wouldn’t be surprised if he made another “Ok srsly this time I quit” post, without the J/K tag, and released the completed patch a day later, just as another joke..

  19. PurpleLite

    ^ lol’d
    I officially won’t be able to take you serously if you cancel the project now though.
    Until the soul crushing truth kicks in days later.

  20. Shark

    Hey! The progress bar moved a little bit! Before it didn’t reach the first “s” in progress. Now it’s between the “s”s.

  21. donaldgx

    I’m starting to get discouraged by how many joke topics are in this translation blog. It makes me wonder if the whole project is a big joke. *rolleyes*

  22. Eolos

    Okay, I will stick with you, no matter the jokes, you have my support 🙂
    But were did you saw the confirmation of Tales of Graces getting localized?

  23. BreakTargets

    Please stop joking around. Don’t make me hate you more.

  24. Xander

    You don’t exactly owe us anything at all, so.. keep doing what you’re doing I guess?

    That TOG-F news is pretty swell though in either regard.

  25. G

    Screw the haters, man, your jokes are the best.

  26. ???

    Well true or not I’d probably only want the translation done not the voicing because about every time these games get localized I know most of the time voicing is going to be absolute crap unless they actually put some decent effort into it in at which point we don’t take it too much to heart.

  27. lolprogressbar

    @ Kaji

    lol, I was honestly kind of hoping you’d actually do that. And meh.. suddenly I don’t care about the jokes or lack of progress updates anymore. I think I’ll be able to enjoy the release of this patch more when I don’t have a constant expectation of when it’s going to be done.. if that makes sense. Will be a pleasant surprise if anything.

    Anyway, looking forward to the eventual day that you complete this thing. Good luck and keep doing whatever works for you, I guess.

  28. Nivea

    I couldn’t laugh at this jokepost, but Tempus’ comments are awesome… “Tales of Grace is more like Hearts than Hearts is”.

    Okay =) Now I totally get the J/K Tag. But seriously, Kaji failed. I mean, there was this Christmas post and he forgot the J/K Tag. How could you! You shouldn’t be calling yourself a fan when you forget about your favourite author on Christmas. Drama! Oh and I’m disapointed because you obviously noticed Rowlings work just last August. I mean, she wrote her books years ago! Where do you live?! Behind the Moon? ;D

    And I doubt Tempus is saying/writing this with a straight face… I’d rather see him rolling on the floor, not able to breath because he’s laughing extremely hard and managing to write 2 words in a minute (because it’s hard to write when you’re rolling on the floor, isn’t it)

  29. opingasvoador

    what about vesperia and graces projects will they continue?

  30. Anonymous

    I thought it was obvious that Graces would _not_ continue? Well, the PS3 version at least since that’s what’s probably coming out.

  31. Sirion

    Wait what? Can somebody tell me where can I get a instruction manual for this site or like a translator ? What are you people smoking lately it must be friggin toxic ^^’ ?

  32. Sirion

    Wait what? Can somebody tell me where can I get a instruction manual for this site or like a translator ? What are you people smoking lately it must be toxic ^^’

  33. Bijoux

    Wait, that thing moved?! Good eye.
    I like how we don’t even know what it’s for either. There’s no % mark, and no telling if it’s for one game or multiple games.

  34. Tyson

    “You see, Graces is more like Hearts than Hearts is.”
    My god, you have no idea how much I smiled when I read this.

    Now, relax guys. This can’t be all bad. Wash down that hate and anger with a nice cool bottle of Moaning Lescu– “Morning Rescue.” Yep.

    Can’t wait until Tales of Rebirth is released officially in March.

  35. Carmentis

    I don’t see how Graces would stop Hearts. o.O Graces isn’t even FOR the DS. I don’t even own a PS3 as well (although I’m sure people do and congrats to you =3 ) and I’m sure (myself included) more people were hoping for a DS version then a PS3. I like being portable and not tethered to my TV.

    I.. I’m not sure if this is a joke or not. The J/K tag I believe implies it but I’m not gonna get my hopes up. I will continue to lurk and if you are continuing it well I hope you know you have one fan routing for you. =3

  36. DeBlot

    Huh….. Some sort of funky site the Namco Bandai is saying is real….something about 2.2.2011……..

    Maybe Graces really is coming over….

    Here. You guys make heads or tales of it. Hearts…Please don’t stop.


  37. Solo

    Not specially fond of the trolling but hey, he updates the site. Some other projects have not updated in almost a year.

  38. Vercalos

    Tales of Graces is getting an English release! Woohoo! I just hope it comes out on both the Wii and the PS3, so I can actually have a choice which version I want, as I have both systems and typically prefer the DualShock 3 controller over any of the Wii control schemes(Remote & nunchuck, classic controller, gamecube controller, etc)

    And this post as a joke was a lot more believable than the rest of them, unlike the other joke posts, there weren’t any hints in the actual post you were joking.

    Of course, this entire project could be the most epic trolling of the Tales community performed in the history of the internet(Not counting Namco-Bandai’s trolling of the community).

  39. Freeman

    But…don’t you think you have tricked us enough?
    Your words sound like without any sense; you want people enjoy Tales games? Great,then let us non speaking and not understanding japanese people the chance to play it!
    Really Eizan,try to be a little more serious,there are people here,much people wait your progress,begging an update,visiting your patchsite day by day; if you really want people enjoy Tales games then finish your work,because you start a work,you start a patch,don’t you?
    Graces will be released in the Us,ok,we all are very happy about this,but you stop your patching work…. what’s the meaning of this ? Because?
    If you really are a Tales fan,how can you trick us like this?

  40. Raid

    Your jokes are going from bad to worse in quality, I hope the translation isn’t following the same path…

  41. Yaldabouth

    who ever thinks that graces-f is getting a release is a complete moron tales of game are being stopped in western regions for reasons of bankruptcy( also they are afraid of the series not selling) hence why there hasnt be a recent tales since vesperia in the western continent. so for toh to stop being tansulated is because they 1. cant be bothered no more 2. personal lifestyle got in the way or 3. law suit (lol)

  42. Tailisu10

    ^ For the comment above me.

    It wasn’t officially announced but in Facebook, Namco Bandai gave out a puzzle for people to solve, one person solved it and it lead to a site called ” A tales of two Richards”


    The image is obviously the Tales of Graces F Logo distorted, also it has been changing.

    If you still don’t believe this, check this.


    The 3rd change to the image has happened.

    Now, not to be rude, but you shouldn’t call people morons if you haven’t fully checked yourself.

  43. Anonymous

    Yaldabouth. What? I can’t understand what you just said. Please type in grammatically correct English.

  44. anonymous

    with all this stuff in tales of graces I got fed up
    if he wants to stop or pause the project is in its right
    just say to think of all the things you could do it instead of being busy with this game remember that they are doing this almost for free .

    postscript : me too I like this saga.

  45. Anonymous

    Inb4 drama.

  46. yalue

    @Anonymous 7:46 pm
    You mean InAfter drama.

  47. Vercalos

    Yaldabouth, I wouldn’t call myself a moron. I would be more inclined to say gullible and excessively optimistic. You, however, really need to learn how to use proper grammar and spelling when typing, as your current skill with the English language is woefully inadequate. If English is your second language, type your message in your native language, then use Google Translate to translate your message, then post it here. Whatever Google Translate comes out with is guaranteed to be better than your current posts.

  48. Ex

    Will you shut the fuck up already?

  49. DZ

    What’s the point of all these joke posts? I can understand April 1st, but this is just getting stupid.

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